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Greyhound Bird dog

Today was go for a drive day. Se we went to Seaford for some shopping, then we stopped off at Old Noarlunga so Rassilon could stretch his legs.

We walked across the Princess Diana memorial park and down to the river where all the birds were hanging out.

Down stream

Looking downstream towards the beach

up stream

Looking upstream towards Noarlunga.

Rassilon got his first chance to see wild birds close up.

First view of ducks

But as with most things for Rassilon, the novelty soon wore off, just leaving me with a great photo opportunity.

Just ducks

This might just get made into a poster print.

Having seen the birds, and sniffed everything and had a pee, I think Rassilon enjoyed himself today. And now, he is back in bed.


CHOOKY FOOT (Chickens foot)

Apart from the packet of ham he was waiting for, (because I leave him in the car, and this is a treat for being left alone). It was shopping day today, for Rassilon’s favourite snack.

Shopping day

dalek evolution

Remember the Dr Who connection with Rassilon.

(For those who don’t watch Dr Who, the final stage in the picture is a Dalek)

Australia’s National Adoption Day


National Adoption Day is coming up on Sunday 29th!

GAP SA is joining with Australia’s adoption programs for National Adoption Day!

As part of National Adoption Day, GAP SA are holding a celebration of all things greyhound here at Angle Park! We will have greyhounds available for adoption on the day as well as a bouncy castle, face-painting, footy themed fancy dress competition for those bringing their greyhounds along and stalls with dog food, treats and toys. The event kicks off at 11am and goes until 3pm here at 55 Cardigan Street, Angle Park with food and drinks available courtesy of the Regency Park Rotary Club. National Adoption Day is the first time Australia’s adoption programs have all come together to promote an adoption day of this type with the Boy from Oz and greyhound lover Todd McKenney the official ambassador of the day.

For more information please call 8243 7124 or visit our website for more information on GAP SA.

If you are interested in adopting on the day, please go to the website – – and fill out the adoption application. This will help to fast track the adoption process on the day.

When: Sunday, 29 April
Time: 11:00am to 3:00pm

              Meet Ollie at Adoption Day

GAP SA Ambassador and Port Power star Ollie Wines will also be appearing at National Adoption Day as part of the festivities and is looking forward to meeting all of our greyhounds and followers on the day.

Ollie will be at the event from 12pm to 1:00pm.

You will also have to keep an ear out for Ollie on the radio advertising the day on station 5AA!

Who knows, I might even take therapy dog Rassilon along to show him off.

Who knew?

My laser engraver died, but I have plenty of other computer toys to keep me going. Well, I was looking through the programs that are on my computer and found one that looked like fun.

The problem was, it is already installed on the computer, so I have no instructions to go with it. But when you use computers a lot, you can usually work things out. (It’s the same with mobile phones).

Anyway, I made this up yesterday. Unfortunately the first piece of music I selected was copyright, so YouTube wouldn’t publish the video. Which is strange, because I downloaded the piece from YouTube. But they make the rules, and sometimes, they look like idiots.

Anyway, here is my first try with AVS Video Editor(Of course it’s about Rassilon).

(P.S. I don’t use mobile phones a lot, but I do change phones regularly, which is how I get to use so many. I am NOT a phone addict, I can put my phone down).

Remember Del Shannon?

Today I had a reminder of this song.

It appears, when I got in yesterday, I forgot to close the gates. I didn’t know because  I let Rassilon out, and he was still in the garden when I went to let him in again.

This morning I let him out for a wee, and when I called him, he didn’t come in. I thought he was playing or something, so I left the door open and went back to the computer. After about 15 minutes I called him again, and when he didn’t come, I went out to see if he was all right.

That was when I saw the gates wide open. It is a horrible feeling knowing your dog is out, he has never been out on his own, and he could be anywhere. So I got a collar and leash and got in the car to go around the streets.

The first thing I did was check the main road, but luckily he wasn’t there. So I had to loop around, and went in the direction he goes for his walks. Just up the street, trotting along on the footpath, was Rassilon.

I stopped the car, and called him and he came running up, I opened the door and he jumped in. There were 3 good things about it, 1: He came when he was called, 2: He was heading back towards home,  and 3: He was walking on the footpath

To be honest, I think curiosity got the better of him and he went for a walk out the gate, but by the way he came running up to me, I think he was scared of being out alone.

Anyway, I couldn’t tell him off because it was my fault for leaving the gates open, so we continued in the car to Reynella, where I bought him some sliced meat, which he ate as he was waiting for his doggy-chino.

Now he is home and safe and sleeping…as is his passion.

1 In the hospital

Safe at home.

WHY is he so WEIRD?

Today Rassilon and I went to Reynella shops. We went to check the post box, that is Rassilon’s walk for the day, because I park at the far end of the car park, then we have to walk all the way to the other end of the shopping centre to get to the post office.

On the way back we stopped for my coffee and Rassilon’s Doggy-chino. Of course Rassilon brought smiles to peoples faces when I ordered my coffee and asked him if he wanted a drink. He barked, as though he was answering, and people liked that. Then he made people smile when he had his own cup of doggy-chino (frothed milk), and drinks it out of the cup.

(On his barking, when we go on our therapy visits, it is now expected that Rassilon barks. In fact, people wall ask him if he will say goodbye, and are thrilled when he does. Even the staff and nurses in the hospital and nursing home expect him to bark.)

When we got home I had to put some shopping away in the freezer and found an overflow of chickens feet in my freezer, so I gave him some. Rassilon has a strange way of eating his chickens feet, be it inside or out, he has his special chickens foot eating position.


Head down, Bum up. Only for chickens feet though.