Dog and noisy visitors.

There is a law that greyhounds in public must have a collar and leash and a muzzle, unless they have muzzle exemption, in which case they need a numbered Green Collar, or their exemption ID card.


With 50 colourful Martingale collars, we use the ID card and not the green collar

Rassilon is muzzle exempt, as you would expect for a (part time) therapy dog. He wouldn’t be the most appealing dog if he went to meet people and had a muzzle on.

At the moment we are doing just 2 visits due to Rassilon’s anxiety attack a while ago, and me, now having been diagnosed with osteo-arthritis in my knee, and, having worn away the cartilage, so walking is not a lot of fun, especially in cooler weather. (Apparently this is also something I inherited from my parents!).

But, a friend came to see me the other day. He rides a Harley Davidson motorbike with a slightly louder than standard exhaust system. So how does the noise affect Rassilon?

What does Rassilon think of the green collar and leash rules? Given the chance, what would Rassilon do if he got out?

I think that answers all the questions! 

And after the bike took off, we stayed outside talking to a neighbor for about 15 minutes, and Rassilon came over for a pat, went wandering around the front garden, came for a pat, wandered, then went to the door, in a not to subtle hint that he wanted to go in.

At NO TIME did he make any attempt to run away.





That’s how the dog explains it…


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Heat versus Food

Friday. Staying in with the air-conditioners on. Outside my thermometer managed 45 degrees.

Meanwhile I get a long nose on the elbow while I’m working on the computer.


This behavior means only one thing, Rassilon wants his frozen chicken. He has some feet and wings and even a couple of drumsticks. So it was ‘Chooky Foot‘ time.

I had to ask him if he wanted to go out into the heat or have his chicken. Having the back door ‘punched’ was enough to know…chicken wins.

So, out he went and bounced around while I got the chicken out of it’s bag. Then, in a change of behavior, he took the feet gently. Normally he races in, snatches the chicken and runs away. But today he was gentle.

Then, taking his chickens feet onto the garden, he adopted the Rassilon Chicken Eating Position.


It doesn’t look comfortable.


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Too much.

If you look back at the last post, I said that 10 minute walk could be made to last 60 minutes, if your hound wears a set of antlers?


Well, if you upgrade to a Santa collar and hat, you can make that 10 minute walk last 90 minutes!

santa mod

Santa Paws in coming to town.

It’s Christmas Eve, but it’s also Tuesday, and Tuesday is visiting day. Now the place we visit is closed, but apparently nobody told Rassilon, because he was up at 5.00 am, jumping on the bed to get me up.

So rather than have a grumpy dog for the rest of the day, we went out early, (because it is warming up again), and we went to the shopping center.

Because my knee is, and I use the technical terminology, “Buggered”, that sort of time walking around puts a lot of strain on it, and I had to sit down a few times to rest it and wait for the pain to die down a bit.

Of course, Rassilon started off trying to shake the hat off. Luckily it has an elastic strap to hold it in place. But once he realised he was cute and getting pats because of it, he decided to stop shaking it off. The result was lots of comments and smiles. Lots of cuddles and pats, and quite a few photos.

Rassilon had a great time, got his photo taken alone and with kids, and he even posed for them, he got a biscuit from another greyhound owner (I can’t remember her name, but her dog is Thelma).


So now it is time to stay in for a few days. All the lunatics will be out on the road rushing to get to different places in the morning, and driving home after a few drinks in the afternoon. So safety dictates, leave the car and bike in the garage, and stay home.

So from Me and Rassilon, remember,



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Christmas Cheer…greyhound style.

If you want to spread Christmas cheer…

If you want to bring a smile to people’s faces…

If you want to make a 10 minute walk last 60 minutes…

If you want to talk about greyhounds…

You need THIS…





A Christmas present for you AND a greyhound.

Stay at home dog.

When I go out, I like to take Rassilon with me, so he doesn’t stress again. But yesterday and today, Rassilon was left at home when I went out.

South Australia is going through a heatwave. Now, people overseas might think that they suffered in 30+ degrees, but I am talking about an Australian heatwave.

Yesterday I had to go to the hospital to drop off a form to make an appointment to have an x-ray on my knee, but because it was so hot, I left Rassilon at home. Lucky thing I did, because they put me straight in, so a 2 minute stop turned into about 30 minutes. And with the heat we are having, even the 2 minutes would have probably killed Rassilonor ANY dog that was left in a car.

Today I had to go out to deliver a calendar and to go to the post office, so I thought the easiest thing to do is, leave Rassilon at home again, and take my motorbike, it would be quicker.

I never knew that in hot weather, people were allowed to ignore road and safety rules. But people were in such a rush to get into somewhere cool, that they forgot the rules and went wild, trying to get where they were going before you.

GV650 (1)

The windscreen keeps some of the hot air off, but it’s still HOT!

I have several helmets to wear for different occasions and weather conditions. I was going to wear my half helmet, because it was so warm outside, but I couldn’t reach it, so I wore a full face ‘dirt bike’ style helmet with a visor. And I am glad I did, because the wind was so hot, it was like riding inside an oven.

I did the 2 things I had to, and came home, where I had left Rassilon inside with the air conditioner on, so the house was cool. Certainly better than being outside.

And the bad news…it’s going to get HOTTER by Friday.

So, just what is Australian hot?



Oh, and as you can see, it’s still only 10.33 am.

The Christmas Spirit.

Today was visiting day at the job network. Rassilon dressed for the visit. Mind you, he was up from 5.30 am!!! The visit wasn’t until 11.00 am!!!

He was so good too. As we were walking to the office, from the car, he kept shaking his head and flicking his hat under his chin, but once inside, he kept it on.

He went to visit the staff in their cubicles, and was given some treats for his effort. Then it was photo time.


There were a couple of ‘customers’ in using the computers and Rassilon went to one of them. It turned out the other was not a dog lover and Rassilon picked that up, but the power of Christmas won, and he gave Rassilon a pat.

After, we went to Reynella for a walk and to do some shopping. Rassilon got lots of pats, He met a few kids (who got a long nose in the face), and he really took to some women that were waiting for their lift to arrive. He gave them kisses and spoke and went right up in between them.

I ended up taking him home and not doing the shopping as it was warming up, and I didn’t want to leave him in the hot car. I went to do some shopping afterwards, on my own.

Then when I got home from shopping, (I went to Seaford because they have an Aldi and a cheap petrol station), Rassilon had a mad moment and did about 4 laps of the garden, changing direction half way through.

And after that, he had a chicken drumstick and we both went to bed for a ‘nanna nap’.


Cheaper at Dogs 2 Hounds…A LOT cheaper.

Do you remember Rassilon got a gift from Dogs 2 Hounds? Well, I was looking at an English greyhound website, and they are selling the same collars for 24 pounds. That translates to $46.21 not including postage. So definitely Thank You Courtney.


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Rich Skipworth, the greyhound prophet.

If you own a greyhound, you need to do a Google Images search on Rich Shipworth greyhounds. This guy knows greyhounds. I can’t tell you how many greyhound traits he has drawn that are Rassilon down to a tee.

But today I was getting ready for Tuesdays therapy visit. The staff want Rassilon dressed up for Christmas, so I had to buy something for him to wear. Now I saw some, not too big, reindeer antlers. But they didn’t have a strap on them, so Rassilon would just shake them off.

Then I found, marked as a “Pet Christmas Costume” the perfect thing. So I bought it, and Rassilon put it on, I don’t think he was impressed. But he does look special in it. We will have a test run at the job network, then we will go for a walk at Reynella. I am positive he will be the center of attention and get lots of pats.

But Rich Skipworth already knew about this and published a warning to hound owners.


Doggy costumes can be added to the list

Stink Eye

The I’m going to get you for this look.

santa mod

Before he realised what was happening.