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I adopted a GAP greyhound when my Doberman was put to sleep. Owning a greyhound is different to owning another breed, but worth the effort.

The ‘lazy gene’

I took Rassilon to the hospital yesterday for his weekly therapy visit. He had some dinner, then we went outside so he could have a wee and stretch his legs.

Well, he had a wee, but even though I wanted to film him in full flight, Rassilon  decided that a slow walk was the way to go. The famous ‘Lazy Gene‘ that greyhounds have kicked in.

So here is Rassilon, free in the hospital garden.

Therapy dog services rules are being broken all the time, but I let them know what is happening, and they keep giving me more shifts. One I am looking forward to is at, the Flinders University Law department. There will be a few dogs there for stress relief during the law department exams. It is supposed to be for an hour, but I have been told that we can stay longer if we want.

We also have a couple of shifts at Unley again, but now I know, I will get there a bit earlier and I can have a meal in their restaurant. The last time I went there Rassilon got a take away meal of steak and kidney pie, something I was NOT tempted to eat.

So, we are in for a busy month with 7 visits. To stay a member of Therapy dogs, I only need to do 1 visit, but I am doing this as I am not working.


Today was a good day

A lot happened today. I had a trip to the doctor and have arranged for some tests, and he sent a referral off to the hospital because I need an operation on my hand. He thought it was something simple that an injection could fix…it isn’t.

Then, my new crash helmet arrived. Now I can’t wait to go somewhere to show it off. It is certainly unique.


I also got my new scanner. When my mother left for Tasmania she left me all her photos, which I said I would scan and save to a disk for her. But using an ordinary scanner takes a long time. You have to sort the photos into sizes, then you scan one at a time and the scanner scans really slowly. And on top of that, there are probably a couple of thousand photos to do.

So, I lashed out and bought a new scanner. It has a sheet feeder that I can load with 35 photos. The scanner automatically adjusts to the the size, and saves each photo as an individual JPEG. In 4 hours, in between having tea and getting video and photos, I have already scanned 600 photos. BUT, if there is any writing on the back of the photo, it scans that too, so I have to go through the scanned images and delete the backs of the photos.

But the surprising things I found were…A photo of the man I was named after. He was a fighter pilot during WWII, but had a breakdown as a result (PTSD). I was named after him as a gesture from my parents for his friendship. (A am led to believe he was a Spitfire pilot)


And something I had forgotten all about, before Rassilon I had Kia, my Doberman. The day after I got her I went to visit some friends. I completely forgot this, but I am glad I found it. Kia was about 10 weeks old. (They were Doberman people too)


Almost 14 years ago. Where has the time gone?

Grey dogs can jump

Hospital visiting day again. Boy that comes around quickly. Of course, I forgot to take Rassilon’s dinner, so I had to buy him a sausage roll. He didn’t complain about that. After I finished my sandwich, I took him out into the garden for a wee, then because the garden is fully enclosed and there were only a few people outside, I broke the rules and let Rassilon off his leash.


Free to roam, and well away from me.

Well, everyone was fascinated at how quick he was racing around the garden, and ripping lumps of grass up with his big claws, then one of the nurses that was having dinner, put her hand out to him, so in typical Rassilon style, he decided that getting patted was better than running around.

As he was running and I was walking, I got into a gap between a bench and a tree, where he should have run, but I was now blocking it, so, still going fast, he went OVER the bench, the first time I have seen Rassilon jump, and he cleared it easily.


Over the bench. Grey dogs can jump.

Of course it doesn’t take much to tire out a greyhound, so next week we will save the running until AFTER the visit, because he was too worn out today. He did a good job, and some people might be happy with it, but I know he can do much better.


Worn out, and we haven’t even started visiting. 


I’m not homophobic.

I like my house.

Lifestyle conscious hippy greyhound.

On a night when the scenery out the back of the house is so colourful, I was faced with the sad realisation I have a lifestyle conscious hippy greyhound, just after I said, “You wouldn’t eat this”.

red sky

I don’t think the photo conveys the vividness of the colours completely.

I had prepared something for tea earlier on, and I just have to put it in the microwave to heat it up when I am hungry. It is Mac and Cheese with added tofu cubes and extra cheese to bulk it up.

I cut 6 slices of tofu and grilled them, then cut 3 slices into cubes and added it to the bowl with some extra cheese. Later in the evening I was wondering what I could do with the 3 remaining slices of grilled tofu.

At this point, Rassilon dragged himself out of bed and wandered into the kitchen mooching for something to eat, so I held up a slice of tofu with the comment “You wouldn’t eat this”.


This was the third slice!

I stand corrected.

(This week in the hospital Rassilon had a white collar with pink patches and unicorns on it. People commented on the pink for a male, so I jokingly said, he was comfortable will his feminine side. I didn’t realise he was a hippy).



Then and Now

I was looking at some clips on Youtube. There was before and after photos of dogs that had been adopted, and I thought, I can do that. So here we go.

First Sight

The day I picked Rassilon up. Look at the nervousness on his face. I really hate looking at this photo. (It was also the first time I saw a greyhound)

I'm not a dog

On a therapy visit, Rassilon is now so relaxed, he will climb onto the furniture and fall asleep.    (It was okay, he had the permission of the staff to get up there)

When you see these photos on Youtube, what they might not tell you is how long it took from the ‘Before’ photo to the ‘After’ photo. These 2 photos of Rassilon are 4 years apart, but Rassilon had got rid of most of his nervousness after just 12 months.

Spending time as a therapy dog has helped him get over almost everything that scared him. But for some reason, his fear of ceiling fans have not been overcome.  If Rassilon is in a room and a ceiling fan is turned on, no matter how far away from him, he will leave that room very quickly. I do not try to keep him in the room, I just take him out. I know that he wants to go, so we do.

As for the therapy work, well, how much better can it get? Working with your dog and seeing how people appreciate him, and seeing how he is growing. It is the best job in the world.

He’s just showing off now.

We went to Unley today for a therapy visit, and as expected, it was 2 hours traveling for a 1 hour visit, but we stayed an extra hour and made it worthwhile. I wouldn’t mind going back there again, it was so relaxed, there was no set schedule, we just had to hang around and people would come and see Rassilon if they wanted.

Rassilon had a good time, and I even let him off his leash. There weren’t a lot of people in the centre because of the cold, wet weather, but Rassilon went up to those that were there and got his pat, but he only went up to someone if they spoke to him first. He didn’t just push himself onto people.

One woman was sitting on the arm of the settee and patting him, so he made it easy for her, he climbed up onto the settee and sat beside her so she didn’t have to bend over. Another woman commented that he was leaning on her as she patted him, so I explained about the greyhound lean. Of course, Rassilon takes it further and does, what I am naming, the “Rassilon slouch“.

rassilon slouch

Belly resting on knee, The Rassilon Slouch.

When we got there it was all new, so when someone made a noise in the kitchen, Rassilon was interested.

New place new noise

New noises in a new place…very interesting.

Of course, Rassilon either gets used to things quickly, or has a short attention span, so he tried being a dog for a while, well it was something new.

A dogs place.

Don’t know about this dogs on the floor rule.

So we had a fun run on the slippery floor, before he decided that “this dog stuff isn’t for me”.

After he tried being a dog for a while, he realised, he didn’t like it, so…No dogs on the furniture, especially the 2 week old leather settee, Rassilon thought that was a stupid rule and decided not to accept it.

I'm not a dog

I’m not a dog, so I sleep on the settee.

(The staff saw him and actually thought it was good that he climbed up, and they didn’t complain about him being there, like me, they thought it showed how relaxed he was being there).


At last, Rain.

After lots of forecasts about rain, it finally arrived. And did you know that flash photography in the rain at night makes for some very interesting pictures.

What a good way to finish our day. It was visiting day at the hospital. We had a good day. Myles ward (dementia ward), was busy, but Rassilon seems to enjoy visiting people with mental health issues, and he had a great time. There were a couple of new patients with their visitors, and Rassi went out of his way to spend time with them. It made everyone’s day.

Of course, the day wouldn’t have been complete without the required Rassilon ‘goodbye’. Everyone loved it, and it helped cheer them up, or at least, give them something new to think about.

Now, as we settle into bed, the rain has started, so I took the chance to get some ‘interesting’ photos.

raining (4)

Reflexions of the flash off the raindrops.

raining (1)

What a weird looking effect.

Thursday Rassilon has been invited to the Unley Community Centre to meet people. We will probably spend more time traveling than we will at the centre, but there are good reasons to go.

  1. It will be an introduction to the people at Unley that are organizing the READ program.
  2. It will be a test run for when we do start READ, so I will know where to go and how long it will take to drive there.
  3. Due to illness, another visiting team have been without visits for a while, but being further down south than me, they are restricted as to how much further they can go, so they will be doing the nursing home for a couple of visits. Rassilon and I have Unley tomorrow, but the next nursing home visiting day, we will have a day off.