Guess the treat!

Just from Rassilon’s position, can you guess what his treat was?

Yes, after a walk around Reynella shopping center, and a hard morning of being patted, it’s time Rassilon had a snack. And what is the snack of greyhound choice?

It’s Chicken, of course!

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No words needed!

The chase is still on.

Although the grass is cut and Rassilon can’t go hunting for his chicken in the long grass, he now likes the long throw, so he can race up to where the chicken lands, then race back, so he can eat it.

And he REALLY enjoys his chicken. So far today I have been asked for 3 pieces. And when I say ‘asked’, greyhound owners will know that a hound can let you know exactly what it wants just by the way it behaves.

For example, when Rassilon goes to the back door to go out, and I open the door and he steps outside but instantly turns around…that mean he wants chicken. If he walks off a few steps before looking back, it means he wants a pee.

Today it is the instant turn around, but, with added bouncing up and down, which means he is desperate. The result being…

Got the chicken
Start to eat the chicken.
Try to swallow the chicken whole!
Decide it’s too big, so chew it up first.

And the playground has GONE.

Thanks to the weather, my lawn mower being in for repair, and my leg getting worse AND now a sore back, the grass in the yard was completely overgrown.

The playground before mowing.

Rassilon could walk around at the back of the yard, and not be seen. But he did devise a game, where I would throw his frozen chicken out into the yard, and he would hunt it down.

Well, play time is over. I couldn’t stand it any longer, and I still don’t know when my mower will be ready, so I got someone in to do the yard…WOW!

What a difference it is. He just slashed it down to start with, but he is coming back in a month to mow it properly and poison the areas he can’t get to. So It looks good, but Rassilon has lost his playground.

Rassilon just happened to be in the same place 2 days later. (You can see the trailer now)

Still, I can throw the chicken right to the back of the yard and give Rassilon a bit of a run instead, the exercise of running will do him good. Although it will give him a good reason to GO BACK TO BED!

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You HAVE to share.

Considering myself told!

So, as I was watching TV, I decided to have a snack. So before the program started, I made up some nibbles.

Cracker biscuits with cheese and fritz. Very nice they were too. But every bite was watched. Most dog owners can relate to that!

So the option was given to Rassilon to have it or not. I asked him, “Do you want it”?

What a stupid question to ask a greyhound. If you watch, when he eventually gets it, the fritz on the top just vanishes…not even chewed.

After that it was into bed for the night. On the bright side, it was cold last night, and Rassilon is very hot, so I was nice and warm myself.

Assume the position!

It’s cold and wet. It isn’t raining at the moment, but the forecast is that from 2.30pm 100% chance of rain.*

So Rassilon went out now for a pee and a chicken leg.

Nothing beats frozen chicken.

Obviously, according to the new rules of play, as decided by Rassilon, The chicken leg must be thrown into the long grass, so he can have fun hunting it down. I have never had to go out and show him where it is.

The lawnmower still isn’t ready, but chicken still tastes good.

But I can only assume, that in the greyhound world, chicken is a delicacy, and must be treated as such. As greyhounds don’t use special knives and forks, one must assume the correct, chicken eating, position…

This is how to stand when eating chicken, if you are Rassilon.

He knows he is being watched, but that chicken still deserves greyhound respect.

*By the time he had finished, it was raining, so drying was required. But he suffered through it!

He used to be scared of towels. Now he enjoys them.

I almost don’t have a greyhound.

A while ago I had to send my lawnmower in for repairs. Apparently you aren’t supposed to mow bricks…who knew?

Well, I did mow a brick and I bent the blade and put it out of balance, so it has to be replaced. Unfortunately one of the companies in the line, from manufacturing to the lawn mower shop, has shut down for a while due to Covid 19, so the blade isn’t available and I can’t mow the grass. (Yes, I’m heartbroken).

The good part is, it is a great playground for Rassilon. I can throw his chicken into the garden and he goes hunting for it. The bad part is, the grass is getting a bit too long. With all the rain we’ve had recently, the grass has gone into overdrive, resulting in parts where Rassilon can walk, and I can’t see him.

The grass is in need of a mow.

Today he had some fresh chicken. A fresh drumstick might last 30 seconds, so the rest of the bag will be frozen. That lasts him a bit longer.

We have been to visit Ralph and Ella 3 times now. The first 2 times Rassilon gave a warning snap and growl. But the last time I visited, I went up to the house to see if Ralph was in, he was, so I got Rassilon out the car.

He ran into the garden and straight up to the front door, and straight inside when Ralph opened the door. Then Rassilon and Ella had the compulsory greyhound greeting sniff, and got on so well. No growls or snapping.

Rassilon is 10 Kilos heavier and a lot longer and taller than Ella.

And I even had them standing beside each other as I gave them some fritz, and they didn’t try to fight over the food. After that they just followed each other around and were getting on fantastically. Ralph was so happy to see that Ella was getting on so well with other dogs.

Today we went to the shops, and I took Rassilon for a walk. He saw a complete stranger sitting on a bench, just about to have a cigarette, but he got a greyhound instead. Rassilon just walked up to him and pushed in for his pat.

The guy, and his mate, ended up making a big fuss of Rassilon, who forced himself to take all the patting. But really, who could resist?

Contented, after his chicken.

GAPSA have changed their way of adopting a greyhound. So for more information on the NEW SYSTEM, check out their updated web page.

New dogs for foster or adoption are added Mondays and Wednesdays.

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Another time Life imitates Art.

A greyhound trait noted by Rich Skipworth.

And to prove Rich right, Rassilon likes to have a go at both sides of the door. One side when he is waiting to go out, and the other side when he is waiting to come in.

Time for a clean I think.

So cleaning time it is. Not perfect, but certainly an improvement.

Let’s see how long this lasts?

The joys of owning a greyhound outweigh cleaning windows or doors, or floors, food bowls, water bowls, carpets, bed linen or car seats.

I thought I was anti-social.
But it turns out, I just don’t like people as much as my dog.
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Good News Update.

Ella (formally Better Be)

I got an email today from GAP, after I sent them a message about our visit to talk about greyhounds with Ralph and Ella.

Ella had to go for her GREEN COLLAR assessment, which in South Australia means the greyhound doesn’t need a muzzle.

Well, She Passed!!!

And to make things even better, Ralph, who was only fostering her, because he had never had a greyhound before, and didn’t know whether he could cope with one…Officially ADOPTED HER.

So I can imagine that now he has her history and family tree, and her trainer has sent Ralph a video of her winning a race, he will be walking her and looking for people to talk to about greyhounds.

So a happy ending for Ralph and Ella.

Ella and Rassilon. Ella can take off that blue collar and put on the green one.
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Warm with a nice warm breeze.

Or in dog owners terms, a perfect day to wash the dog. And Rassilon hasn’t had a bath for quite a long time, so he was well overdue.

He went into the bathroom with no problem, but once in, he realised what was going to happen, so he tried to get out. When I stopped him he got the shakes.

But once I actually got him in the bath, I presume he knew there was no escape, so he just stood there and accepted his fate. And by the end, I think he was enjoying getting rubbed all over. There wasn’t a lot of dirt on him, which I found amazing, but I used the proper doggy shampoo, so he smells really nice.

And so does the house, because he walked through, leaving a nice wet trail. I think he must be part sponge, because he seems to have a never ending supply of water soaking through his feet.

Exiting the bathroom
Walking down the hall, all nice and clean.
Outside the kitchen

Now all that is left is the conditioner. But I don’t put that on until he is dry. Then, by tomorrow, he will be lovely and soft, something most people comment on, because they think greyhounds are going to have a wiry coat.

The other night, as I was waiting for a program to come on TV, I decided to get the grinder out and smooth off some rough edges on Rassilon’s nails. He was lying in the bed when I started, and as I was doing his dew claw, he just closed his eyes and fell asleep!!

So if you wonder about doing the dogs claws, use a cordless grinder (they are quieter that an electric one, and easier to take to the dog). Rassilon doesn’t care about it. (I use the grinder because he has black claws, and you can’t see the quick, which, for Rassilon, is very close to the end.

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It’s TOO early.

Life is full of decisions for a greyhound to make throughout the day.

Do we sleep ON the bed or IN the bed?

ON the bed?
Or IN the bed?

Then there is the question of MY bed or HIS OWN bed. Well the photos show Rassilon prefers MY bed.

Then comes the first hard decision of the day. Breakfast.

Do we eat inside, with the air conditioner warming the house, or do we eat outside in the cold?

Or does he decide that if he is to eat in the cold, then everyone should share the cold?

Making sure the door stays open.

Rassilon has raw mince and a piece of raw chicken. He always takes the chicken outside to eat it. This is him, having finished the chicken, now finishing off the mince, and sharing the cold.

This photo was taken at about 4.45 am. Obviously I am now wide awake, and Rassilon has, in true greyhound fashion, gone back to bed.