Wednesday visit completed, dog stuffed.

We had our weekly visit to the Repat Hospital. We made the staff very happy by telling them that the dog visits are to continue when they move to Noarlunga (they hadn’t been told).

repat visit (6)

We park near the day clinics and go to the cafe and have a cup of coffee before going to the wards to visit.

repat visit (3)

Once on the wards Rassilon was his gentlemanly best. He was so friendly today, even someone who didn’t want a pat ended up patting him, and everyone was thrilled when he spoke.

On the way home I stopped off and got some shopping, and now I am having trouble staying awake, a situation Rassilon isn’t worried about.

repat visit (2)

So it is cup of coffee time and into bed for a while, before I have to go out again tomorrow. (I am so tired, I am literally falling asleep as I type).


Scrutinized therapy visit.

The day started off by receiving an email from Therapy Dogs asking for a photo of Rassilon for the new web site and his new ID badge, plus a short write up about him to go with the photo on the web site.

Today Rassilon and I had a visit to Bedford Industries. It is an organisation that employs or looks after people with increasing levels of mental health issues.

Jody, the boss of Therapy dogs came along to show me what to do. There were only 6 people in the room, but they were the ones with more intense issues, so dealing with them was ‘quite interesting’. Fortunately there were only 2 of them that were ‘demanding’, and the others got on well with Rassilon and I.

Jody took a few photos of Rassilon doing his ‘thing’. One guy started bouncing on an exercise ball, which caught Rassilons attention, so he climbed up on the settee to look over the back and see what the guy was doing (photo). Another guy started to dance so I got Rassilon standing up on his back legs and dancing (photo). The people enjoyed that!

Of course everyone, patients, carers and Jody, all thought it was fantastic that Rassilon would speak on command, and today he did really well. He barked every time he was asked to, and he (mostly) kept it to a quiet bark.

After meeting the residents, we went through the offices, where the staff fell in love with Rassilon. We always get positive comments about his coloring. The blue is lovely, but I am thinking the fawn / brindle is less common, so more noticeable.

Therapy Dog (4)

Jody said she will send me a letter for the local council saying Rassilon is a registered Therapy dog, that way I don’t have to pay council registration. She also said that she would use the visit as her annual visit assessment, but did say Rassilon did so well he had passed easily.

On the plus side, Jody saw just how Rassilon was all frisky and excited before going into the day room with the residents. Once inside with the people he slowed right down and was slow and gentle and careful. When it was time to leave, frisky and energetic again. When I had to answer a call of nature, Jody had to hold on to Rassilon. When I got back she was so impressed that Rassilon hadn’t gone into a panic when I left, and behaved just as though I was there.

So, it looks like we could get more visits to Bedford Industries, but probably not on a permanent basis. We have also had confirmation that when Repat hospital wards move to Noarlunga hospital, the dog visits will continue, and those visits Will be ours.

Therapy Dog (1)

Rest day tomorrow, then it is Repatriation Hospital on Wednesday. Rassilon really enjoys visiting there, so I hope he will still enjoy visiting when it moves to Noarlunga.

(An interesting note: I was working at Noarlinga Hospital when I had to have Kia put down, and it was Sue in the Medical Records department that suggested a greyhound, so Noarlunga Hospital has a special affinity for us).


A man was out playing golf with his friends. He was on the 7th hole about to tee off when a funeral procession drove past on the road beside the golf course.

The man stopped addressing the ball, took off his cap and bowed his head until the funeral procession had passed.

His friends were very impressed with his reaction and said that it showed great respect to the deceased person.

He replied, “It was the least I could do, she had been a good wife for 25 years”.

Spoiled dog (sorry, Normal Greyhound)

Today (Saturday), I had to wait in for the housing co-op to do an inspection. I had to explain that due to medical conditions, work was getting behind. I had to have an injection in the heel of my foot yesterday, and right now, after going shopping, it is telling me…you shouldn’t have gone shopping. So no work this afternoon, unless I can do it sitting down.

But Aldi had a special on dogs beds today, so I thought I would race down early and see if they had one. Aldi has specials on Wednesday and Saturday, and some things are sold out within minutes of the doors opening at 8.30 am. I think shopkeepers go and buy up big at the low price and sell it in their own shop for a big profit. I have seen 99 cent cotton buds in other shops for $5.50, a tidy profit.

Anyway, I wanted a dog bed, and there were a few left. And luckily for me, right at the bottom of the pile was the one ‘extra large‘ they had left. So, Rassilon has had a look and a feel, but is currently sleeping right BESIDE it, (Who knows that situation)?

new bed (1)

First time in the bed, but note the look of terror.

Still, I will give him a week and he will soon come around. He has just got up and moved to his old mat, but he did give the new bed a look, before NOT using it. He has tried it, but change will take time. (I can always put his old mat into the new bed).

new bed (2)

It fits, but it will stay empty for a while before Rassilon changes.

So what is the definition of STUBBORN?

A greyhound and a new ‘thing’.


No, I refuse to use ityet

Missing dog

Thursday morning, and shopping day. I have to go to Seaford to take my mother out shopping. So I got up and went and made breakfast and got dressed. As I am standing in the kitchen I realize something is missing. There is nobody watching me…no Rassilon!

I looked out the door, he’s not outside, so I look around the house…not there. Then, just by chance I spotted it. Because I had just got up the bed clothes were still scrunched up*.  The big blanket on the bed has a picture of a wolf on it, but it doesn’t have a tail!

tail first

Not being disturbed

point out

Found him


Golf if like that

A woman was talking to her husband and asked him “If I were to die, would you get married again”? The husband thought a while and said “Yes, I suppose I would. I don’t want to go the rest of my life being alone”. “Oh, I see. Not even cold and your getting married again. Would you live in this house”? “Yes, of course we would. The house is paid for, and I am not going to get into debt at my age”. “Lovely, remarried, living in our house, I suppose you would sleep in our bed”? “Of course, it was an expensive bed and it’s not very old. It seems stupid to get a new one”. “Oh, I get the picture. remarried, living in our house, sleeping in our bed, I suppose you would let her play golf with my clubs”? “Of course not” said the husband “She is left handed”.

*(Honestly, I never make my bed, just straighten the covers up at night).

Greyhound ownership in South Australia

Owning a greyhound is harder than most dogs because of their metabolism and the fact that they are generally completely opposite of other dogs, but it is something you get used to quickly and enjoy and even feel some pride in your dog being different.

But in South Australia a greyhound MUST wear a muzzle UNLESS the dog passes a “Green Collar Exemption”, Then it MUST wear a numbered green collar.

But here is the letter I received telling me about MY responsibilities in owning a greyhound.

anim,al management

Greyhound owners have these restrictions put on them, or the greyhound must be muzzled and on a leash, and yet German Shepherds, Dobermans, Rottweilers, Pit Bulls and other breeds of KNOWN guard dog can walk off leash and unmuzzled.

Then people wonder why greyhound owners feel victimized.