A big day ahead.

Today is a special day for Rassilon. He is going to become MORE famous than he already is. Rassilon is the subject of an article in the local newspaper. And the local paper is associated with the state newspaper, so there is a small chance it could get state wide coverage. But we are happy with the southern area.

It is all about Rassilon, the therapy dog. Because he has such high numbers of people visited at the local hospital, the newspaper wants to do a write up about him, and today, we go to the hospital for his photos.

Of course, the law says dogs are not allowed on hospital property (except when working), so I had to phone up and get permission to take him to the hospital. Well, I don’t know the woman I spoke to, but she knew me and Rassilon (even remembering his name), and my phone number, and she said it would be fine.

The next step, bath time. And Rassilon is SO GOOD at bath time, all I have to do it put him in the bath. He walks into the bathroom on his own (no leash required), and once in the bath, he stands there and lets me wash him.


Still damp. He will dry off and his coat will be smooth and soft.


I would imagine he feels a lot better now, after all the hair that came off him. So now he is lying on the floor drying off, and in a little while I will rub some conditioner into his coat, so he is looking really good and feels soft for his photo shoot.


All nice and clean

So hopefully I will be able to mention the Greyhound Adoption Program and Therapeutic Dog Services, and get people more interested in greyhounds, and / or therapy work.


Well, we went to the hospital. We were stopped by some people that recognized Rassilon even before the photographer got a shot off.

Next, we were getting a photo by the hospital sign, and some of Rassilon’saunties‘ from medical records came out and patted him. After the photos I was giving the photographer out details, when Rassilon was dog-napped.

He was taken from me and led inside, only having to stop once for more pats from visitors. Once inside he was FORCED to put up with air conditioned coolness, lots of pats from all the ladies in medical records, cheese scones and cool water. But he was tough and put up with it, before lying under the air con vent and falling asleep.

On the plus side, the photographer got to see why it can take me so long to get around the hospital on visiting days. All this happened and we were still outside!


Not so hot weather.

When I checked the temperature in the back yard, today it was 41.3 Celsius. I was going to complain, but this picture was posted on Facebook from Port Augusta.

I am going to stop complaining about the temperature for a while!!


From Google…


Now THAT’S hot

Things are going too far.

In a state where it is LAW that greyhounds wear a muzzle, unless the owner pays for an exemption test, (another expense for greyhound owners that other breed owners don’t have), although every other breed is exempt from this rule, are we facing a situation of over protecting governments and businesses.

By imposing the muzzle law on greyhounds (only), the government is seen to be doing something, even if closer inspection shows what they are doing is the wrong thing, when a known savage breed of dog is allowed to wander without a muzzle or leash and it is NOT an offence.

But I found the most ridiculous of protective health warnings on a medication box. Obviously it is not there for  the customer who knows what the tablets are for, it is there to protect the pharmaceutical company.


Protection for the pharmaceutical company, not the patient.

And what is so stupid about this seemingly well intentioned warning label?

It is on a box of…SLEEPING TABLETS. They are supposed to make you drowsy!

The whole world seems to be being run for idiots that can’t think for themselves. And politicians are backing the idiots. (Birds of a feather…)?

Meanwhile, here in Australia, a land of 6 states and 2 territories, we don’t even have a common set of road laws. Each state has it’s own laws for crime or driving or…for greyhounds.

Victoria has just passed a law that greyhounds DON’T need to wear muzzles, but South Australia doesn’t have that law.


Fortunately Rassilon has his exemption, but if we meet another dog, it is MY responsibility to muzzle MY dog, not the other owners. And as you can probably guess…I do not like the type of law that discriminates me and my dog from other people and their dogs, especially when, as a therapy dog, Rassilon is a respected member of society.

Dogs Don’t Judge.

While this is not about Rassilon, it is about Jody Morrish, the boss of Therapeutic Dog Service, the organisation Rassilon and I volunteer with.

It tells the story of T.D.S. and shows the sort of things we do. And when you watch, the girl at 4 minutes 20 seconds is the girl I have written about who ALWAYS asks “Whats that”? when I say a dog, she will “WOOF”, so I make Rassilon bark and she cracks up laughing EVERY TIME. And we can do that 12 times in a visit, and she always laughs.

Dog Walk Sunday.

For all those readers that are stuck in cities or countryside, I apologize for the following report. It contains pictures of golden beaches and sea views.

When we got there Rassilon was so thrilled to be out with his doggy mates that he walked down the path to where they were, and he was wagging his tail.



We went this way.

The greyhound walk today was along Port Willunga beach. There is a car park nearby so it is a great place to meet. There were about 14 greyhounds, Cooper the whippet and a King Charles Cavalier. And the greyhounds all suffered as they looked at the long golden beaches, because, thanks to the law, they had to stay on their leash.

There were a few big ponds full of water that some of the dogs went into and splashed around in. A young boy asked if I would like him to take Rassilon into the water, so I let him. And Rassilon was quite happy to go, until he realised he was getting wet feet.

Rassilon apparently doesn’t like water, because, once in the pond, he developed a limp, but once out of the pond, the limp disappeared. But now we are home and Rassilon is lying on the bed and I can hear him whimpering as he dreams.

And I am going to go back to bed myself, because I have been diagnosed with sleep apnea, and last night I manages 4 hours sleep, but in 2 X 2 hour blocks with maybe 3 hours awake in between, so I am getting tired. The trouble is, I can’t get to sleep.

pt noarlunga 060119 (4)

The limp inducing water.

pt noarlunga 060119 (7)

turn around and come back.