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Hospital visit


Wednesday was hospital visiting day. Rassilon had his stethoscope on and as a result had LOTS of photos taken. I kept telling people that no matter what their illness, the treatment Rassilon prescribed was always the same. Pat the dog. And what was fun was telling doctors he was after their job.

After the visit that lasted 60 minutes longer than it should, I went to the office for my car park ticket, and was talking to someone I don’t know. He was interested in the therapy dog, so I told him what we do and about the 90 minute time limit not being enough, and how Renal Dialysis and Morier wards had asked for visits. (The time was set at the Repatriation hospital, but the wards there were smaller than Noarlunga)


I told him we would love to go to dialysis, but not Morier ward. That is the psychiatric ward, and the people in there can be funny, and I don’t want to put Rassilon in any danger. It is bad enough in the dementia ward making sure he is okay.

Anyway, whoever this guy was, he is now in charge of stuff like therapy visits, so he is going to contact TDS about extending the visit and hopefully adding dialysis to the visit. I think that people that are stuck in a chair for 4+ hours would enjoy a visit from Rassilon.

Now we just have to wait and see what happens.



Advanced medical science.

The culmination of high blood pressure, Barrettes Esophagus and not sleeping has resulted in a skin rash. I went to the doctor who said it was not infectious, but then he gave me a strange cure.


I have to take this with me for a swim?

He told me a good way to help it is salt water, so I was to take a dip in the ocean.

I can’t see who this will help!



In case of emergency

I can’t remember what I bought for Rassilon, but when it arrived, this was in the envelope. I thought ‘That’s a good idea’. Especially for me as I live alone. I can tick the dog’s box and write important details about Rassilon on the back, because not everyone knows that greyhounds have some different needs to other dogs.

And as I got Rassilon from GAPSA, it is part of the agreement that if I ever want to get rid of him (or something happens to me), he has to go back to GAPSA, so they can find another approved person to have him. This is something that needs to go on the back of my info card.

So just in case you think it might be a good idea, I have copied the sign as a JPEG file, so you can save it, resize it and print it out. And you can put special information about your dog or cat on the back

pet emergency

First piece of information should be your pet’s NAME and any medical conditions.

Sad visiting day

Rassilon and I were asked to fill in at the nursing home we used to visit. We gave it up to help out someone who wanted to still do visits, but had health problems and couldn’t travel too far. So, as the nursing home was a fortnightly visit, that was perfect for them.

Well we went along today, and we still remembered the people that really enjoyed the visits and seeing Rassilon, so we went around to see the people on our list. However, there was an infection warning in the place, so we were actually given the option of visiting or not, but we went in anyway. Sick or not, people still like their visit from the dog.

Well, we went around the top level and met the people that really enjoyed Rassilon’s visits, and they remembered him, and his name, even after all the time we have been away. But the sad news came when we went downstairs.

We went to the room of the Polish woman who had not been on our original list, but saw Rassilon and really wanted to pat him, and enjoyed having a good long talk, (I always visited her last so I could spend extra time with her). The room was empty, but I knew it was bad news when I saw the bed with no sheets or blankets.

When I asked what had happened, I was told that she had passed away, and by the fact that the room was empty and the bed not made, and with the shortage of nursing home spaces, I guess it was possibly only yesterday.

This is the down side of therapy visiting aged care facilities on a regular basis and getting to know the residents. I will miss our talks together. And Rassilon will miss the blanket she always put on the floor to keep him warm.

Does he look stressed

We will miss you

But, in a case of one out one in, we met another resident, not on the list, but who wanted to pat Rassilon and just have a talk.

For me, when in a nursing home especially, forget the time limit, the residents are lonely and want to talk to someone. Rassilon is the ice breaker, he gets me in the room and gets them talking, and I will sit and talk with them. That is why my last 7 visits, which should have totaled 630 minutes have actually totaled 1000 minutes. I don’t think I EVER do a proper timed visit.

But it is about the people that I am visiting. I know it sounds like I am making myself sound like a hero or martyr, but having seen what it is like to be stuck in a hospital with no visitors, I feel sorry for the people we visit, and if spending time with them makes them happy, that is what Rassilon and I are there for. I am doing nothing but talking, and that is not a hard thing to do for a few extra minutes.


A very popular collar worn today. Lots of people admired it.

A Wonderful Rassilon Day

Today Rassilon and I had an extra therapy dog visit to Immanuel College. I put in for it because Rassilon loves kids. And today was exceptional. He had an absolute ball.

We got to the school and met the person who organised the visit. He suggested we go to the Admin building and sign in. I said that I was happy to do that, but that he should not be in a hurry, because when people see Rassilon, they want to pat him which attracts more people, and forward motion slows. And…I was right. Eventually someone took Rassilon so I could go to the admin building. That was probably the last time I held his leash.

After we signed in we were taken to one of the school buildings where more people wanted to pat Rassilon, Abby and Bella. Unfortunately, while Abby and Bella were able to get into the recreation area and then into a classroom, Rassilon got stuck at the top of the stairs, where he was surrounded by people wanting to pat him, and didn’t make it any further.

Abby & Bella

Abby and Bella. (Rassilon can be spotted in the corner of the photo)

meeting time

He looks scared, but he was actually enjoying this.

After the 90 minutes were up, Abby and Bella left, but Rassilon was still getting patted, so we stayed for a bit longer until the school finished for the day. Then we had to try to get through the crowds to the Admin building to sign out. When we were in Admin, the receptionist said it would have been good if Rassilon could have gone to the boarding house.

Well, I was glared at by a lot of students, so I said we would go there. On the way I let Rassilon off his leash to have a run around the garden. Well the kids thought it was fantastic seeing him stretching out, (and even commented on how he didn’t run off the grass), they were amazed at how fast he was and how quickly he got up to speed.

Then we went into the boarding house recreation room where, you guessed, Rassilon was patted by lots of people.

boarding house

Again, nervous look, but really enjoying the attention.

But despite all these people patting him, he was so comfortable and gentle. I didn’t hear him complain or growl once, in fact, he even posed for a selfie (which in my rush, I moved a bit). I would say that as an easy estimate, Rassilon was patted by at least 100 people.


I love this photo. It shows how Rassilon ‘couldn’t care less’, even with the girls resting on him.

All I can say is, if they ask us to go back, which a lot of them wanted, Rassilon and I will be only too happy to go back. It was a fun day, and Rassilon got a change of scenery and people. (We do the aged care wards in the hospital). And he really enjoyed mixing with the young people for a change.


(As an afterthought, in South Australia, Greyhounds are supposed to be controlled on a leash at all times, but if you look at the photos, you will either see the leash on the ground, being held by one of the students or you will guess that, as I am taking the photo, I am not holding the leash, and Rassilon never made any attempt to run away).

I have come to the conclusion that Rassilon looks scared or nervous in photos, but he isn’t. At the school he was having a wonderful time, contrary to how the photos look.

Special treat day today

The day started out expensive. I went to buy some new glasses, I have to have bifocals, but the main part of the lens will be almost plain, with the reading lens being the bifocal  insert. As they will be used for driving, I added transition lenses that go dark in the sun. As a result, I was relieved of almost $500.00 for them.

Then I applied to join the lawn bowls club, when approved (on Monday), that will be about another $400.00. in club fees and Bowls SA fees. And even though the application hasn’t been approved yet, (but it will be), I am signed up to play a game next Saturday. The problem is, I have brand new bowls that I have NEVER rolled, and it has been 20 years since I played. (I bought the bowls and a bag, and typically, they were not cheap).

Anyway, the good bit.

The bowling club in in the area behind the football oval, so as I was driving out, I stopped and took a big gamble. I let Rassilon out the car with no leash and easy access to 2 busy roads, so he could have a run on the big oval.

I took him onto the oval and let him stretch his legs, which he did and enjoyed to the max, even wanting to play and have me chase him.BUT THEN…he ran under the fence away from the oval.

Now, this is the fantastic bit. He had his exercise, the ducked under the fence and went up to the car and stood there for me to catch up and let him in. He DID NOT run away, he just went to where he was comfortable.

I was so proud of him right them. He had the perfect chance to run away, but prefered just to go to the car.

Rassilon just keeps making me proud of him. When we go to the college next week, he may be allowed off his leash, as we will be with Abby and Bella again, 2 dogs he knows and gets on with.


Leash not needed, but he wears it inside the hospital.

Australia’s National Adoption Day


National Adoption Day is coming up on Sunday 29th!

GAP SA is joining with Australia’s adoption programs for National Adoption Day!

As part of National Adoption Day, GAP SA are holding a celebration of all things greyhound here at Angle Park! We will have greyhounds available for adoption on the day as well as a bouncy castle, face-painting, footy themed fancy dress competition for those bringing their greyhounds along and stalls with dog food, treats and toys. The event kicks off at 11am and goes until 3pm here at 55 Cardigan Street, Angle Park with food and drinks available courtesy of the Regency Park Rotary Club. National Adoption Day is the first time Australia’s adoption programs have all come together to promote an adoption day of this type with the Boy from Oz and greyhound lover Todd McKenney the official ambassador of the day.

For more information please call 8243 7124 or visit our website for more information on GAP SA.

If you are interested in adopting on the day, please go to the website – – and fill out the adoption application. This will help to fast track the adoption process on the day.

When: Sunday, 29 April
Time: 11:00am to 3:00pm

              Meet Ollie at Adoption Day

GAP SA Ambassador and Port Power star Ollie Wines will also be appearing at National Adoption Day as part of the festivities and is looking forward to meeting all of our greyhounds and followers on the day.

Ollie will be at the event from 12pm to 1:00pm.

You will also have to keep an ear out for Ollie on the radio advertising the day on station 5AA!

Who knows, I might even take therapy dog Rassilon along to show him off.