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Lifestyle conscious hippy greyhound.

On a night when the scenery out the back of the house is so colourful, I was faced with the sad realisation I have a lifestyle conscious hippy greyhound, just after I said, “You wouldn’t eat this”.

red sky

I don’t think the photo conveys the vividness of the colours completely.

I had prepared something for tea earlier on, and I just have to put it in the microwave to heat it up when I am hungry. It is Mac and Cheese with added tofu cubes and extra cheese to bulk it up.

I cut 6 slices of tofu and grilled them, then cut 3 slices into cubes and added it to the bowl with some extra cheese. Later in the evening I was wondering what I could do with the 3 remaining slices of grilled tofu.

At this point, Rassilon dragged himself out of bed and wandered into the kitchen mooching for something to eat, so I held up a slice of tofu with the comment “You wouldn’t eat this”.


This was the third slice!

I stand corrected.

(This week in the hospital Rassilon had a white collar with pink patches and unicorns on it. People commented on the pink for a male, so I jokingly said, he was comfortable will his feminine side. I didn’t realise he was a hippy).




He’s just showing off now.

We went to Unley today for a therapy visit, and as expected, it was 2 hours traveling for a 1 hour visit, but we stayed an extra hour and made it worthwhile. I wouldn’t mind going back there again, it was so relaxed, there was no set schedule, we just had to hang around and people would come and see Rassilon if they wanted.

Rassilon had a good time, and I even let him off his leash. There weren’t a lot of people in the centre because of the cold, wet weather, but Rassilon went up to those that were there and got his pat, but he only went up to someone if they spoke to him first. He didn’t just push himself onto people.

One¬†woman was sitting on the arm of the settee and patting him, so he made it easy for her, he climbed up onto the settee and sat beside her so she didn’t have to bend over. Another¬†woman commented that he was leaning on her as she patted him, so I explained about the greyhound lean. Of course, Rassilon takes it further and does, what I am naming, the “Rassilon slouch“.

rassilon slouch

Belly resting on knee, The Rassilon Slouch.

When we got there it was all new, so when someone made a noise in the kitchen, Rassilon was interested.

New place new noise

New noises in a new place…very interesting.

Of course, Rassilon either gets used to things quickly, or has a short attention span, so he tried being a dog for a while, well it was something new.

A dogs place.

Don’t know about this dogs on the floor rule.

So we had a fun run on the slippery floor, before he decided that “this dog stuff isn’t for me”.

After he tried being a dog for a while, he realised, he didn’t like it, so…No dogs on the furniture, especially the 2 week old leather settee, Rassilon thought that was a stupid rule and decided not to accept it.

I'm not a dog

I’m not a dog, so I sleep on the settee.

(The staff saw him and actually thought it was good that he climbed up, and they didn’t complain about him being there, like me, they thought it showed how relaxed he was being there).


Day out mods for printing.

We went out today and I got a great photo of Rassilon that I thought would be good for a poster print.

Just ducks

Almost good enough

But I didn’t like his leash hanging down. It isn’t big, but it looks untidy. So what to do?

Well the computer in the office is my graphics and artwork computer, and I have Photoshop installed on it. But being lazy I couldn’t be bothered transferring the photo to a memory stick, going to the other computer which I would have to boot up, them load the picture in, start Photoshop, load the picture and modify it.

The computer in the lounge is my general use and Internet computer so it doesn’t have many programs installed. (I have different computers for different uses). But this one has Microsoft PAINT, and if you use the computer enough, and you have practiced, you can do some fancy things with ‘just’ MS Paint.

For example…The modified version.

Old Noarlunga pshop small

Notice the leash has now gone.

Sure, if you look close enough you will see it is quite rough, but imagine it blown up to poster size and at a distance, I am very pleased with the outcome which took me about 3 minutes. So perhaps people don’t need to rely on the expensive programs for simple jobs.

I did do a photo restoration with Photoshop and that turned out perfect. Admittedly, it took about 25 hours of work to restore it. But it was such a good feeling seeing that photo as good as it was when it was printed 60 years ago.

Greyhound Bird dog

Today was go for a drive day. Se we went to Seaford for some shopping, then we stopped off at Old Noarlunga so Rassilon could stretch his legs.

We walked across the Princess Diana memorial park and down to the river where all the birds were hanging out.

Down stream

Looking downstream towards the beach

up stream

Looking upstream towards Noarlunga.

Rassilon got his first chance to see wild birds close up.

First view of ducks

But as with most things for Rassilon, the novelty soon wore off, just leaving me with a great photo opportunity.

Just ducks

This might just get made into a poster print.

Having seen the birds, and sniffed everything and had a pee, I think Rassilon enjoyed himself today. And now, he is back in bed.

But it’s the same dog!

Wednesday, visiting day. Well it is for a while. Apparently there is someone new in the southern area that has joined TDS, so she might be given some visits that I normally do. And I think that would be a good thing for Rassilon. It will give him (us) a rest.

I was reading through the TDS paperwork, and to stay a member of TDS you have to do one visitation per month. Well Rassilon and I have been doing 2 a week, sometimes 3 a week for over 12 months, with just a couple of weeks off when I couldn’t drive.

But today was a strange day. Rassilon was more at home getting patted by the staff at the hospital than by the patients. However, when we went into one ward, we had a special time when we joined the patients for afternoon tea. They had cooked some quiches earlier and we ate them. I was given one, but by the time I asked what was in it, it was in Rassilon.

After we finished the visit and I did the paperwork, because I am invited every week by the hospital, I was given a free flu vaccination. General visitors don’t get it, but because the hospital askes me in, I was given it, because, apparently, I am classed as a contractor.

On the way out to the car a woman ran up to us. I thought she wanted to pat Rassilon, but it turned out her husband was a patient in the hospital, but was away from his room having physio when we went by, so he missed Rassilon. So I said we would go back and see him. Well it took us about 10 minutes just to get through the nurses station.

One nurse had been scared of dogs, but a few weeks ago she was encouraged to pat Rassilon, which she did, with ONE finger. Today, it was both hands. Then Rassi decided to lie down on the floor, so another nurse was sitting on the floor beside him patting him. Then we got to go to see the patient, and we stayed there for a while.

Now, this morning Rassilon had a bath. I did it today because the sun was out and quite warm but not too hot, and there was a breeze blowing, so I thought he would dry off quickly. When I let him out I took some photos. These 2 photos are taken in the same light with the same camera less than 1 minute apart, but look at the difference in colour.

post bath 020518 (1)

This is close to Fawn/Brindle

post bath 020518 (3)

This is not even on the colour chart.

This is what he looks like most of the time. But it isn’t fawn / brindle. It isn’t light / brindle and it’s not blue / brindle. That is why he gets so much attention from other greyhound owners, because he is such a unique colour. And he can quickly change colours, just like in the 2 photos.

Rassilon, a cross between a Greyhound and a Chameleon.