All greyhounds are the same

If you look at Richard Skipworth’s cartoons on greyhounds, and there are a lot of them, it shows that greyhounds around the world have the same habits.

When I go visiting, Rassilon will take the first chance he gets to have a sleep. Yesterday we went into the medical records department, and someone there got not only the greyhound lean, but the Rassilon belly resting on a knee.



Being daring, but it paid off

I went for a drive today. I was going to go further, but forgot my cameras, so we only went to Aldinga.

The shop that used to sell pet food has closed, so we drove a bit further and went to the beach. As there was nobody else around, I thought I would chance my luck and let Rassilon off his leash so he could stretch his legs.

The leash was released and Rassilon kept walking beside me, so I jumped at him and he took off like a rocket. He was a couple of hundred yards up the beach in a few seconds. Then he ran back and straight past me in the other direction.

Then came the part I was worried about. He stopped running and was just standing in the grass, so I started to walk towards him and he just stood there. When I had reduced the distance by about half, I called him and he trotted over and came right to me.

He did well, but the beach was completely empty. I very much doubt that rassilon would not want to go and get patted if someone else was on the beach, and he may not be as willing to ‘come’ as he was today.

So while we both had a good time, it will probably be a limited thing to do, unless we can find somewhere private and fenced in where Rassilon can run wild.unnamed

I know how he feels

In the last post there is a film clip from Home Alone, where the burglar gets Buzz’s pet spider put on his face and lets out the greatest scream I have ever heard.

Well, here’s the story behind that scream.

Normally the movie producers would film the scene, inserting a fake spider, and add the scream in afterwards. But if you watch, you will see the spider moves once it is on Daniel Stern’s face.

The story has it that Daniel Stern doesn’t like spiders at the best of times, but if having a huge tarantula dropped on his face wasn’t bad enough, the thing moves, almost putting it’s foot in his eye.

That scream was recorded ‘on set’ and was the actual reaction from Stern. And to be honest, I WOULD NOT have even allowed a real spider that size anywhere near me.

So that scream WAS REAL. And I fully understand such a reaction.


This within 100 yards of me = “I will be leaving now”!!!

I will stick with my savage Greyhound, Rassilon.


Mr. Cool.

Save water; Shower with a friend.

I don’t think so!!!

Shower Buddy

You don’t need good eyes to see this.

There is a problem. Huntsman spiders are monogamous. So that means where ever HE is SHE will be close by. And I have only found 1 so far.

Yesterday was visiting day, and I think Rassilon knew about Mitzi, because he was just going through the motions. Some people would have been happy with his visit, but I, and the nurses, could see that he was not really happy. I hope he gets over it soon, I hate to see him so ‘down’.

Tears and eye surgery don’t mix

Unfortunately there is little I can do to stop the stinging.

I just had the bad news. Mitzi was put to sleep today at 4.00pm Tasmanian time.

Apparently she had not eaten for a few days and wasn’t even drinking. So the decision was made to end her suffering. My mother, obviously upset, said that she didn’t think Mitzi would have made it through the night, and as she was made to sleep outside, would have died alone.


I took Rassilon to visit the woman who looked after him for me, and I got the feeling he was worried that I was going to leave him again, but I didn’t. They don’t forget!

The week that was

Wednesday was our hospital visit day. We hadn’t been for a few weeks, but I wasn’t ready for the greeting we got. The staff were all over Rassilon like a long lost friend.

Thursday was nursing home visit, and again, everyone was all over Rassilon. Even I got a hug. We have a list of people to visit in the home, but as I was going around I saw a woman looking at Rassilon. She wasn’t on the list, so I asked if she would like to meet Rassilon. It was a resounding YES.

She was the sort of person I got into the therapy work for. Stuck in a nursing home and her family rarely goes to visit her, so she was lonely. So because I was at the end of my official shift (I am supposed to visit from 10.30 to 12.00), I was able to sit with her and talk. And the benefit of being older and having met lots of people…I was able to share with her on the things she wanted to talk about, even going back to the war years. I knew someone else that had been through a similar encounter, so I had a good idea of what she went through, and it made her happy that I could talk about that subject.

So anyone considering therapy work, age is not a problem. If you visit people of a similar age or background, you are able to share your knowledge. I was thinking of volunteering my services to the RAAF basic training base, so once a week the recruits could have a bit of a break from the military routine, and having been through that myself, I would have something to talk about, despite the age difference.

The good thing was that Rassilon was much better this week. For a couple of weeks he was just going through the motions and didn’t seem interested in his visits. He would still go up to people, but I was having to push him forward. This week we was back to normal and going straight up to people get a pat. He was also very ‘talkative’, but everyone loves it when he barks.

The first week in the hospital the head nurse didn’t seem too happy about it, but ever since, it is like a warning to the next room that he is coming, and the patients look forward to meeting him.


Rassilon’s new blue and silver collar certainly gets a lot if compliments.

Then came Friday. Operation day. It is nice to have vision again, except…when the ophthalmologist removes the cataract, he replaces it with an artificial lens. These lenses are like glasses, you can have different strengths so you can see distance, but not close up, for which you will need glasses. Or you can have close vision, but will need glasses for distance.

I have the distance lenses, great for driving, but not so good for using a computer. Right now I have only one eye working, and if the computer was outside I could see it clearly, but now I am typing from memory because I can’t see the letters on the keys. So it is a case of typing something then checking it with a magnifying glass, until my eyes settle down and I can get some reading glasses, and that is about 6 weeks away.


The downfall of living in South Australia. 5.00am and it’s not cold enough for a shirt.

Anyway, the patch will come off later today, and I should be fine by Wednesday for our hospital visit again, so I can drive there safely.




Thursday, Rassilon had a trip to the vet to get his nails clipped. They were getting a bit long, and being all black, I didn’t want to do them myself. So he had a checkup while he was there, and they said he was fine.

He seems a little bit lethargic, but I have some to the conclusion that he needs more exercise, but at 34 degrees and high humidity today…we will start tomorrow.

Rassilon’s new collars arrived yesterday, so I put one on him before we went to Reynella. The first people to stop and pat him (and there were a lot yesterday) commented of how nice the collar was.


Why do I think of the word “Rosebud”?    (Movie lovers will understand).


I had to get ‘coffee’ as she doesn’t have one with ‘Doggy-Chino’.


This is actually Blue and Silver, but the Silver doesn’t show up well in the photo

But whatever happens, Rassilon is a greyhound, and there is something greyhounds do better than any other dog.


There is a big lump under my blanket, I wonder, what could it be?

lump 2

Rassilon has chosen MY BED for his naps.


A man moved to a country town and wanted to get involved in the small community, so he went to the pub to see what happens in the town and how he could join in.

The barman said “The biggest thing in the town is the football team, and we really need a good forward”.

Man, “I’m sorry I don’t know anything about being a forward”

Barman, “Well we can always use defenders”

Man, “I don’t know about that either, in fact, I know nothing about football”.

Barman, “That’s okay, we always need umpires too”.

We have just had just had some bad news. I just had a phone call from my mother. Mitzi went to the vet to get a tooth removed, and the vet checked her over and found a tumor in her stomach. As a result, Mitzi has been given 2 months to live, but my mother has said if she is in pain before that, then she will not let her suffer.