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THAT’S IT!! (for a while) (Maybe)?

The final collar installment…for a while. Rassilon has enough collars and I am rapidly running out of money to keep buying them.

collar chain

The new display chain ‘Fully Loaded’  apart from the one in the car and the one AWOL in the bedroom.

And the last 6 collars, received today.

this looks great

Despite being pink, this looks fantastic on Rassilon

received (6)

received (5)

received (4)

received (3)

received (2)

That’s it. 36 Collars is enough. He can have something different for his next birthday.

images (2)

Adopt a dogbecome that ‘crazy greyhound person’ you’ve heard about

dogs to hounds

Thanks to Courtney for all Rassilon’s collars. (apart from the official green)


Happy Whoops-a-daisy Birthday

Wednesday again, that means hospital visit. This comes around so fast. The difference today was that Rassilon was more in tune with the needs of nurses than the patients, with close to double the amount of nurses than patients getting to pat him. And Rassilon was willing to spend time with the nurses, but it was in and out with the patients.

We also got a request to do another shift tomorrow at the nursing home. The person that was doing it is unable to do it tomorrow. We gave up that nursing home to someone else who lives quite a distance away, but had an operation on their back, so has trouble travelling long distances. Well they can’t get to the home tomorrow, but, rather than cancel the visit, Rassilon was asked to fill in.

Next week we already have 2 visits booked, but I will not be available on Thursday as I have to go to the hospital to have an examination on my hand to find out how bad it is and to arrange an operation.

But today, when we got home, Rassilon’s whoops-a-daisy birthday present was there. Because I like him to wear a new collar for each hospital visit, I ordered him 6 new collars, (yes I know I bought him 4 collars not long ago).


I think this is going to be a popular collar.




The brighter colours really stand out better on Rassilon.


This really stands out against his brindle coat.


This is really black, (it doesn’t show up well in the photo), with nice bright colours.

But I stuffed up. His birthday isn’t until next month!!

In the meantime, I received an insurance refund, (after about 4 years), so I decided that I would spent some of that money on Rassilon and get him some MORE collars for his REAL birthday, they are still getting made and sent out, that makes 6 more collars still to come. But on the bright side, that is 10 weeks hospital visiting before I start back at the beginning and then he can start to recycle his collars. After all, at about $22.00 per collar, he will need to wear his 36 collars again, several times to pay for themselves. (The plain black collar with his name embroidered on it in gold was actually $47.50).

I bought a plastic chain and some shower curtain hooks as an easy way to display all the collars. The trouble is finding somewhere long enough to hang the display. It is only the length that is the problem because the chain is really light, and all put together, it looks really good. And makes all his collars easy to see and choose.


It looks good, but 36 collars makes it very long.


Simply hook the curtain ring through the chain, and the collar to the hook. Easy on / off.

The end of a busy week

It was busy for Rassilon this week as a therapy dog. It was good for me too. I went to the doctor and have been booked in to have some horrible steroid injections to fix up my sore foot and sore shoulder, plus I have been booked in for a sleep apnea test. This was noticed by the anaesthetist when I had my eyes done, but the last few nights have been, sleep for an hour, wake up for an hour.

I had to have a government assessment done regarding my ability to look for work, but they have given me a medical exemption, due to all the different things that are going wrong with me (and my age). BUT, that means I am free to do the therapy visiting, so, rather than being ‘unemployed’ or a ‘dole bludger’, I can now use the title of Therapy Dog Handler as my occupation.

And Rassilon is the Therapy Dog who earned his money this week. We had 3 visits. Wednesday at the hospital, Thursday at the University and today at the Unley Community Centre. 3 completely different visits, but each one was good fun.

I think the visit to the university was the most enjoyable for Rassilon because we had company. Another handler brought her dogs along. 2 Maltese terriers. She left them on the leash, but let the leash go, so the dogs could run around. Unfortunately, if I did that, Rassilon, being so much taller, would keep tripping over his leash. So…I took his leash off, and he…did nothing. He didn’t run away, he was just free to walk around and go up to the students and get patted, which he did.

Today we went to Unley. I left early so I could have lunch at the centre before the visit, then I went and got Rassilon out the car and took him back to the community centre, so he could meet the other people that were having their lunch as they came out of the dining room. He was having a wonderful time.

And when the main crowd had left and there were just a few people in the centre, I again let him off his leash, so he went around to say hello, but didn’t go near the door. He is getting SO GOOD. He even had a run at the hospital on Wednesday when I let him off his leash in the garden.

But today, his upcoming birthday present arrived. I like to try to have him wear a different collar every week when we go to the hospital, so today his birthday present of 4 new collars arrived from Dogs 2 Hounds, so he will be good for a little while longer.


This is my favourite. The colours look really good in real life.



The Mexican Celebration of the Dead style.


The turquoise background doesn’t show up, but this will probably be the public favourite.

dogs to hounds

We have 4 more visits this month, then next month the R.E.A.D. program starts at Goodwood library (Next month is the start of the financial year). So I am looking forward to that. Not for me, I don’t really like kids, but for Rassilon, who loves kids.

Reading at the table along with the Norfolk terrier girls

So we will wait and see what the future brings. R.E.A.D and more therapy visits.

(R.E.A.D. = Reading Education Assistance Dog)

Click on the picture of the READING dog for more details.

Worn Out…Both Of Us.

Rassilon had another visit today, to the nursing home. Rassilon wore his RED collar today, but didn’t get as many compliments. It ended up being a LONG visit. A lot of the residents went out on a bus trip, so they weren’t around for the visit, but that meant we could spend extra time with the people that were in and have a long talk with them. Rassilon was in good voice today saying hello and goodbye. Everyone loves hearing him bark.

One resident has told me, ‘even if I am asleep when you come, wake me up so I can see Rassilon“. So when we first went to their room they were in the shower, so we went to visit someone else. Later we went back and even before we got into the room, I had Rassilon bark. You should have seen the sad look disappear and the big smile appear.

But…just as we were leaving, the bus returned and some of the people really wanted to have their visit from Rassilon. So we stayed for just over an hour longer and went to visit these people.

Now some dogs might get stressed and want to get out. Not Rassilon. One woman put a cover on the floor for him, so he proved how relaxed he was in the room.

Does he look stressed

Stress? Don’t know the meaning of the word.

On the bright side, the READ program starts in July (new financial year), and Rassilon is to be used. Therapy Dog Services has specially trained dogs for specific jobs, but they are all small dogs. Rassilon is classed as a ‘Community Dog’ and not as an AIS dog (I don’t know what it means either). The library wants the trained dogs, but TDS has convinced them to have some big dogs visit sometimes.

Once that library starts the program and Rassilon proves himself, TDS will be able to use this example to get some southern area libraries involved. When they do that, Rassilon will be able to stay in the southern area and attend the library. Fortunately, a lot of people don’t want to travel all this way.

Roll On July!!

Love the back leg

Check out where he has is back leg.

Tired Greyhound.

We went for our hospital therapy visit today. Apart from taking about an hour longer than we are supposed to, it was tiring for Rassilon, because today he met 62 recorded people, plus a few before he officially started, so they didn’t get recorded.

His Martingale collar got quite a few compliments today. So the colour must suit him. I have also noticed that he is less brindle on one side and has more black on the other side. And if he spends time out in the sun, he gets a red tinted cross on his neck and back and across his shoulders (like the markings of a donkey).

nice collar

Rassilon’s much admired collar


RIGHT SIDE less black


LEFT SIDE more black

So, despite the heat, we did the visit (5 degrees over the TDS cutoff). Tomorrow is supposed to be cool with rain for our nursing home visit, but as the average rainfall for for April is 44mm and we only had 14mm during March and none so far this month, I am not holding my breath.

Although I KNOW FOR SURE that it will rain on Friday. I have an ophthalmologist appointment, and I am planning to ride my bike down there. Bike riding is as good at making rain as washing your car.


The Hyosung Rainmaker.

(Late addition. I watched the weather forecast for Friday. For weeks we have had hot weather, so the day I planned on taking the bike for a long ride on busy roads… Thunderstorms and 22 degrees).

The Historic Connection

By chance I stumbled across a picture of a famous character from history, and noticed a connection between him and me. You may recognise him.


History buffs will recognise him.

If you don’t recognise him on his own, you should probably guess who he is by this…


The famous  RED Fokker Dr1 Dreidecker should be a give away.

If you still haven’t guessed, he is Baron Manfred Von Richthofen, better known as “The Red Baron“. He was so named after his plane, a Fokker Dr1 Dreidecker, which was painted red. All the pilots in his squadron painted their planes different and bright colours, thus getting the name “Von Richthofen’s Flying Circus“.

But what is the connection? Dogs.


The Red Baron and his dog

Purely by chance I found a photo of The Red Baron with his dog. A Brindle (possibly) Greyhound. And as the dark brindle and red brindle are hard to see the black bits, I would say he had a fawn brindle, just like Rassilon, (and we were both in the Air Force).

Christmas tie

(It is hard to tell exactly what sort of dog it is, but it has the same markings, right down to the white toes, the big chest and small waist and even the same bumps and dents in the front legs as Rassilon, and while it is not the dogs most preferable position, greyhounds can sit, although Rassilon will not sit, he drops).