Missing dog

Thursday morning, and shopping day. I have to go to Seaford to take my mother out shopping. So I got up and went and made breakfast and got dressed. As I am standing in the kitchen I realize something is missing. There is nobody watching me…no Rassilon!

I looked out the door, he’s not outside, so I look around the house…not there. Then, just by chance I spotted it. Because I had just got up the bed clothes were still scrunched up*.  The big blanket on the bed has a picture of a wolf on it, but it doesn’t have a tail!

tail first

Not being disturbed

point out

Found him


Golf if like that

A woman was talking to her husband and asked him “If I were to die, would you get married again”? The husband thought a while and said “Yes, I suppose I would. I don’t want to go the rest of my life being alone”. “Oh, I see. Not even cold and your getting married again. Would you live in this house”? “Yes, of course we would. The house is paid for, and I am not going to get into debt at my age”. “Lovely, remarried, living in our house, I suppose you would sleep in our bed”? “Of course, it was an expensive bed and it’s not very old. It seems stupid to get a new one”. “Oh, I get the picture. remarried, living in our house, sleeping in our bed, I suppose you would let her play golf with my clubs”? “Of course not” said the husband “She is left handed”.

*(Honestly, I never make my bed, just straighten the covers up at night).

Greyhound ownership in South Australia

Owning a greyhound is harder than most dogs because of their metabolism and the fact that they are generally completely opposite of other dogs, but it is something you get used to quickly and enjoy and even feel some pride in your dog being different.

But in South Australia a greyhound MUST wear a muzzle UNLESS the dog passes a “Green Collar Exemption”, Then it MUST wear a numbered green collar.

But here is the letter I received telling me about MY responsibilities in owning a greyhound.

anim,al management

Greyhound owners have these restrictions put on them, or the greyhound must be muzzled and on a leash, and yet German Shepherds, Dobermans, Rottweilers, Pit Bulls and other breeds of KNOWN guard dog can walk off leash and unmuzzled.

Then people wonder why greyhound owners feel victimized.

Successful University visit.

We have just arrived home from the uni, and we are STUFFED. Who would have thought standing around talking could be so tiring. But time flew by because I was talking about greyhounds.

talk greyhounds

It’s sad, but true.

Rassilon was very well behaved around all the other dogs. Luckily they came up to him in 1s or 2s, so they didn’t overcrowd him. In small doses he is quite happy to give a greyhound greeting sniff, but in groups, he panics.

There were a lot of students there willing to pat the dogs, so Rassilons mind was distracted from the other dogs. And Rassilon was the most popular dog for patting by a few pounds.

Rassi 4

Rassilon and students.

There were the black and the fawn dogs and a dark brindle, but the black doesn’t show up as well on the dark background. Then there was the lovely blue greyhound which would have been the most popular, but it was terribly thin. You could see most of the vertebrae, the hip bones stood up almost an inch and you could see all it’s ribs. She was a lovely dog, but so thin. So by default, the fawn Brindle Rassilon became the most popular. On the bright side, Rassilon is 2.6 Kg over weight, but looking at the other dogs today, they all looked about the same. None of them fitted the ‘perfect’ standard, they all had a bit of extra meat on the bones, apart from the blue, which was painfully thin.

Rassi 2

From just my conversations, I think we convinced a couple of people to foster and one seemed desperate to adopt. She had heard the usual rumors (attack small animals, need lots of exercise, need lots of room, eat lots), which I was able to correct for her. Rassilon answered the ‘needs lots of exercise’ rumor, by falling asleep on her foot.

The good thing for the university was that even with 12 dogs inside, there was (a) No Mess, and (b) No Barking. Of course that meant when Rassilon did speak, it was appreciated by the student, who got to hear a greyhound bark, and the other owners, who were impressed that Rassilon had learned to speak on command. (A command, I should add, aided quite a bit by the presence of food). Rassilon was doing well today, keeping himself to a quiet bark.

I was so impressed with Rassilon today. there were literally hundreds of people in the hall, (there were other events going on as well), and a dozen dogs, but Rassilon showed NO signs of stress.

So it was good to get to mix with other greyhound owners, and to let Rassilon mix with other dogs. If we can do this often enough, he will soon become as comfortable with other dogs in groups as he is with people now.


A man was trapped on a desert island for 15 years. One day he saw a big black thing coming out of the water and walking up the beach. When it got closer he saw it was a beautiful young woman in a wet-suit.

She stood in front of him and asked “When was the last time you had a cigarette”? He said “About 15 years ago”. So she undid a zip in the wet-suit and took out a pack of his favorite cigarettes.

“When was the last time you had a drink”? “About 15 years ago”. So she undid a zip on the other side on the wet=suit and took out a bottle of his favorite scotch. A tear came to his eye.

The young lady started to undo the main zip of the wet-suit and asked “When is the last time you played around”? He replied “Don’t tell me you’ve got a set of golf clubs in there as well”!

I knew it!!!

Remember I wrote that I had to contact GAP for a new green collar for Rassilon, and that I would fall over the old one when the new one arrived.

Well I didn’t have to wait until the new one arrived! I was looking in the bag I took to do my course the other day. It has only been used for that course, never taken on therapy visits. But guess what was in the back pocket of the bag, Yep, you got it. The green collar.

Of course, unless I change the number on the old one, it will not lead anyone to Rassilon, because all the collars are numbered, and the new collar has a new number.

I found our ‘stash’

As I was doing some tidying up today I found something I bought just after I got Rassilon to calm him down when he got stressed out. I didn’t want to give him vet prescribed medication, and this was recommended by GAPSA other greyhound owners.

It is called RESCUE REMEDY, and it is all natural and can be used on greyhounds. If that doesn’t work, it can be taken by humans too, and I tried it a few times and it works.

calming (4)

Just 3 drops in their food.

You can get the liquid in the bottle with the dropper, and all you need is 3 drops in their food. I (under suggestion) used to add a few drops to Rassilons’ water, it was very diluted, but it kept a bit in his system all the time. I used to give it to Rassilon when I was going to work, so he didn’t suffer separation anxiety. You can also get it in spray form, which might be handy if you are out and the dog gets anxious about something, just a spray directly into the mouth, (under the tongue if possible), but this goes straight into the body.

calming (5)

Quick application spray, can be fun trying to  get it into a dogs mouth.

You can get a cheaper version, but I didn’t find that as effective.

calming (1)

Cheaper, but, as I found out, not as good

Unfortunately Rassilon got so hyped up once that I had to resort to the vets medication, but in just over 3 years, he has only had 1 tablet, but that worked FAST and seemed to adjust his system. He seems to be a bit calmer even months after the tablet.

But there is always something around that can help. Medication, (prescription or natural), a thunder shirt can help if you get it on early enough, I even have some dog relaxation CDs that I used to leave on while I went to work, and they actually helped. (They can also help humans).


Relaxation CDs did this to a panicking Rassilon. Temporary relief is still relief.

Rassilon may not have liked the strong vet medication, but I bet after a few minutes he enjoyed the relief from his panic attack. He was able to sleep after quite a few hours of jumping up and down, drooling, panting and trembling.

It is never nice to watch your dog suffering like this, and it stresses owners out too, so there is really a double benefit is calming the dog. But just remember, none of this stuff is exactly cheap, but we are happy to pay to see our hounds un-stressed.


Why so hard? Panting in a greyhound can mean…it’s hotit’s stressedit’s in painit’s puffed outYou decide.




Back to greyhounds

I got an email yesterday from the Therapy Dog Service. Apparently I am not going to have an orientation day at Bedford Industries, like normal. Usually I would go alone and accompany someone who would show me what to do when I take Rassilon.

But the email said I have to take Rassilon, and Sandra is only there to show us what to do. So, why not jump in at the deep end. Bedford Industries is a workplace for people with disabilities. A lot of people with Down Syndrome work there.

We are going from 1 1/2 hours to 2 1/2 hours, so I hope Rassilon can cope. But I have seen him in the hospital and he slows down when he gets onto the ward, but I have decided that he is pacing himself, so he can last.

Tuesday Rassilon goes to the Flinders University. If the post is quick enough I will have his replacement green collar. I used to carry the old on around the bag I take on visits, just in case someone wants to get all ‘legal’ with us (and yes, I have had it once!!). But I went to get it a while ago, and it wasn’t there. I have checked the cars but can’t find it.

If course it is obvious what will happen. Now I have spent $27.00 (but he MUST have his green collar, by law). The new one will arrive and I will go to get something to open the envelope, and I will have to move his old green collar out of the way. It always happens to me like that. Loose something…buy a new one…fall over the old one.

Yesterday I saw something that had to be seen to be believed. I had to go and get some money from an ATM, so I went to Reynella. That way I could get a coffee and my money and Rassilon gets his walk and some pats (lots of pats). So we were walking around on the foot path,  but Rassilon waited until we got to one of the little garden areas, went onto the garden and had a peehe did not do it on the footpath.

We came home and spent most of the day in bed. I got up and did bits around the house, but Rassilon preferred the comfort of the bed. I was up late watching the Tour De France. It is so good to see different parts of the world. If I had the money I would consider moving there or at least having a holiday.

But while I was watching TV where was Rassilon? BED!


The big lump under the blanket…Rassilon.

If you want a dirty look, just disturb a sleeping greyhound.

do you mind

“Do you mind”?