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News/medical update

Well, I had my first cataract removed yesterday. After the operation they put a patch on my eye which I left on all night in case I tried to scratch the eye.

When the doctor removes the cataract, he replaces it with an artificial lens, and obviously that feels like something in the eye, so you instinctively want to scratch it, and that is why I left the patch on and only took it off when I had to put the drops in. (I need the drops for a full month)

So far, (not even 24 hours after the operation), all I can say is…WOW! (or words to that effect), what a difference. I didn’t realise my eyesight had got SO BAD. Everything is crisp and clear without my glasses, but the main change is…everything is so bright. I hadn’t realised, because it happened gradually, that my vision was getting darker, now I can see bright again, I can’t wait for the left eye to be done.

And the best thing about this is…I can see Rassilon PROPERLY, his markings are so sharp. Where I thought his coat was not shiny…that was my eyes. He is shiny and his brindle looks even better when you can see it properly. (On reflection, because my eyes have been getting bad for so long, I have never actually seen Rassilon ‘properly’ from the time I got him until today).

Even the computer looks crisp and I can see the words (if I sit back), and the colours are all completely different now. But like the ophthalmologist said, I will still need reading glasses, but I am so happy to be able to see so bright and clear again.

Also a positive, at the rate this is recovering, I will be able to go to Noarlunga Hospital with Rassilon for a visit on Wednesday. But I think, as things start to go blurry, it is time to rest this eye again.

I would only encourage people that think they have cataracts to get them checked and if yes, get them removed. You will be amazed at the difference. They build up gradually and you don’t notice the change in your vision, but when they go in one moment, then you can see that change.




Christmas tie

WOW, Rassilon looks even better when you see him clearly.


Time for an enforced break

I have cataracts in both eyes. One eye is MUCH worse than the other and doesn’t like glare of any kind. This results in having one eye closed while using a computer or trying to watch TV. (Computer use is restricted to about 5 minutes).

Last week I went to the ophthalmologist, who said I would have to undergo about an hour of tests. Within the first 5 minutes he told me I need an operation urgently. And as it turns out, I will have 2 operations 2 weeks apart, with the first one on Friday.

But it turns out that one eye has a very thick cataract, which makes vision in that eye blurred,,,all the time, but the other eye also has a cataract. It isn’t as bad yet, but that eye has the worst vision and needs to have a special lens put in when the cataract is removed. How special? Another $500.00 special!

I have been told not to drive, and with a new car, that is not easy, but knowing that I can’t even see traffic lights until I am almost in the intersection, it is best to stay off the road.

On the down side, Rassilon is not going out and meeting people or visiting at the hospital. I actually think a short break might help him. He seemed to be losing concentration when he went visiting.

He was still doing well, but not as well as when he started. Lets hope he just needed a short holiday.

I tried Rassilon with his new boots. He was fine. He didn’t try to get them off, and there was no funny walking, well not that funny. The only problem is that they grip on the carpet, but when he is outside, no problems. And he is quite happy to keep them on.


Even while wearing boots Rassilon can still sleep

I heard about someone that went to university and studied philosophy.

Now in his job he can ask, “Why do you want fries with that”?

Are we sitting comfortably?

After another hot day, as things start to cool down, the bedroom is the place to be due to the air conditioner and fan, and of course the TV with the cricket.

Rassilon decided the best place to be was on the bed getting the benefit of the cooling. So I asked the question, “Are we sitting comfortably“? YOU DECIDE!


Are we sitting comfortably?  Oh Yeah!


I’m guessing this is greyhound relaxed


(There was a kids TV show in England MANY years ago where they told stories, and it always started “Are we sitting comfortably? “Then we’ll begin“.)

A LOOOONG day again.

Wednesday is visiting day. But this Wednesday was even busier than usual because I had a mechanic coming to look at my motorbike. He got it going (at last). but he had to go away and do some research on the electrical problem that made me put it off the road in the first place. (The break lights don’t work).

When I get that fixed, and my eyes fixed, I will register it again and have that as my second transport. At the moment I have 2 cars registered, but if I get the money I hope to get so I can have my eye operation, I plan on buying a new car. That way I will have a new car with a 7 year warranty, Rassilon will have a bigger car to lounge around in, and I can trade in the 2 cars for one.

I had thought about a new bike, but Rassilon can’t ride on that, and when my car had to get the door lock actuator fixed (under new car warranty), while I was waiting, I saw a new car that I really like. (Plus, the bike I liked, a BMW, was dearer than the new car, and if I bought that, I would still have the 2 cars).


Kia SOUL Bigger than my car, but not as big as it looks. Lots of greyhound room.

We went for our hospital visit today. Another time overshoot. We are booked in from 1.00 pm to 2.30 pm, but we got out of the hospital at about 4.30 pm. We can finish the wards by about 3.00 pm (they are bigger than Repat Hospital), but it is all the people we meet as we are trying to get out of the hospital that slows us down.

And of course, if they want to pat Rassilon and talk about greyhounds, well that is our area, and we will stay there as long as they want to talk and pat.

1 So thrilled

This makes visiting so rewarding.

1 In the hospital

Rassilon, all dressed to make a big impression.

Fortunately we don’t have a visit tomorrow because it would be cancelled due to the forecast heat. If TDS canceles, that means it is over 34 celsius, but I do have to go and see an optometrist, and hopefully get my eye operation pushed up a bit. At the moment It will be about September this year before I get to the top of the list. And at the speed my eyesight is deteriorating, I will be completely blind by than.

Therapy dogs are helping me by sending a non-dog handler to come around the hospital with me and do all the paperwork and send in the reports. At the nursing home I can just scan the sheet and send that with any notes. So everything is working out.

Get in Early

I thought I would get this up early, because later today I am going out for a while, and the cricket is on from 6.30pm, after which I will deliberately miss seeing in the new year, and go to sleep. So I doubt that I will have time to do this later, and tomorrow will be too late.




I fostered, then adopted already. Unfortunately Rassilon doesn’t like greyhounds a great deal, so I can’t get any more (probably a good thing).I already donate time and money to doing the therapy work (volunteering isn’t cheap), but Rassilon and I are only too happy to educate.

Shopping day

Saturday, time to go and have a coffee, get Rassilon some pats and do some shopping.

Unfortunately, this week it was dog food shopping. Rassilon’s freezer was icing up (I don;t know why), so I let it run out and I went to buy him some more food. And yes, Rassilon has his own freezer. It was a Christmas present a couple of years ago, so I could have room in my freezer.

I am living on frozen food at the moment as I want to empty my freezers. When my mother left, I bought her big freezer, which came filled with food, so added to my chest freezer, upright freezer, bar sized freezer and the fridge/freezer…I can survive for a while yet on frozen food.

But today was shopping for Rassilon to restock. I didn’t get his chickens feet, because they are at another shopping centre, but I did manage to go wild enough.

dog food

Not quite 3 weeks worth, and no chickens feet yet.

That will do Rassilon for 20 day’s. He gets 2 meals out of each packet of mince, and I get the cheap mince because of the extra fat, as greyhounds need fat in their diet for their skin. The sardines are also for his coat, and he loves his sardines. The devon (also known as Fritze) is just a treat for when I go out.

On the bright side, I got 2 loaves of bread and some drinking chocolate.


night patrole

Rassilon just likes to go out, then, straight away, turn around and come back in

What will Rassilon put up with?

Greyhounds are not the ‘huggy’ type dog. It takes their owner time to build a relationship with the dog to a point where the dog trusts the owner isn’t going to hurt it while grabbing it around the neck.

Today in the hospital, Rassilon met someone that loves dogs, misses hers and doesn’t know the traits of greyhounds, so she gave Rassilon a hug.

Now I knew he really hated every moment, but he was the perfect gentleman, and stood there while the woman hugged him.

Her room mate got a kiss, and they both wanted photos with Rassilon, so I was ready with a camera and will drop the photos off tomorrow morning before we go to the nursing home at Woodcroft. (Out first visit there).


Greyhounds don’t really like hugs from strangers


Some people even get a kiss.colorbar


Obviously I am not the only greyhound owner to have to put up with this.