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Bowls try-outs

Today was a try-out game for the new Pennant competition. It is a competition for teams of 4, (Lead, 2nd, 3rd, Skipper). Each player has a different roll. Lead has to roll the jack to the length directed by the skipper, then put 2 bowls down, 1 in front of the jack and 1 behind, hopefully within 12 inches of the jack. (The jack is the small white ball).

I haven’t been playing for long, and I have just changed bowls to a smaller size, so I shouldn’t expect to do too good, but it really annoys me when I do bad. I am still learning things like aiming points and weight control, both of which can be altered by the wind, so there is no guaranteed aiming point or weight, you have to adjust every bowl.

You quickly learn that if you aim at a point and miss by just an inch, the bowl might not turn enough, or turn too much. It really is a game that is under rated. People think that it is an old persons game, but it is for anyone, and really, the younger you start, the more you will understand how your bowls will behave as you get older.

So when I do put down a good shot, I enjoy it, and when that shot holds up against 15 other bowls, I will brag about it, just like this.

I was playing lead, so I was one of the 2 first bowlers out of 8. This was my second bowl and it won the end.


Holding shot.


Definitely my best bowl of the day.

According to the training papers, this was a bad bowl because it was not covering the jack, and it moved the jack for everyone else.

Strangely, although I play bowls, I am not the social type, I am asocial. So when the game has finished I go straight home to Rassilon. I have to leave him at home when I go to play, so he is keen to get out. Most people hang around at the club, but I don’t like crowds or drinking, so why bother? My aim is to play as a single, so I am responsible for winning or losing.


When I got home I let Rassilon out before I even closed the gates, and he had a massive zoomie, but ignored the open gates, and just ran around the back yard. He is getting better and better every day. From running, no leash, up the hall in the hospital to meet the volunteers, to me letting him off his leash after his dinner at the hospital, and him walking to the door to the garden and not just wandering anywhere. But he still wears a leash when walking outside his garden.



Oops, My Mistake

Rassilon and I went to the hospital today and finished just over the allocated time. Unfortunately we only did 1 ward. 1 ward being closed due to a flu outbreak.

Of course, Rassilon ran in to get to the volunteers, then he spoke to the receptionist, then ran up the corridor to get to his adopted granny. He really is comfortable in the hospital now.

I put a nice bright collar on Rassilon, along with his stethoscope and bandanna with ‘Dogtor’ written on it.


It was only once we got to the hospital I realized my faux par.


The collar is a copy of the artwork from Mexico, celebrating…Día de Muertos.

Not good in a hospital, it is The Day of the Dead.

Fortunately none of the patients picked up on that, and only a few of the staff noticed. Next week we will pick something more suitable for a hospital.

Not a good weekend

First I found out about all the extra, expensive, rules around bowling.

Bowls Australia licences the clothing, and get their logo put on it. Then they make it COMPULSORY to wear branded clothing, even to the point that if you wear branded shorts, you have to wear branded socks. Using the duty of care as an excuse, hats are compulsory…branded of course.

Normally I might not complain, but the cheap trousers (track suit style), are $60.00 a pair, and the dearer ones, (dress style), are about $90.00 a pair. So to play in the pennant competition, the first year is going to cost someone, (buying new equipment), close to $1500.00. And on top of that, you will have match fees every match, plus transport costs to play away from home. Now I understand why kids play video games.

On Sunday I went to a Therapy Dog get together for handlers, and only spoke to maybe 4 people. Then I was told that any time over the allotted visit time, is not covered by the insurance. I thought I was going to cheer up the clients, but apparently I have a time limit, and that is set by an insurance company, so I am going to keep the insurance company happy

I might hold them to the time limits and see what happens, because at the hospital, I am rarely finished the first ward in the time, so presumably I just finish and leave. Then see what happens.

At least I have an understanding of why some people do very little visiting. The way I feel at the moment, I might be one of them. I do this at my own expense to comfort the people we visit, not just to keep an insurance company happy.

Sadly in these days everything seems to be governed by the almighty DOLLAR,  unfortunately, I don’t like that idea, especially when it is starting to cost me more and more, so I have to decide what I am going to do.

For Australian readers…


Unley again today

We just got back from Unley. we had a couple of hours down there waiting to meet the people from different groups that come in at different times.

As we were waiting, Rassilon decided what was best for a greyhound, and that was sleeping. But not on a cold, dirty floor.

slaving away

Sleeping greyhound: Do Not Disturb.

slaving away (1)

check out the foot!

We have been invited back again, so we must have done well.

Stuffed already.

Just got back from the hospital. Only 40 minutes longer today, I forgot his stethoscope. Rassilon is certainly getting used the the routine. He had his dinner, a hotdog, then when I was going to take him out to the garden, I let him off his leash and he walked up the hall to the door and stood there, ready to be let out.


A long dog eating a hot dog.

When we came in and went to the wards, he was his usual self until we got to the dementia ward. Most of the patients were gathered in the dining room, so I made sure the doors were blocked, and let Rassilon off his leash, and he wandered around all the people and got lots of pats

The more he goes, the more he knows and the more people enjoy his visits. It won’t be long and I could probably let him off his leash all the time. When we arrived he went bounding up to the volunteers, so I just let his leash go. Later, when I had got his dinner, the volunteer (adopted granny) let him go and he came bounding straight up to me. He made no attempt to run away.


Rassilon with his adopted granny (notice, nobody is holding his leash).

So we are out again tomorrow, down to Unley, I have to go and buy my uniform for bowling on the way, so I will be leaving home at maybe 10.00 am, if not earlier, but 3 long days in a row means that Rassilon will be sleeping all weekend. Unfortunately I have bowls coaching and practice on Friday, games on Saturday, and a TDS get together for handlers on Sunday before I eventually get a day off  on Monday.



Can you find the 2 hidden ants? (The picture is still full size so should blow up well)