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Greyhound Adoption

Perhaps I am just a big softie, or perhaps I think of the vision we have seen on TV about the abuse of greyhounds, but the vision of seeing greyhounds adopted and going to loving homes can make my eyes water.

The good thing about adopting through GAP is that they don’t just hand over a dog, they check the household and garden of where the dog will be going, and the dog will  not go there until those places are up to GAP standards.

This video is from GAP Victoria, but all states have set standards that adoptive owners have to meet.

But actually getting a greyhound changes a lot of people that think they are just getting a dog. Greyhounds are FAR MORE than just a dog.


And happy to serve.

Rassilon was a GAP dog, and is still remembered by the GAPSA staff.

(GAP = Greyhound Adoption PROGRAM)


National Adoption Day, Well done GAPSA

Today I went all the way to GAPSA to support the National Adoption Day. (It also gave me the chance to get some mileage on my car, which goes for it’s 3000km service and had only 900km on the clock). The event was held at the Greyhound Racing SA sheds at Angle Park.

It was a long drive down, made longer by the roadworks and by missing the turn off and having to loop round, quite a few kilometers, to get back. But I enjoyed the drive, and Rassilon decided that the northern suburbs are different to his usual southers area, so he stood up and stuck his head out the car window to get the best view. (The benefit of a new, bigger car).

When we got to GAPSA, I put Rassilon’s Therapy Dog harness on him. Well that attracted  quite a few people that were interested in doing therapy work, so I passed on the details for them to contact TDS.

But the biggest attraction was Rassilon’s colour. There were quite a few brindle dogs there, but none as light as Rassi. Even the owners of greyhounds were coming up and commenting on how beautiful his colour was.

I decided to have a BBQ sausage, and I ordered one for Rassi. It was so perfect the way he acted. There was the people selling the sausages and a few people at tables eating and some more waiting to buy something all watching. So I ordered 2 sausages in bread. The guy asked if I wanted cheese with them, so I said, I would have cheese on mine, and turning to Rassilon I asked him, Do you want cheese of yours, and in perfect timing, he instantly barked his answer, so I said to the volunteer, Yes, he wants cheese too. Lots of witnesses to this thought it was terrific. AND…this time, Rassilon was relaxed enough to even eat his sausage. Last time we went to GAPSA he was so stressed he didn’t eat.

Actually, having him speak on command was something most people were impressed with. He was not as quick to speak today because there was so much going on, and lots of other dogs around him. I will be nice and say that, while the other dogs were all to keen to come and sniff and say hello, Rassilon ‘tolerated’ them.

But the best news is, GAPSA had 18 dogs available for adoption, and ALL 18 WERE ADOPTED,

with more names on the list to adopt when more dogs become available.

gap adoption day (1)

There was plenty of stalls with clothing, beds and food for greyhounds, even a photographer.

gap adoption day (2)

The kids on the bouncy castle made more noise than all the greyhounds put together.

gap adoption day (3)

The GAPSA enquiry tent. They also had people walking around all the time.

gap adoption day (4)

What a wonderful sight. The cages that held greyhounds up for adoption, now empty.

Australia’s National Adoption Day


National Adoption Day is coming up on Sunday 29th!

GAP SA is joining with Australia’s adoption programs for National Adoption Day!

As part of National Adoption Day, GAP SA are holding a celebration of all things greyhound here at Angle Park! We will have greyhounds available for adoption on the day as well as a bouncy castle, face-painting, footy themed fancy dress competition for those bringing their greyhounds along and stalls with dog food, treats and toys. The event kicks off at 11am and goes until 3pm here at 55 Cardigan Street, Angle Park with food and drinks available courtesy of the Regency Park Rotary Club. National Adoption Day is the first time Australia’s adoption programs have all come together to promote an adoption day of this type with the Boy from Oz and greyhound lover Todd McKenney the official ambassador of the day.

For more information please call 8243 7124 or visit our website for more information on GAP SA.

If you are interested in adopting on the day, please go to the website – – and fill out the adoption application. This will help to fast track the adoption process on the day.

When: Sunday, 29 April
Time: 11:00am to 3:00pm

              Meet Ollie at Adoption Day

GAP SA Ambassador and Port Power star Ollie Wines will also be appearing at National Adoption Day as part of the festivities and is looking forward to meeting all of our greyhounds and followers on the day.

Ollie will be at the event from 12pm to 1:00pm.

You will also have to keep an ear out for Ollie on the radio advertising the day on station 5AA!

Who knows, I might even take therapy dog Rassilon along to show him off.

You know I have to buy it…


I was looking for a polo shirt, but this is much better

fur baby

I think I found a project for my vinyl cutter


How could anyone resist this???


Two priests were walking past a pub when a drunk was thrown out the door, landing at their feet.

“How disgusting to allow yourself to get into that state, deceived by the demon drink”. said one priest to the other.

“Don’t you talk to me like that”, said the drunk, “I happen to be your boss”.

“Rubbish”, said a priest. “You are just a drunk, how could you possibly be our boss”?

“I can prove it” said the drunk.

We would like to see that” said one of the priests.

Right, follow me” said the drunk, and walked back into the pub with the priests keeping their distance behind him.

The barman looked up at the drunk and said “Oh my god, are you back here again”?

Computer stuff and the strange dog.

Some time ago I bought myself a vinyl cutter. It can be used to make stickers. However, it didn’t work on my newest computer, so I wasted a few days trying to get it going before I decided to try it on an older computer. That was better.

I got the program up and running, but still couldn’t get the cutter to work. So it has been sitting for a few weeks doing nothing, not so much because it wasn’t working, but because I was using the power extension cord on the fan in the bedroom.

Anyway, this evening there was nothing on TV, so I thought I would see if I could get it going. After some time and some strange settings, I finally got it to cut. Then I had to set the cutting blade so it didn’t destroy the vinyl it was supposed to cut, so more time.

Anyway, the result is that I have identification for Rassilon in the notebook I use in the hospital. When people ask his name, I can show them. I must say, I am really happy now I have worked out how to use it. Getting the pictures into the design was easy, getting them to cut was hard, but patience wins.

1st sticker try

Rassilon, identified in writing. It’s easier for people to see than hear.

I have also cut some Seals of Rassilon, but I have to take out all the bits that shouldn’t be there, and that will take me a while.

We didn’t go out today, and Rassilon was desperate to go in the car. Every time I opened the back door, he raced out and stood by the car door. So I gave him some chickens feet, and of course, he assumed the ‘cooky foot’ position. He is a strange dog!

chooky foot position

What a strange animal Rassilon is.


WHY is he so WEIRD?

Today Rassilon and I went to Reynella shops. We went to check the post box, that is Rassilon’s walk for the day, because I park at the far end of the car park, then we have to walk all the way to the other end of the shopping centre to get to the post office.

On the way back we stopped for my coffee and Rassilon’s Doggy-chino. Of course Rassilon brought smiles to peoples faces when I ordered my coffee and asked him if he wanted a drink. He barked, as though he was answering, and people liked that. Then he made people smile when he had his own cup of doggy-chino (frothed milk), and drinks it out of the cup.

(On his barking, when we go on our therapy visits, it is now expected that Rassilon barks. In fact, people wall ask him if he will say goodbye, and are thrilled when he does. Even the staff and nurses in the hospital and nursing home expect him to bark.)

When we got home I had to put some shopping away in the freezer and found an overflow of chickens feet in my freezer, so I gave him some. Rassilon has a strange way of eating his chickens feet, be it inside or out, he has his special chickens foot eating position.


Head down, Bum up. Only for chickens feet though.