Unofficial visit.

Rassilon and I went to the hospital today, even though the visitation contract ran out last week. The hospital wants to renew it, but the also want to wait until after Christmas to do it. So in the meantime, I may get somewhere else to fill in the time. But with my sore foot, the rest would be appreciated as well.


We were only going to go to Medical Records because today was my XXth birthday (Darn, the numbers aren’t working), but we went to give some magnetic calendars to the women at reception, and one of them had her mother in the ward and said she would like to meet Rassilon.

So we went to the ward and I gave out calendars to all the nurses, then we went to visit the woman. Well we had a great talk and I sat with her for over 30 minutes. She patted Rassilon and we talked. When I am doing an official visit I can’t spend that sort of time with one patient.

When we left the hospital Rassilon got to the little bit of garden near the car park, and stopped and had a big. That is a wee, but a very long one. He had been holding it in all the time we were in the hospital and even on the footpath or road. He waited until he got to a bit of garden before he did it.

How to look after a greyhound.
Grey’s Anatomy

If I’m awake, Rassilon is awake.

Despite having about 2 hours sleep last night ,complete with weird dreams, it is now 0130 and I am still awake. But at least I had something to do again.

It was a hot day today, 32 Celsius. I had to go and get some chickens feet and stuff to make up Rassilon’s meals, so I thought the only place to go is Woodcroft shopping center. It has an Aldi for all Rassilon’s dinners, and there is a Foodland that always sells chickens feet. Plus there is a Cheap as Chips that sells lots of cheap stuff, and I wanted to see if they had any preserving jars. They did, but not the ones I wanted.


I can vacuum seal jars with this 2 piece lid, in the chamber vacuum sealer.

The other benefit is there is undercover parking, and as Rassilon was the first one in the car when I opened the doors, I thought that would be better for him. Well, I know that he will not be going out in the car in the heat like that again. Even undercover, with the windows opened, he was boiling when I got back, and I rushed around the shops.

I went into Cheap as Chips, went straight to the jars, saw they didn’t have the ones I want, so I left. No looking around the shops. I went to Foodland, straight to the fridge where they keep the feet, picked up the 4 packs they had and straight out. Then it was into Aldi, straight to what I wanted and out.

So, now, while I am not sleeping, I have been cooking and packing dinners. I cooked up some pasta, vegetables and textured vegetable protein, and while that was cooking I made up some bags of chicken drumsticks and beef mince, raw, to 300 grams.

When I was cooking the mince with the pasta, Rassilon seemed to be loosing weight. I know he had 2.6 kg to loose, but I could see his ribs sticking out, and he didn’t look good. I even resorted to his favorite greyhound weight gain product…Ice Cream.

I just have to wait until the cooked stuff cools down, then I will weigh that out into 300 gram bags. 600 grams of ‘food’ plus his biscuits and chickens feet treats should be enough for him each day.

So I am going to have a glass of warm milk and see if that will help me sleep.

Life is dangerous in America. This person got bitten by a snake, then stung by the health system.

US medical bill

No more complaints about the Australian health system!

Who needs the therapy now?

Thursday, visiting day at the nursing home. We tried to be helpful, but it backfired. When we got to the home there was a bus loading up to take some of the residents out for a trip. I knew some of theme would be people on my list, so I thought we would get the visiting done early, so Rassilon and I went on the bus.

Well, in hindsight, that was a mistake. It was only a mini-bus, and the seats were close together. Unfortunately, it seems to be a common greyhound trait, that they do not like narrow places. So Rassilon started to go to people, but the fact that everything was so close, upset him.

I think he would have managed on an empty bus, but with people in the seats, it all got too closed in for him and he froze. It took me a while to get him to reverse off the bus, and when we did, we went into the nursing home and sat for a while, and I would say it took him about 5 minutes of patting and talking to him, before he relaxed. Then he had to meet a couple of people and get patted by them to fully get back to normal.

So by the time we started our actual visit, he was fine and frisky. And yesterday…very talkative. The good thing is, with his loud bark, people can hear him, a lot of them have hearing difficulties, plus it is a warning to others that he is coming.

We met 3 people that weren’t on our list, and because so many were on the bus trip, we had time to go and visit them too.

Rassilon’s paw was back to normal. I took the bandage off, but the iodine pad had been held in place with sticky tape…on a hairy leg, so he had the tape stuck to his leg all day, but it came off during the night. But today he’s fine and the scrape is still dry.

Being a nursing home, there are a lot of veterans living there, and this is the handiwork of the residents. It is all hand done, and the flowers are all knitted.

Cottage Grove (1)

This started off as a piece of shade cloth and was painted by a resident.

Cottage Grove (2)

All the poppies are hand knitted and added by residents.

Today is bowls practice day. I am back as a reserve player again, so I may or may not get a game on Saturday. But with my sore foot, I am hoping I don’t.

Oh HIS aching foot.

Hospital visiting day today. Rassilon had a great time before his visit. He raced in to see all his friends, then he had his hotdog, then we went for a run in the garden.

After he had a run he went up to a couple of nursing students who were having lunch, and one of them noticed the injury. Somehow Rassilon skinned his pad and it was bleeding, so he ended up being a patient.

We went inside and there was some discussion among the nurses about who was going to treat him, they all wanted to do it, in the end the senior nurse got the job, and she gave me quite a few dressings to keep the wound clean. And the fantastic thing was, he did not try to take it off.

Injury time (1)Injury time (2)

We were at the hospital for 2.5 hours, but I was recently told that this will be our last visit for a while as the contract has run out and the hospital bosses don’t want to negotiate over the Christmas period. I was also told that the ACTUAL time I am supposed to visit was 1 hour. Now I am not going to get the visit done in an hour. I was there for 2 and a half hours and I only did one ward.

The new contract will have to allow me more time per visit, and I believe they want us to add Dialysis to the 2 wards we already do, then there could be 2 shorter visits to Morrier ward, (giving us 3 visits per week).

When I said that this was the last visit until next year sometime, the nurses weren’t too happy. Rassilon has become something of a celebrity, and they can see the benefit of his visits.

So now Rassilon is in bed, still with his dressing on. I am about to have something to eat, if I can stay awake, then it is, hopefully, an early night, as we have another visit tomorrow morning to a nursing home.

Cottage Grove entrance

Cottage Grove entrance 2

Cottage Grove Nursing Home.

Oh my aching feet.

Saturday was bowls day, so Rassilon stayed home, in bed, while I was out in the sun playing bowls. We lost, but only because the skipper of the other teams was definitely dropped down from a higher division. He was too good for us. We were behind by 2 shots, holding 4 shots (so we would win the match), but he was able to put his final bowl right on the spot it had to go to. Division 7 players aren’t that good.

So Sunday I took Rassilon out for a walk with the walking club. The weather forecast was 24 and rain. The only water we saw was perspiration, because it was well over 24. But, it was quite a long walk for greyhounds, 3.2km. Normally Rassilon manages 20 minutes then he’s had enough. But today he seemed to get a second wind and he made it right through.

On the other hand, I am suffering. I have a sore foot. I have planter faciitis, which is an inflammation of the tendon that runs under the heel, so walking only irritates the tendon even more. I have had 2 steroid injections and they have done nothing, I think the next option is suffer or have an operation.

Anyway, we went for a walk along the old Willunga railway. The tracks have gone and the council has put in a footpath. The trouble is, there is not a lot of shade. We passed some horses, and that caught Rassilon’s attention.

He still likes to bring up the rear,

willunga 041118 (6)

How addictive are greyhounds? The guy in the blue shirt only stopped to pat them before we started. His wife was further ahead. (Indie, Cooper, Ellie)

but he is happy to socialize when we are standing in a group.

willunga 041118 (1)

That’s Cooper standing, the small brindle dog with the white socks (you can only see the back half). Mason is the grey laying down.

His favourite mate is Cooper, a Whippet, but he has similar colours to Rassilon. His markings don’t have as much black, but the brown / blue / fawn (depending of how you view Rassilon) is the same. Cooper also likes attention.

rassi and cooper

Whippet Cooper getting patted, standing with Rassilon, who, as you can see, he doesn’t care.

I don’t know all the dogs names yet, but here are some that were on the walk.

willunga 041118 (11)

This is Blue.

willunga 041118 (9)

I think this is Ellie, standing over Rassilon, and he doesn’t care.

willunga 041118 (2)

I think this is Mason.

Anyone else recognize this???

forehead of fuss

Make yourself at home !!!

Finally, after a long time of tidying up and sorting out stuff and throwing out stuff I don’t want, I managed to get the musical instruments off the lounge chairs.

That feat, however, does not mean I can sit down where or when I want. One chair, the leather one of course, has been rendered un-serviceable for me. I cleared the stuff off it, but…

chair cleared (1)

I claim this chair in the name of greyhounds.

chair cleared (2)

We were once wild animals, but hey, you have a comfy chair. 

Away with fear.

Today was hospital visiting day. Luckily I checked the day, because I lost one somewhere and thought it was only Tuesday. Of course Rassilon was in bed while I had a shower, then when I went into the bedroom I got that strained lift of the head to look at me.

When I said “It’s Wednesday today”, he was up and out of bed and standing by the back door ready to go. So I picked out a nice bright collar and off we went.

balet dancer

Today’s collar

hospital entrance

When we got to the hospital I didn’t see the security guard, so I let Rassilon go, and he raced in straight to the volunteers, where he stopped, but he was all excited. I noticed that people in the hospital all smiled when they saw him all excited and running ONLY to the volunteers.

We signed in, then I showed him some more volunteers, the ones that hold him while I order lunch, and off he went, legs going in all directions, but again, straight to the volunteers and no further.

So it was hotdog with cheese and sauce for lunch, then I got him a drink and we waited a while to go out. Again, no leash and he walked straight to the door out to the garden. Once out he walked onto the grass, sniffing. Then he had a pee, then he had his MAD FIT and took off, racing up and down the garden.

After a few lengths he decided yo go into the lunch area and say hello to some doctors that were having lunch. They enjoyed patting him.


When we started on the ward we came to a room where the patient didn’t want to pat Rassilon because they were scared of big dogs. Rassilon isn’t that tall, but he has a very deep chest, and that makes him look bigger than he really is.

Anyway, Rassilon wasn’t going to take no for an answer, so he slowly moved towards the patient, and as soon as they made a move towards him (it was just one finger), he went in for the pat. As a result…one patient that is no longer scared of big dogs. It was so good watching Rassilon work his magic.

He was working better today, but I think it was because they turned the air conditioner on and the ward wasn’t quite so hot as last week.

Oh, I don’t know if you would put this in the ‘weird’ basket, but I found out that Rassilon likes…chick peas. All I did was soak them over night then boiled them. drained them and put them in Rassilon’s bowl, and he stood there and ate them.

I’m putting it in the ‘weird’ class!

P.S. Rassi will be on his own on Saturday again. I am playing bowls. I played as a reserve last week and our team won, so this week I was selected to play.

On Sunday, as pay back, I will take Rassi out for a walk with the greyhound walking group. It is down south at Willunga this week