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Super Proud Greyhound Dad

I have to say I am bursting with pride because of Rassilon and his visitation skills. And today we had the Therapy Dog Services trainer with us, and she has said she is going to give a glowing report on Rassilon because of how he behaved today.

But let’s go back a week or two. We went to Daws Park nursing home

Daw Pk - Copy

Daws Park Nursing Home main enterence

We haven’t been there for a while, but Rassilon knew where he was. We started a bit early because one of the residents was going to go out for some x rays and was going to miss the dog visit, so we went in early just to visit him. On the way back we saw an area with some chicks in it. That was there so the residents could watch the chicks hatch and grow.

But of course Rassilon saw it too. He put his nose right against the pen they were in, but he only looked, no attempt to bite or even bark.


How a greyhound looks when he is REALLY interested.

After the visit I was allowed to have a cup of coffee while I did the paperwork, so I went into the lounge area and Rassilon lay down and I went to the kitchen to make the coffee. Against the (stupid) law and TDS rules, I dropped his leash and left him alone, with the following result…

relaxation time - Copy

“I’m free to do what I want, but what I want to do is SLEEP”.

Today we went to another new facility where Rassilon would face something he has never had to face before.

Eldercare - Copy

We were working on the top floor today, so for his first time, Rassilon had to face…an elevator.

He walked in with no problem, not even a little hesitation. I took him to the back of the lift and knelt beside him and hugged him as the lift went up. His ears were forward and he was trembling a bit, but only when the lift was moving. When the door opened, he casually strolled out. he didn’t pull on his leash or try to get out quickly, he walked perfectly beside me. Sandra, the trainer, wes very impressed. (Almost as impressed as me).

She was telling me they had one dog that got in a lift then panicked and froze and they couldn’t get it to move out of the lift.

We went around to visit residents and staff, and Rassilon was very forward today. Some people got a kiss, and some people got a bark, and everyone was thrilled by him. Even the staff didn’t mind his barking, because they could see he was wagging his tail and it was a friendly bark.

Of course, Rassilon’s big test came about 90 minutes later when it was time to go down in the lift.

Same procedure, Rassi walked perfectly into the lift without the slightest hesitation, to the back of the lift, big hug, even less trembling, and walked out perfectly. He has never been in a lift before, and I know they can be daunting things if you have never seen one before, but Sandra and I were both extremely impressed by how Rassilon coped with it.

We go back there next week and the week after that, and I think that by then the lift will hold no worries for Rassi.

On the way home we stopped off at Hungry Jacks and got a hamburger each and I had a coffee, After that we went to a little park opposite the HJ’s car park and Rassi had a pee, then we came home and  Rassi is asleep on the floor next to me. In a minute he will be asleep on the bed next to me, because that is where I am going, for a mid afternoon “Nanna Nap”.


(Rassilon has woken up. He went out and has come back in puffing and panting, which means ZOOMIE. He has also told me, in his own inimitable way, he wanted a ‘chooky foot’, which I gave him and he is now crunching up in the garden. (his chickens feet are frozen in packs of 3)


My father was a man of few words.

I always remember him saying to me, “Son”



Thoughts of a rescued greyhound


When my mother was preparing to move to Tasmania, I saw her health falling away. And that was with just 3 weeks of stress. Imagine how it is for a racing greyhound, living with the stress for years. When you see a greyhound that is loosing it’s hair, and it’s back legs are bald…that is the result of the stress of racing. You can only imagine how that dog feels once it learns about it’s new home and life of luxury.

Rassilon’s hair has grown back on his legs and the sides of his chest, and sometimes when we are visiting and people are patting him I can see his hair shedding, but he comes home and gets patted and cuddles and goes to bed, and he is relaxed again. And the more he visits, the more he is enjoying it and not stressing. He has 2 bald spots on his back legs, but I am happy to report that they are caused by his wagging tail rubbing his legs.

In the poem, the one line that get’s to me is…

Got a ball and a bone and a bed that’s all mine.

In the kennels greyhounds have very little to call their own, which is why they can be protective of things when they get into a home. I was lucky and Rassilon was never protective of things and I can even put my hand into his dinner bowl and take food out while he is eating, (this is also a requirement for getting his green collar and for the Therapy Dog Service). Now, with that, I am going to cuddle Rassilon.

Back to greyhounds

I got an email yesterday from the Therapy Dog Service. Apparently I am not going to have an orientation day at Bedford Industries, like normal. Usually I would go alone and accompany someone who would show me what to do when I take Rassilon.

But the email said I have to take Rassilon, and Sandra is only there to show us what to do. So, why not jump in at the deep end. Bedford Industries is a workplace for people with disabilities. A lot of people with Down Syndrome work there.

We are going from 1 1/2 hours to 2 1/2 hours, so I hope Rassilon can cope. But I have seen him in the hospital and he slows down when he gets onto the ward, but I have decided that he is pacing himself, so he can last.

Tuesday Rassilon goes to the Flinders University. If the post is quick enough I will have his replacement green collar. I used to carry the old on around the bag I take on visits, just in case someone wants to get all ‘legal’ with us (and yes, I have had it once!!). But I went to get it a while ago, and it wasn’t there. I have checked the cars but can’t find it.

If course it is obvious what will happen. Now I have spent $27.00 (but he MUST have his green collar, by law). The new one will arrive and I will go to get something to open the envelope, and I will have to move his old green collar out of the way. It always happens to me like that. Loose something…buy a new one…fall over the old one.

Yesterday I saw something that had to be seen to be believed. I had to go and get some money from an ATM, so I went to Reynella. That way I could get a coffee and my money and Rassilon gets his walk and some pats (lots of pats). So we were walking around on the foot path,  but Rassilon waited until we got to one of the little garden areas, went onto the garden and had a peehe did not do it on the footpath.

We came home and spent most of the day in bed. I got up and did bits around the house, but Rassilon preferred the comfort of the bed. I was up late watching the Tour De France. It is so good to see different parts of the world. If I had the money I would consider moving there or at least having a holiday.

But while I was watching TV where was Rassilon? BED!


The big lump under the blanket…Rassilon.

If you want a dirty look, just disturb a sleeping greyhound.

do you mind

“Do you mind”?

Is nothing sacred?

Since I stopped working my weight has sneaked up to a level I will not mention, just to say, I am not overweight, I am under tall.


My present to society, ease of vision.

In an effort to control calorie intake I bought myself a popcorn maker. Freshly popped corn has only 30 calories per cup of corn. The popcorn maker I bought cooks 1/3 of a cup at a time and that is enough for a snack.

So today I cooked some up. If I threw it all away I didn’t care, but I wanted to try some different flavorings on it. I tried Maple Syrup…addictive! Moroccan Seasoning…you get the tingling lips after a couple of minutes, and BBQ steal seasoning…very nice, certainly edible.

But I found something out. Do you remember me writing that I have to stop saying to Rassilon “You wouldn’t eat this”?

Even my snacks aren’t sacred!


MMMMM, BBQ steak flavor. Nice.

What a week it was.

Good times and bad. It started off well when Rassilon went to the nursing home for his visit. He was fantastic last week. Concentrating on the residents and he was very talkative, saying goodbye to everyone.

For a special treat we stopped at Reynella on the way home (to check the mail), but we went and had a coffee and I ordered some toasted sandwiches. Everyone around was amused when the waitress brought them out and asked, “Ham, cheese and tomato”? “That’s mine” I replied. “Ham and cheese”?, “That’s his” I said pointing to Rassilon. Of course there was a lot of muttering from an expectant greyhound until his sandwich cooled down.

Then my week improved. I received my dishwasher. I have wanted one for a long time, but I don’t have enough room under the cupboards to fit one, so I looked on eBay for a bench-top dishwasher, and there is such a thing, so I ordered one, because I HATE washing dishes.

I had to buy a new kitchen tap with the right fittings to connect the washer to. Then I had to buy a new kitchen cupboard to put all the clean dishes in. As a result of having all the clean dishes all over the kitchen, and now moving things to fit the cupboard in, I still haven’t got a tidy kitchen, but at least the dished have been washed.

The cupboard was, like almost everything today, flat-pack, so I had to put it together. I emptied the box in the lounge, so there was plastic parts all over the place. I got the instructions out, but thanks to cataracts in my eyes, I couldn’t read them because the little light I have in the house was too bright, so I couldn’t see the instructions.

Today (4 days later) I had a sleep then got up at about 7.30 pm and managed to put the cupboard together (in just 2 hours), with much banging and thumping and talking to myself.

While all that was going on, where was Rassilon?


Making beds. Another waste of time.

Tomorrow we go to Repat hospital for our therapy dog visit, but we have to look out for one person in particular. I had to take my mother to the Flinders hospital, Renal Clainic, for an iron infusion (drip), while there I heard a nurse telling a patient they were  going to be transferred to Rapat hospital, so I went in and asked if they knew which ward they were going to. They said GEM, ward one, so I said I will see then tomorrow, had a nice chat and gave them a Rassilon business card.

So now it is time for bed, so I can get up early. Rassilon needs a good wash because he smells.