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Time for an enforced break

I have cataracts in both eyes. One eye is MUCH worse than the other and doesn’t like glare of any kind. This results in having one eye closed while using a computer or trying to watch TV. (Computer use is restricted to about 5 minutes).

Last week I went to the ophthalmologist, who said I would have to undergo about an hour of tests. Within the first 5 minutes he told me I need an operation urgently. And as it turns out, I will have 2 operations 2 weeks apart, with the first one on Friday.

But it turns out that one eye has a very thick cataract, which makes vision in that eye blurred,,,all the time, but the other eye also has a cataract. It isn’t as bad yet, but that eye has the worst vision and needs to have a special lens put in when the cataract is removed. How special? Another $500.00 special!

I have been told not to drive, and with a new car, that is not easy, but knowing that I can’t even see traffic lights until I am almost in the intersection, it is best to stay off the road.

On the down side, Rassilon is not going out and meeting people or visiting at the hospital. I actually think a short break might help him. He seemed to be losing concentration when he went visiting.

He was still doing well, but not as well as when he started. Lets hope he just needed a short holiday.

I tried Rassilon with his new boots. He was fine. He didn’t try to get them off, and there was no funny walking, well not that funny. The only problem is that they grip on the carpet, but when he is outside, no problems. And he is quite happy to keep them on.


Even while wearing boots Rassilon can still sleep

I heard about someone that went to university and studied philosophy.

Now in his job he can ask, “Why do you want fries with that”?


Restocking the freezer

Recently I let Rassilons breakfasts run down in the freezer, so I could restock with fresher meat. The only trouble is that the freezer drawer takes A LOT of meat. I have already put 7 packets of fresh meat in there, and I have bought more to add to it.


16 breakfasts for Rassilon @ $1.70 per meal.

On the bright side, because it is not recommended that greyhounds eat tinned food, all of Rassilons meat is bought from the supermarket and is ‘people’ quality, so if I ever get desperate, I can eat it too.

One 500g pack of meat = 2 breakfasts, so it isn’t too bad. I spoke to one woman who has a greyhound that has an allergy to wheat, so it can’t handle ordinary dog biscuits. Rassilon can eat ordinary dog biscuits which cost me about $9.00 for 8 kilos. This woman has to buy special biscuits at $56.00 for 8 kilos.

On the DOWN SIDE, I wanted Rassilon to smell nice and feel soft for his hospital visits, so I went to buy some shampoo and conditioner suitable for greyhounds.

Shampoo…250ml = $12.80,

Conditioner…100ml = $15.30.

Comparison, I can buy 1 liter of brand name conditioner for humans, for under $5.00.

Still, Rassilon is the star of the show, so he has to be just right, and if that means spending ridiculous amounts of money on him, so be it.


$28.10. You pay for stuff when they add the words “pet use only”

I just had to have it.

As I was looking on eBay for a birthday present for Rassilon, I found a tee shirt that I just had to have. I did some searching around of other sites and found that I could get it from England for about $25.00 LESS than buying it in Australia. I am not sure why Australia is still called the lucky country.

(Here is an interesting fact, if not discouraging, Australia has the highest power prices (gas & electricity) IN THE WORLD!)

Anyway, The Tee-shirt.


When stressed Rassilon sheds hair like he has lots to loose.

Rassilons hair is just dark enough to be noticed, but unless he is stressed, he doesn’t loose much.

The old school tie is a bow tie.

Rassilon and I have volunteered to visit Flinders University with the Greyhound Adoption Program (GAP). It will be a good day for both of us.

I will have the chance to show off Rassilon and talk about greyhounds, and also the chance to talk about Therapy Dogs to other greyhound owners that like to show off their greyhounds (and who WOULDN’T that be?), and possibly get them involved in Theraputic Dog Service (TDS).  TDS have indicated that they would like more greyhounds for visitation. And Rassilon will have the chance to mingle with other dogs, but there will be a lot of people there as well, so that should slow the nerves and stop him from getting into a panic.

He is fine one on one, but history shows that he is not comfortable around multiple dogs. Still, he loves people, so I am hoping that there will be enough people there to keep him occupied and take his mind off the other dogs.

Anyway, visiting a University is a big event, and Rassilon needs to look his best. After all, a university is quite a formal place. But Rassilon is ready for any function, casual or formal. That is the benefit of an extended wardrobe.

Formal Dog (9)

Greyhound…Rassilon Greyhound.


Fashion Vs Self Respect.


With hardly any body fat and a very fine coat, greyhounds are particularly susceptible to the cold. Access to a warm, dry and safe area is vital at all times, and extreme measures (AKA greyhound pajamas) may be required on especially cool days.

Dog pajamas and dog clothing are a matter of choice of the greyhounds owners. As a therapy dog, people like to see Rassilon in holiday costume, and as such he has bunny ears for Easter, reindeer antlers for Christmas and an Australian flag hat for Australia day. BUT that is as far as I am willing to go. I imagine how humiliating it would be for me to wear silly costumes, and I refuse to let Rassilon be humiliated in that way. But that is how I feel, others like to see their dogs dressed up.

On cold days Rassilon stays inside with me and the heater. He is smart, he lets me know if he needs to go out, and when he does, it is quick. In fact, if it is raining, he goes out until his paw touched water (about 18 inches from the back door),then turns right around and comes back in. If we HAVE to go out, I have a wide selection of sensible coats for him to wear.

Some people don’t mind putting their dog in pajamas to keep them warm at night. I have found that recently, on especially cool nights, Rassilon will come INTO my bed. Some people might find it strange that I prefer to have the dog IN bed rather than in pajamas.

Can you see why?


This is even better than a sofa, this has blankets.



Somebody please KILL ME


Oh the indignity!