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Thursday’s visit…canceled

I got a phone call on Tuesday to let me know that this weeks visits were cancelled. If I wanted to go to the hospital I could, but TDS had contacted the nursing home and told them I would not be there on Thursday. 

Rassilon and I did go to the hospital, but we were so glad today’s visit was cancelled. The visit starts at 10.30 am. The photo was taken at 10.00 AM  IN THE SHADE. It has been so hot for so long, I have ordered Rassilon some dog boots to protect him from burning his paws. This hot spell is forecast to go from Monday past to next Monday when the temperature drops to 29C for the day before going back to mid 30’s for the rest of the week.

thats hot

PLEASE…send snow.


protection from the heat, and maybe the cold (if we ever get some).




Weather warnings can go either way.

It’s time for a weather warning reminder for dog owners.

As America is suffering through freezing weather with snow and ice and below 0 temperatures, pet owners have to remember the animals. Especially greyhounds, who have such light fur and thin skin. At minimum, a coat is definitely the order of the day.

However…Rassilon has a weather problem of a different kind. I am running up a massive electricity bill, and I am not getting much benefit for my money. I have 2 portable air conditioners and a fan running, I also have the kitchen exhaust fan running to TRY to suck hot air out and COOL DOWN.

1 inside

32.5c is the temperature…in the kitchen. The air conditioners are only doing a little bit, you have to be standing about 12 inches away from them to get any real benefit, but I have certainly been more comfortable.

The sad thing is, I got a rubbish bin delivered for the weekend so I could empty the house of everything I don’t want. But there is NO WAY I am going to be filling it today. Tomorrow is supposed to be cooler, but with the weather bureau’s forecast history, cooler could mean just another hot day, but 1 degree lower, or it could be freezing and pouring with rain.

But the reason I am not filling the trailer, and Rassilon is having only 1-2 minute toilet breaks (I am concentrating so I don’t leave him out too long), is…

1 outside

In the back yard, IN THE SHADE.

I can’t even leave the back door open for Rassilon to come and go as he want’s because it is like opening an oven door, the hot air just blasts through the open door.

If you are cursing the cold, STOP. When it is cold you can always warm up. You can put of another jumper or go to bed with an electric blanket. But when it is how for a few days, as we have had (high 30s since Wednesday), the house bricks heat up and hold the heat, so if it cools down at night, the house stays hot, and unless you have a really good air conditioner, you ain’t cooling down too quick. (Really good is shop code for really expensive).

And poor greyhounds get stuck inside trying to find the coolest place to sleep. 


Sharing the good times…

…and they tea.

New years day is sports day on TV. A cricket Big Bash double header at night, and NFL in the morning. The BBL Cricket is a shorter, faster version of the game, and certainly better to watch than test cricket, and having all the players, from both teams, dressed in all white

BBL Teams

The BLUE (3rd from left) is the Adelaide team, The Strikers.

And the good thing about the NFL was the TV station only put about 6 ads on. Unfortunately those 6 ads were repeated every 5 minutes or less.


But while I was watching the cricket, I cooked up a big chicken and vegetable pie for tea. Now, I know I was going to share it with Rassilon, and I know the light isn’t that great, but this is what I have to put up with.

You have to admit, it SOUNDED good!

Therapy Dog (1)

Rassilon wearing his ‘work clothes’

Something for both of us.

I went shopping today, well actually it was looking, and as my eyes are getting so bad, even that was a waste of time. But I did find something that (yes, I have tried it already) is good for Rassilon and me.

cool towel

I got the orange, because Rassilon looks good in orange.

The cool towel os like a cool coat, only smaller, but with just a wave in the air, it gets really cold. That is excellent for visiting because I can carry one  with me and put it over Rassilon in between rooms, so he doesn’t get too hot. I can also put it around my neck to cool down, as some nursing homes can be quite warm.

The benefit for visiting is that a cool coat is big and heave completely covers Rassilon, so people couldn’t pat him properly, but this is small and can be put on and off in seconds.

The cool cloths were $20.00, but the guy said because as it was for a therapy dog I could have it for $15.00, and he threw in a stress toy, so really, I got it for $10.00.

When I got home I took Rassilon outside and threw the stress toy at him. He ran away, but after I showed him it wouldn’t hurt him, he started to play. I  would throw the toy to him, he would catch it and throw it away, then go for a big zoomie around the garden.

As a result of the humidity and the zoomies, I even got to use the cool cloth. And on me, at least, it was terrific. I am glad I got it. I can carry it, damp, in my visiting pouch in a ziplock bag, and if we get too hot, a quick wave and instant cool.

cool dog

As it is just a cloth, it can go anywhere. And Rassilon certainly likes the cooling effect.

Who’s spoiled?

A trip to collect the mail from Reynella involves the drive there, parking at the far end of the car park, walking around to the post office, getting the mail, then back to the cafe for a coffee.

However, the order is now for 2 coffee’s. My flat white with 1 sugar, and the latest spoiler, the Doggy-Chino. Unfortunately, Rassilon being a greyhound, doesn’t have horizontally opposed thumbs, which means I have to hold his cup.

I am sure the people that watch this must be thinking he has me well trained.


When I get to the cafe I order my coffee then ask Rassilon if he want’s one. When he barks, the girls in the cafe love it. And the thing that makes everyone’s day, is when we ate leaving and Rassilon says thank you.

adopt 2


It is well known among dog owners not to feed their dogs COOKED chicken bones.

But here is another warning.

Food warning

DO NOT eat rooked chicken and leave the bones on a plate, then fall asleep.

Apparently greyhounds have stealth abilities to get into the room in total silence, then STEAL the bones they were deliberately not given.

On the plus side Rassilon is fine…until I catch up with him!