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Well that’s nice, I must say…

I have now been back at work for a week.

The weather is still stinking hot, 39 again yesterday. Today is cooler, we had some rain overnight, but now that has caused humidity. Coupled with the fact that there is NO wind whatsoever, it is cool but still uncomfortable. (It was so bad on Wednesday and Thursday that the hospital air conditioner wasn’t cooling down). On the bright side, my sister in Tasmania has opened her house up to all her inlaws that live in Mole Creek area, because they have about 70 bushfires burning around the area and they all live there. She said there is thick smoke covering the town she lives in. (They moved away years ago after a family dispute).

But back to my news. As I said, I have been back at work for a week and would you believe it, Rassilon is fine, even with the heat. I have been leaving his CDs on all day, but I think I have discovered the problem…ME.

I get the feeling that Rassi likes to be on his own during the day, and having me home for 5 weeks was upsetting his system. I got this feeling yesterday when I got home and was relaxing with a coffee and Rassi came up to the chair and gave me a kiss.

So it appears that Rassilon prefers the mostly solitary life.

The minions have the right idea.

The minions have the right idea.


Ask a simple question

The weather is cooling down early tonight. Again, it is cooler outside than it is inside, so Rassi is sitting outside cooing down, making me think the heat is definitely a contributor to his anxiety.

I was in the office using the computer when I was interrupted. When he comes to the office it usually means he wants to go out, but the door was open for him, so it meant something else.

I went to the kitchen and touched the freezer door and asked, do you want something? Then the bouncing started, so I guessed he wanted something. The only thing of Rassilons in the freezer in the kitchen is his chickens feet. (Oh Yes, He knows where they are kept).

I took a pack out of the freezer and followed him outside, and made the mistake of asking, “Do you want this?” (‘this’ as opposed to ‘these’, because, while there is 3 feet in a bag, they are frozen into one piece).

thats a YES then

Ask a greyhound a question…

I’m taking this as a “YES”.

The dog, the myth…the LEGEND

Posted at 2.30am. Here is a good piece of advice, don’t have an energy drink just before bed or you too will be posting at 2.30am!!

Anyway, Here He is…Lord President RASSILON.


Poised, ready for action, or sleep if I stop flashing lights in his face.


Panting as usual…for Rassilon, although it was a hot night. He hates the heat, probably why he never raced. (Of course he doesn’t like greyhounds either, and that wouldn’t help)

The one thing most noticeable about Rassilon is his black muzzle. Most brindle dogs have a white muzzle.

(Check out his clean teeth. That’s from eating his raw and frozen chicken. I have even had other greyhound owners comment on how good his teeth are, but as he never raced, he may have had a decent diet when he was in the kennels).

Poor Rassi isn’t going to have a good weekend, and neither am I. I like the temperature around 23 – 24 degrees Celsius (73.4 – 75F), but on Sunday they are forecasting 40 degrees (104F). And I don’t have air conditioning.

Greyhound health 101

Despite having had Rassilon for well over a year, I am still learning about greyhounds’.

I knew that a fat hound is an unhealthy hound, and that you should be able to see ribs and the spine (see the photos). I also knew / know Rassilon is about 2Kg over weight.(4.65Lb).

But I only recently learned that there are 2 ‘styles’ of greyhound. There is the barrel chested dog, that always looks fat, even when underweight. The problem with this type of dog is the possibility of underfeeding it because it looks fat.

Then there is the ‘narrow chested dog’ (Rassilon) who always looks skinny, even when overweight. Here the problem is the possibility of overfeeding the dog.

The safest way to gauge your dogs weight is by the photos. If you can see the last three ribs slightly, some vertebrae and the hip bones, your dog is in the healthy weight range.


Greyhound health


Greyhound Health .      Rassi is 2kg overweight but still modelled for the photos)

I am getting three new neighbours, and I am going to have to explain that although Rassilon looks skinny, that is how he is meant to be, so there is no need for them to throw food to him, and certainly DON’T feed him tinned food.

Rassilon (102)

Healthy weight greyhound, the signs. Remember, this is for a GREYHOUND, other dogs are different!!


To be able to take Rassilon walking again, I have to go and have an Xray and ultrasound on my knee, (I have damaged the ligament on the right side of my left knee), and if required, a steroid injection.

I had one of those in the foot once, it worked well but they did go the long way into my foot with the needle. To get to the middle of the heel, they went in through the side of my heel. So I am not looking forward to a needle in the knee!! But if that’s what it takes to get Rassi out and walking again, then so be it.

This just in from the GAPSA newsletter.

Health tips for your greyhound (and other dogs)

Health tips for your greyhound (and other dogs)

More signs of settling in

It has been over 14 months since I got Rassilon. I remember the day I got him, I wasn’t sure about him. I didn’t like his face or colour, (I would have preferred, AT THE TIME, a ‘blue’). But now I wouldn’t change him for anything.

First Sight

the first time I saw Rassilon.

The other night he came to bed and I had left the window open and there was a cold wind blowing in, so Rassilon settled down and let me throw the cover over him, and he stayed there for most of the night.

A couple of days later he went to bed (mine), so I threw a blanket over him and several hours later he was still there. When I first got him, a minute would have been his maximum time covered up


Settled in nicely thanks, now stop disturbing me!

Yesterday I was outside washing the car and the neighbour was putting netting over his grapevines which grow up the fence. Rassilon walked up to within 3 feet of the fence and stood watching, then slowly walked away. When I first got him, he would have been at the other end of the garden if someone had been there.

Now today it is the caring greyhound. He smells blood and he is, presumably, worried.

I went to the dentist and had a tooth removed (as normal for me, it had to be surgically removed), so I was obviously bleeding from the wound. Well Rassilon can smell that and when he comes up to me, he is just about sticking his nose in my mouth.

Unfortunately, my other injury impacts on Rassilon. I have damaged the ligaments in my knee, so I can’t go walking, and that upsets me that poor Rassi has to stay in and just run around the garden. Luckily it is a big garden.