Into the Smoke

Our visit today was down in the ‘smoke’. Down past the Marion shopping centre. Luckily I have a GPS in the car, although as I think about it, I am going to have to raise the volume of the voice, because I can’t hear when to turn, and I don’t like watching the GPS when I am in traffic.


The Main Entrance.

Anyway, we had a return visit to Glengowrie Nursing Home. The Lifestyle coordinator here is the one that also works at Cottage Grove, and she wants us back at Cottage Grove. I don’t know if it is the new handler or the dog, but Rassilon is missed, and they want him back.

We had a good day today. We saw most of the people we were supposed to see, plus a few that were not on the list. And as is the case in most nursing homes, we sat and talked to some of the residents, and, while Rassilon wasn’t being patted, he made the people feel relaxed, because he could just lay down for a sleep. Although Rassilon was a little bit unsure of his surroundings, as it has been a while since he was there, he did well, and went straight up to people.

Being a therapy dog handler is a tricky thing. While the dog is the main part of the team, many times the handler needs to interact with the people being visited, so being ABLE to relate to people in different circumstances is IMPORTANT. In 2 weeks Rassilon and I went to a hospital with aged patients and dementia sufferers, we went to a school with young people, a nursing home and an establishment for people with mental health issues.

Maybe it’s my age, ot the fact that I worked in a hospital and had to deal with people with different health complaints, but I am able to relate to most people, which is strange because I am not really a sociable person. I prefer to be at home alone with Rassilon. I do know my age is a help, because I have had time to learn a lot and meet people from all walks of life, and I can use their, and my own, experiences, to help talk to people.

Anyway, I find therapy visitation very rewarding work, plus the biggest benefit, I get to work with Rassilon, and I get to talk about greyhounds and greyhound adoption. 

social anxiety

Sincerity. Learn to fake that, and you’ve got it made.



Visiting day again

Boy times flies. It was visiting time again today. And Rassilon was more in the mood for spending time with the staff than with patients, 16 patients Vs 25 staff.

We went into one room and the patient had some young visitors, so I just dropped the leash and Rassilon went to visit everyone, although his time with the actual patient was short. He prefered the young people.

Rassilon was wearing his Aboriginal artwork collar and got lots of compliments about it.

visiting NHS

In case of emergency

I can’t remember what I bought for Rassilon, but when it arrived, this was in the envelope. I thought ‘That’s a good idea’. Especially for me as I live alone. I can tick the dog’s box and write important details about Rassilon on the back, because not everyone knows that greyhounds have some different needs to other dogs.

And as I got Rassilon from GAPSA, it is part of the agreement that if I ever want to get rid of him (or something happens to me), he has to go back to GAPSA, so they can find another approved person to have him. This is something that needs to go on the back of my info card.

So just in case you think it might be a good idea, I have copied the sign as a JPEG file, so you can save it, resize it and print it out. And you can put special information about your dog or cat on the back

pet emergency

First piece of information should be your pet’s NAME and any medical conditions.

Correct diet

One must feed greyhounds carefully, with the right amount of food. With food that is good for them, sardines for example are good for their coat. But you must not overfeed ANY dog as this is extremely bad for their joints as the fat releases an inflammatory chemical that affects their joints, certainly not what you want in a greyhound.

Just hope you never have a vet report like this…

(I have a few more of these quick, funny clips to go yet)

Rassilon, Ballet Dancer

I have pointed out to the nurse at the hospital that Rassilon stands like a ballet dancer. Not all the time, but a lot of the time. And it looks uncomfortable, but obviously isn’t or he wouldn’t keep doing it.

balet dancer

Yes, you see it right. One foot in front of the other, NOT side by side like a normal dog.

greyhound stance

Rassilon, the ballet dancer

Big Nose

Big Nose wants his Doggy Chino.