A Serious Warning…not dog related.

Recently there has been a new phone app sweeping the world, called FaceApp. It allows you to take a photo and have it digitally altered to see what you will look like in the future. Sounds like fun? Well how do you like your privacy?

I know blogs and Facebook and stuff like that collect information about everyone, but FaceApp comes with it’s own warning.

faceApp warning

By simply using the app, you give up your rights to this company who can use the photo AND your name FOR EVER.

You could suddenly find yourself advertising something you would never endorse. And chances are extremely high that FaceApp got paid for the photo and you didn’t.

So be careful if you are thinking of downloading this phone app. Your photos may not be yours, and FaceApp can use them for ever, for whatever they want.

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Priorities to the fore.

Coming soon, a trip to the hospital for my regular check-up. But because I have to have an anesthetic, I have to stay in the hospital for 24 hours.

That requires having to find someone to look after Rassilon overnight (because I live alone). Fortunately, there are a lot of people that are willing to do that, but he will stay with the woman who looked after him last time I was in hospital. (She has already agreed).

Of course, she is still learning about greyhounds. She told me, the last time Rassilon stayed with her, she made up a bed in the lounge for him. But when she woke up during the night, she had company in her bed. Rassilon has the uncanny skill of being able to jump onto a bed without making the bed move, so you don’t know he is there.

If he leaves room, you are welcome to go to bed!

But, it has made me realise how tied up I am.

If I was to win a few thousand dollars on the lottery, I was thinking I would like to go to South Africa and visit the Drakensberg Boys Choir school and hear several of concerts. I thought about a month over there would allow me to sight see the Drakensberg mountains and see at least 4 concerts at the school (held every Wednesday). I went there a long time ago, but would love to go back.

Then reality sank in. As much as I would love to go to the DBCS, I could not leave Rassilon for that long. It was hard enough leaving him overnight the last time I went to hospital. Once I got taken home from the hospital, the first thing I did was go to pick him up.

I was greeted with about 30 seconds of greyhound joy, followed by being completely ignored for leaving him. And Rassilon can hold a grudge. He didn’t even acknowledge me for a full day.

I can only imagine how he would be after a month away from him. I know how long it took him to get to the condition he is in now, I hate to think of the psychological damage leaving him alone for a long time could do. He could easily revert back to being the nervous wreck I first got.

So, it seems my priorities these days are not going and doing what I want, but rather, looking after Rassilon. I know how greyhounds can be, so going on holiday could, in his mind, make him think I have deserted him. And I don’t want to upset him like that.

So, sadly, it seems I will just have to have my choir fix from YouTube, while I look after Rassilon. Still, that’s probably cheaper.

(Back in the 90’s I saw a video of a concert from South Africa. It had the Drakensberg boys choir performing. The result of watching that video was, firstly, having to replace the video that I wore out, then, a holiday in South Africa, including 2 trips to the choir school. And the song that caused this…Instruments of peace)

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Nothing to do with dogs…

As someone who doesn’t have a lot of money, I like to try any trick to keep the little I have, but still enjoy myself. Recently I have started restoring photos again. I think I got away from that because it is a job that requires time and patience, 2 things I seemed to loose a few years ago. The benefit being that, I am staying at home and not driving around, so I save petrol, and, even though you have to concentrate, it is very relaxing. (and it is such a good feeling when you see the final result).

Another thing I enjoy is eating. A lot of people show fancy recipes which look fantastic, but also cost a bit to make, and take a lot of effort. I like my food quick and easy. As a result, I bought myself a pie maker. Quick and easy, and I can put in whatever fillings I want, sweet or savory. And you are limited to what fillings you put in, only by your imagination. Because these are big pies, (bigger than regular pie makers), I can make up the 4 pies, and freeze 3 for later. At the moment I try to keep the cost of a meal around $2.00. And it can be done. To be honest, it costs more to feed Rassilon than it does to feed me.

BUT…having watched a TV program called The Cook and the Chef, I saw the  chef’s trick for making steak sandwiches. What he did was put a small piece of steak between 2 sheets of baking paper and flatten it out with a rolling pin. This not only tenderizes the steak, but it makes it bigger. Obviously, the better the steak, the better the eating.

Steak Sandwich (1)
Small now, but when rolled out, it will make 2 sandwiches.

I have also found out, by accident, that by rubbing the steak with Balsamic Vinegar and letting it marinate for a while, the vinegar boosts the flavor, but does not add a vinegar taste. This is applicable to ALL food. The Balsamic vinegar boosts the flavor of what you add it to. It took some corned beef pies to a new level. BUT DON’T ADD TOO MUCH!

Steak Sandwich (3)
Enhances flavor without adding a vinegar taste, but don’t use a lot!!

So for lunch I will be having 2 steak rolls. I bought some hamburger rolls, and will use them instead of bread. I will keep things simple, with just an egg (cooked in the microwave oven, not fried), some sauce, and maybe some cheese. I don’t want to loose the flavor of that steak.


Oh, just because I make 2 rolls, doesn’t mean I get to eat 2 rolls. I will have Rassilon watching every bite I take and looking starved and pathetic, until I give in and let him have some. That’s my greyhound diet plan.

Yesterday I lashed out and bought a cheesecake for afternoon tea. But in the usual manner, I didn’t get to eat it all…




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“Tired and Shagged Out…”

For fans of Monty Python, this classic line from ‘The Parrot Sketch’, is a perfect description. We went on a long walk with the greyhound group, so, tired and shagged out is the feeling. And I think Rassilon is just the same.

Rassilon really doesn’t like other dogs around him, especially if they have the audacity to move. He preferred to stay out of the group, only wandering close to say a greyhound hello to any quiet dog, with one exception. Cooper the Whippet. So, even though we haven’t been on a walk for a while, he remembered Cooper, but got scared of the other dogs again.

There were an assortment of dogs there today, not just greyhounds. A couple of cattle dogs and Cooper joined us, plus another couple of Whippets. This is good, as greyhounds are usually brought up only around other greyhounds, so they don’t get to meet other breeds.

Cooper is the small dog at the back, being patted. Can you spot the impostors?

There was Eddy. He is a new foster dog. His handler has only had him 2 weeks. He was easy to spot with his “L” plates displayed.

Eddy, only been a foster dog for 2 weeks. (Notice the blue collar and muzzle).

Then there was a BIG ‘Blue’ called Wolf, I originally wanted a blue, but having seen one close up and for a period of time, I think I prefer Rassilon’s Brindle.

WOLF. By name only. Definitely greyhound by nature.


coat of arms
Semper is ‘Ever’ in Latin, so, Brindle Ever Gorgeous.

And of course, there was Max. He has only been adopted for 6 weeks and is still very nervous. He is scared of people, but as we were walking, I was talking to his carer, and patting him, and he didn’t seem to mind that he was being patted.

A very nervous Max. He’s only been in adopted for 6 weeks.

And of Course Rassilon stole the show, with his personalized red and yellow coat.

Rassilon, resplendent in his red and yellow.  Not a great photo, he is bigger in real life.
Where we walked. It’s amazing how many people turn up and let their dogs run ‘off-leash’.
Walking with the group, or at least, behind the group, thanks to Rassilon.
I can’t remember his name, but he doesn’t like small dogs near him, and part of getting his green collar is to meet, AND IGNORE, small dogs, so he has to live with the blue collar and muzzle. Other than the small dogs, he would pass the test.

On the way home I stopped to get some shopping, including some ham for Rassilon. He was laying in the back of the car not moving much, but once I opened the packet, he was up, with his head between the seats, just waiting to vacuum the ham down.

The scar is the result of a spider bite.

Time on my hands

Now Rassilon and I are not doing therapy visiting, I have extra time to spend. So I have got back into working on the computer doing video editing and photo restoration.

To do the photos better, I need to get a decent program, either Photo Shop, or Corel Draw. But the problem there is, either one costs close to $1000.00. And as I am not getting paid for this, it is hard to justify, and impossible to afford.

But, I can still do a bit, which can pass inspection from a distance. When I had Corel Draw 10 (which doesn’t run on newer computers), you could have inspected it with a magnifying glass.

I did one photo and just to get the faces fixed, there had been tears and folds through them, took about 4 hours per face (2 of them), then there was the rest of the photo.

I even took my parents wedding photo and coloured it. I also rearranged people from one place to the other. I was really pleased with that.

I made up a DVD for a friends birthday. It was his wifes idea, and it was photos of events in his life put to his favourite music. The 15 minute video took me 11 hours, but I had it perfect (if I do say so myself). Photos changed on the beat of the music, and music and photos faded from one part of his life to another.

But, while Rassilon sleeps, I have been messing around with an old photo, and tidying it up. Perhaps I still need to get the patience again to get the colours mixed just tight, but this was a quick attempt. Just 2 hours!

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What a difference a day makes.

We had a lovely week, well sort of. The temperature was warming up, enough to make sleeping horrible again, so for most of the week I was having breakfast at 4.00 am, and Rassilon had his at 6.00 am, because neither of us was sleeping well. Admittedly, Rassilon managed more than the 2 hours at a time I was having to deal with.

But because we are not visiting now, I have been taking Rassilon to the Reynella shopping center for a walk and pat. And while there, I would do some shopping. On Thursday I got some chicken wings and mince for Rassilon’s breakfasts. I put a wing in a bag and then add mince up to 400 grams. He also has his biscuits, which he has been eating more recently.

Of course, you haven’t lived until you have heard Rassilon thundering around the garden in a post-wee zoomie, then come in panting and trying to eat his biscuits. What a noise!

I bought 2 bags of chicken wings and 2 packs of mince. But from 1 packet of wings I got 14 meals, 7 with 1 wing and 7 with 2 wings. Then I added the mince, and used up all but 500 grams of that, so I put 400 grams in the freezer for me, and Rassilon had the rest as a treat. I then put 9 chicken wings each into 2 vacuum sealer bags, and froze them for me.

But Friday was a lovely day. The temperature was a perfect (for Rassilon and me), 19 degrees Celsius, so I decided the back yard needed a mow, so I got the lawnmower out,

mower side
Pushing? That’s the small garden way. plus, I’m lazy.

only to find, (a) it had a flat tyre, and (b) my pump had a flat battery. But after charging the battery, I got the tyre pumped up and was ready to go.

1 Before
In need of some tidying up.

So, off I went, mowing away. I tried to mow the area in front of the garage, so I could move the car there, then do the rest of the back yard. I only had to stop twice as, apparently, lawnmowers send greyhounds loony, and Rassilon went into zoomie mode, not caring that a lawnmower has big blades, and just racing around in front of me.

Eventually he wore himself out, and I managed to mow most of the rest. Some bits, under trees, will require the old fashioned mower to get into the small spaces. But for now, it looked good.

2 After

Then, over night, it started to rain, and it is still raining at 10.00 am. And the sight in the back yard shows just how much rain we have had. And with the forecast of constant rain throughout the day, this is going to get worse.

3 next day
And the hose is definitely turned off. This is just rain.

So, today, it is heater on and probably stay in bed, after I put the washing on. (Hallelujah for automatic washing machines).