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Visiting day again

I had a surprise for Rassilon this morning. I got up early and turned the heater on to get the house nice and warm. Then I put the heater on in the bedroom to help warm the house even more.

Then at 8.30 am, Rassilon went out for a pee, and when he came in…BATH TIME.

Fortunately Rassilon does’t mind his bath, so he will walk into the bathroom, but I have to lift  him into the bath. Once in he just stands there and lets me wash him.

One good thing is, I had to have a fancy hot water service fitted because of my reaction to chlorine.  I have a vitamin C filter shower head that neutralizes the chlorine, but because of a pressure problem that kept turning the hot water off, I got a water heater fitted that lets me select the temperature of the water on a pad on the wall, so I don’t need to turn the cold water on, because that was what boosted the pressure. (Try having a shower when the hot water goes off, then you have to get out of the cold shower, stand there soaking wet, and restart the shower again. And you may need to do this 3 or 4 times per shower).

So, when Rassilon was washed, I just had to turn the hot water on and hose him off. Then while he was still wet, I applied a nice coating of conditioner, (so he feels nice and soft). I left that on for a while, then hosed him off again.

Then I left him in the house for a while while he was still quite wet, he really holds the water, then after a while, when he was reasonably dry, I opened the back door so he can go in and out. The sun is quite nice today.

He has just come in for a pat and he is almost dry. So he will be fine for his hospital visit later, and because he is so soft again, he will get lots of compliments. He is just lying on the floor in front of the heater, so I will shut the back door now. Even though it isn’t cold, it might be cold enough for a wet dog to catch a chill.

The only problem now is that I have to live with the lie people are told, that greyhounds don’t shed. If I swept up, I could build another dog with the hair that is all over the place.



P.S. Saturday is another visit to a new place for us. Apparently they were told a greyhound was coming to visit, and everyone is excited and waiting for Rassilon.


Rassilon Sideways

I filmed this quickly with my spare phone, which I have now learned, should have been held the other way. But sometimes a video comes along once, and when a greyhound is desperate, you have to film straight away.

Just turn your head to the side.

Rassilon, Ballet Dancer

I have pointed out to the nurse at the hospital that Rassilon stands like a ballet dancer. Not all the time, but a lot of the time. And it looks uncomfortable, but obviously isn’t or he wouldn’t keep doing it.

balet dancer

Yes, you see it right. One foot in front of the other, NOT side by side like a normal dog.

greyhound stance

Rassilon, the ballet dancer

Big Nose

Big Nose wants his Doggy Chino.

Special treat day today

The day started out expensive. I went to buy some new glasses, I have to have bifocals, but the main part of the lens will be almost plain, with the reading lens being the bifocal  insert. As they will be used for driving, I added transition lenses that go dark in the sun. As a result, I was relieved of almost $500.00 for them.

Then I applied to join the lawn bowls club, when approved (on Monday), that will be about another $400.00. in club fees and Bowls SA fees. And even though the application hasn’t been approved yet, (but it will be), I am signed up to play a game next Saturday. The problem is, I have brand new bowls that I have NEVER rolled, and it has been 20 years since I played. (I bought the bowls and a bag, and typically, they were not cheap).

Anyway, the good bit.

The bowling club in in the area behind the football oval, so as I was driving out, I stopped and took a big gamble. I let Rassilon out the car with no leash and easy access to 2 busy roads, so he could have a run on the big oval.

I took him onto the oval and let him stretch his legs, which he did and enjoyed to the max, even wanting to play and have me chase him.BUT THEN…he ran under the fence away from the oval.

Now, this is the fantastic bit. He had his exercise, the ducked under the fence and went up to the car and stood there for me to catch up and let him in. He DID NOT run away, he just went to where he was comfortable.

I was so proud of him right them. He had the perfect chance to run away, but prefered just to go to the car.

Rassilon just keeps making me proud of him. When we go to the college next week, he may be allowed off his leash, as we will be with Abby and Bella again, 2 dogs he knows and gets on with.


Leash not needed, but he wears it inside the hospital.

How greyhounds cope with the cold

After quite a nice day when the plumbers and tiler came to fix some taps, and Rassilon got to meet people and get patted, the weather started to cool down.

During the night I remembered that I hadn’t taken Rassilon’s breakfast out of his freezer, so I dragged myself out of bed into the freezing house to get it. (Yes, he has his own freezer).

I put it on the draining board to thaw out, and while I was there I checked the thermometer. It read 4.3 degrees. It was no wonder I was cold.

But what about poor Rassilon? He doesn’t have the layer of fat I do to keep him warm. But as it turned out, he didn’t need it.


And when I got out the bed, he did his usual trick of stretching out and making himself comfortable, not worrying that I can’t get back in the bed because there is a dog hogging it all.


It’s all about the greyhound.

I was asked to write some notes about what I do on therapy visits. I have a relative in Scotland that wants to get into therapy dog work. Well, I thought this would be easy and quick. Luckily I have qualifications as a freelance writer, because once I started to write something, that would remind me of something else. So my quick note turned into 3 pages. The journalism meant I was not worried about typing for a long time, and was able to put the thoughts into an understandable format.

Let’s hope it helps him decide, and he gets involved. There is nothing nicer than meeting someone and brightening up their day. But some people wouldn’t like it, because the dog is the main attraction, not the handler.

Rassilon is so popular in the hospital we visit, we can (sorry to say), get away with a few things that aren’t allowed by Therapy Dog Service or the hospital, like barking or being let off his leash in the garden. But by doing a bit more than needed and working with the staff instead of to a timetable, we have gained that freedom.

(Remember, I used to work in a hospital with the nurses, so I know what they do, and I will try my best to help them get their job done)

One thing we do for example, the official time of the visit is 90 minutes, but I don’t think there has been too many days when we have stayed less than 120 minutes. On one occasion we were at the hospital for 210 minutes.

So when Rassilon puts in such an effort to work and meet people for that long, well, he deserves to have a few luxuries, like his own blankets, fresh meat, snack treats or MY BED.


Grey dogs can jump

Hospital visiting day again. Boy that comes around quickly. Of course, I forgot to take Rassilon’s dinner, so I had to buy him a sausage roll. He didn’t complain about that. After I finished my sandwich, I took him out into the garden for a wee, then because the garden is fully enclosed and there were only a few people outside, I broke the rules and let Rassilon off his leash.


Free to roam, and well away from me.

Well, everyone was fascinated at how quick he was racing around the garden, and ripping lumps of grass up with his big claws, then one of the nurses that was having dinner, put her hand out to him, so in typical Rassilon style, he decided that getting patted was better than running around.

As he was running and I was walking, I got into a gap between a bench and a tree, where he should have run, but I was now blocking it, so, still going fast, he went OVER the bench, the first time I have seen Rassilon jump, and he cleared it easily.


Over the bench. Grey dogs can jump.

Of course it doesn’t take much to tire out a greyhound, so next week we will save the running until AFTER the visit, because he was too worn out today. He did a good job, and some people might be happy with it, but I know he can do much better.


Worn out, and we haven’t even started visiting. 


I’m not homophobic.

I like my house.

Lifestyle conscious hippy greyhound.

On a night when the scenery out the back of the house is so colourful, I was faced with the sad realisation I have a lifestyle conscious hippy greyhound, just after I said, “You wouldn’t eat this”.

red sky

I don’t think the photo conveys the vividness of the colours completely.

I had prepared something for tea earlier on, and I just have to put it in the microwave to heat it up when I am hungry. It is Mac and Cheese with added tofu cubes and extra cheese to bulk it up.

I cut 6 slices of tofu and grilled them, then cut 3 slices into cubes and added it to the bowl with some extra cheese. Later in the evening I was wondering what I could do with the 3 remaining slices of grilled tofu.

At this point, Rassilon dragged himself out of bed and wandered into the kitchen mooching for something to eat, so I held up a slice of tofu with the comment “You wouldn’t eat this”.


This was the third slice!

I stand corrected.

(This week in the hospital Rassilon had a white collar with pink patches and unicorns on it. People commented on the pink for a male, so I jokingly said, he was comfortable will his feminine side. I didn’t realise he was a hippy).