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I adopted a GAP greyhound when my Doberman was put to sleep. Owning a greyhound is different to owning another breed, but worth the effort.

Celebration for South Aussie Rassilon


I was born in England, but Rassilon is a purebred South Australian, so today is Rassilon’s celebration. He will have a few treats and spend the day lounging around. He has some new clothes on order, but they haven’t arrived yet,

The weather bureau threatened us with 38 celsius, but at 10.00am, it is very nice, with a cool breeze.


Rassilon with Aboriginal art at Noarlunga Hospital.






Like I care!!

After another hot day, Rassilon is lying on the bed in front of the air conditioner and fan enjoying the cool.

But outside the thunder is rumbling. Unfortunately there is no rain to go with it, and I don’t know if there is lightning. But there is very loud rolling thunder.

How does Rassilon react to the thunder? Well I waited until the thunder was actually rumbling to get the photo.


Stop flashing that camera, it wakes me up.

Storms, fireworks, drums, loud cars or Harley Davidson motorbikes with straight pipes…Not a problem to Rassilon.


A woman asked her husband, “If I was to die, would you get married again”?

The husband said, “Well, I am used to having someone around the house to cook for me, so I guess I would get married again”.

Wife, “I see, I’m not even cold and your out getting married again. Would you live in this house”?

Husband, “Well we own the house, it would be stupid to move into a new place and have to start paying again, so, yes, I would live here”.

Wife, “That’s nice. Getting married again and living in our house. Would you sleep in our bed”?

Husband, “Well the bed is only a year old, and it was expensive, so it would be a waste of money to go and buy a new one, so, yes, we would sleep in our bed”.

Wife, “Terrific, remarried, living in our house and sleeping in our bed. I suppose you would let her use my golf clubs”.

Husband, “Don’t be silly, of course I wouldn’t. She’s left handed”.

Are we sitting comfortably?

After another hot day, as things start to cool down, the bedroom is the place to be due to the air conditioner and fan, and of course the TV with the cricket.

Rassilon decided the best place to be was on the bed getting the benefit of the cooling. So I asked the question, “Are we sitting comfortably“? YOU DECIDE!


Are we sitting comfortably?  Oh Yeah!


I’m guessing this is greyhound relaxed


(There was a kids TV show in England MANY years ago where they told stories, and it always started “Are we sitting comfortably? “Then we’ll begin“.)

Thursday’s visit…canceled

I got a phone call on Tuesday to let me know that this weeks visits were cancelled. If I wanted to go to the hospital I could, but TDS had contacted the nursing home and told them I would not be there on Thursday. 

Rassilon and I did go to the hospital, but we were so glad today’s visit was cancelled. The visit starts at 10.30 am. The photo was taken at 10.00 AM  IN THE SHADE. It has been so hot for so long, I have ordered Rassilon some dog boots to protect him from burning his paws. This hot spell is forecast to go from Monday past to next Monday when the temperature drops to 29C for the day before going back to mid 30’s for the rest of the week.

thats hot

PLEASE…send snow.


protection from the heat, and maybe the cold (if we ever get some).



A LOOOONG day again.

Wednesday is visiting day. But this Wednesday was even busier than usual because I had a mechanic coming to look at my motorbike. He got it going (at last). but he had to go away and do some research on the electrical problem that made me put it off the road in the first place. (The break lights don’t work).

When I get that fixed, and my eyes fixed, I will register it again and have that as my second transport. At the moment I have 2 cars registered, but if I get the money I hope to get so I can have my eye operation, I plan on buying a new car. That way I will have a new car with a 7 year warranty, Rassilon will have a bigger car to lounge around in, and I can trade in the 2 cars for one.

I had thought about a new bike, but Rassilon can’t ride on that, and when my car had to get the door lock actuator fixed (under new car warranty), while I was waiting, I saw a new car that I really like. (Plus, the bike I liked, a BMW, was dearer than the new car, and if I bought that, I would still have the 2 cars).


Kia SOUL Bigger than my car, but not as big as it looks. Lots of greyhound room.

We went for our hospital visit today. Another time overshoot. We are booked in from 1.00 pm to 2.30 pm, but we got out of the hospital at about 4.30 pm. We can finish the wards by about 3.00 pm (they are bigger than Repat Hospital), but it is all the people we meet as we are trying to get out of the hospital that slows us down.

And of course, if they want to pat Rassilon and talk about greyhounds, well that is our area, and we will stay there as long as they want to talk and pat.

1 So thrilled

This makes visiting so rewarding.

1 In the hospital

Rassilon, all dressed to make a big impression.

Fortunately we don’t have a visit tomorrow because it would be cancelled due to the forecast heat. If TDS canceles, that means it is over 34 celsius, but I do have to go and see an optometrist, and hopefully get my eye operation pushed up a bit. At the moment It will be about September this year before I get to the top of the list. And at the speed my eyesight is deteriorating, I will be completely blind by than.

Therapy dogs are helping me by sending a non-dog handler to come around the hospital with me and do all the paperwork and send in the reports. At the nursing home I can just scan the sheet and send that with any notes. So everything is working out.

Weather warnings can go either way.

It’s time for a weather warning reminder for dog owners.

As America is suffering through freezing weather with snow and ice and below 0 temperatures, pet owners have to remember the animals. Especially greyhounds, who have such light fur and thin skin. At minimum, a coat is definitely the order of the day.

However…Rassilon has a weather problem of a different kind. I am running up a massive electricity bill, and I am not getting much benefit for my money. I have 2 portable air conditioners and a fan running, I also have the kitchen exhaust fan running to TRY to suck hot air out and COOL DOWN.

1 inside

32.5c is the temperature…in the kitchen. The air conditioners are only doing a little bit, you have to be standing about 12 inches away from them to get any real benefit, but I have certainly been more comfortable.

The sad thing is, I got a rubbish bin delivered for the weekend so I could empty the house of everything I don’t want. But there is NO WAY I am going to be filling it today. Tomorrow is supposed to be cooler, but with the weather bureau’s forecast history, cooler could mean just another hot day, but 1 degree lower, or it could be freezing and pouring with rain.

But the reason I am not filling the trailer, and Rassilon is having only 1-2 minute toilet breaks (I am concentrating so I don’t leave him out too long), is…

1 outside

In the back yard, IN THE SHADE.

I can’t even leave the back door open for Rassilon to come and go as he want’s because it is like opening an oven door, the hot air just blasts through the open door.

If you are cursing the cold, STOP. When it is cold you can always warm up. You can put of another jumper or go to bed with an electric blanket. But when it is how for a few days, as we have had (high 30s since Wednesday), the house bricks heat up and hold the heat, so if it cools down at night, the house stays hot, and unless you have a really good air conditioner, you ain’t cooling down too quick. (Really good is shop code for really expensive).

And poor greyhounds get stuck inside trying to find the coolest place to sleep.