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I adopted a GAP greyhound when my Doberman was put to sleep. Owning a greyhound is different to owning another breed, but worth the effort.

The dog knows all.

Yesterday Rassilon and I went therapy visiting to the hospital again. We haven’t been for a few weeks because driving was getting too dangerous due to my eyesight.

What a greeting we got. It was like long lost friends going home, everyone remembered Rassilon’s name, and again, Rassilon had more pats from staff than patients. It started off with the nurse that accompanies us around the ward, who had been transferred to Flinders Medical Centre when the Repat Ccosed last year, but Rassilon remembered her.

As we went round the ward we went into the room of someone who was only on palliative care (for the non-medically conversant, he was there to die). Well Rassilon WAS NOT happy and didn’t want to go near that patient, he struggled when I tried to put him near, even giving a little yelp. But when he went to the next room, he went right up to the patient and got patted. So Rassilon sensed something in the first room.

I enjoyed the visit because I could actually see what I was doing for a change, but the huge improvement is settling down. My close up vision is starting to get back to needing glasses, but the doctor said it would. But as it is, I no longer need glasses for driving, and that is fantastic.( I can buy decent sunglasses again).

I went for a check up, and when asked to read the eye chart, (the second bottom like is required to drive without glasses), I read the bottom like. And remember, I have still only had one eye done. The left eye, that used to be the good eye, has now decided that as the right eye can see properly, it is going to rest, so everything is blurred in the left eye, but the right eye is now good enough for me to be allowed to drive again.

But because of the improvement, Rassilon and I are going to be getting more visits from April, although I will be reminding them that I want to get Rassilon into the READ program, and Rassilon loves kids, so I can see him enjoying that. There isn’t as much walking either, and I KNOW he will appreciate that.

new collar (1)

All but 2 of Rassilon’s Martingale collars are handmade. His official ‘Green Collars” are not.

new collar (2)

My favourite specially made collar

Rassilon has 5 new collars on order. The girl that makes the collars has some new material, so because we have 13 collars, I thought I would get some more to get off the 13. so we are waiting for 5 handmade, silk, 2″ Martingale collars in bright and metallic colours. That way Rassilon can wear a different collar for each visit, and by the time we get back to the first one, people will have forgotten it.


News/medical update

Well, I had my first cataract removed yesterday. After the operation they put a patch on my eye which I left on all night in case I tried to scratch the eye.

When the doctor removes the cataract, he replaces it with an artificial lens, and obviously that feels like something in the eye, so you instinctively want to scratch it, and that is why I left the patch on and only took it off when I had to put the drops in. (I need the drops for a full month)

So far, (not even 24 hours after the operation), all I can say is…WOW! (or words to that effect), what a difference. I didn’t realise my eyesight had got SO BAD. Everything is crisp and clear without my glasses, but the main change is…everything is so bright. I hadn’t realised, because it happened gradually, that my vision was getting darker, now I can see bright again, I can’t wait for the left eye to be done.

And the best thing about this is…I can see Rassilon PROPERLY, his markings are so sharp. Where I thought his coat was not shiny…that was my eyes. He is shiny and his brindle looks even better when you can see it properly. (On reflection, because my eyes have been getting bad for so long, I have never actually seen Rassilon ‘properly’ from the time I got him until today).

Even the computer looks crisp and I can see the words (if I sit back), and the colours are all completely different now. But like the ophthalmologist said, I will still need reading glasses, but I am so happy to be able to see so bright and clear again.

Also a positive, at the rate this is recovering, I will be able to go to Noarlunga Hospital with Rassilon for a visit on Wednesday. But I think, as things start to go blurry, it is time to rest this eye again.

I would only encourage people that think they have cataracts to get them checked and if yes, get them removed. You will be amazed at the difference. They build up gradually and you don’t notice the change in your vision, but when they go in one moment, then you can see that change.




Christmas tie

WOW, Rassilon looks even better when you see him clearly.

Time for an enforced break

I have cataracts in both eyes. One eye is MUCH worse than the other and doesn’t like glare of any kind. This results in having one eye closed while using a computer or trying to watch TV. (Computer use is restricted to about 5 minutes).

Last week I went to the ophthalmologist, who said I would have to undergo about an hour of tests. Within the first 5 minutes he told me I need an operation urgently. And as it turns out, I will have 2 operations 2 weeks apart, with the first one on Friday.

But it turns out that one eye has a very thick cataract, which makes vision in that eye blurred,,,all the time, but the other eye also has a cataract. It isn’t as bad yet, but that eye has the worst vision and needs to have a special lens put in when the cataract is removed. How special? Another $500.00 special!

I have been told not to drive, and with a new car, that is not easy, but knowing that I can’t even see traffic lights until I am almost in the intersection, it is best to stay off the road.

On the down side, Rassilon is not going out and meeting people or visiting at the hospital. I actually think a short break might help him. He seemed to be losing concentration when he went visiting.

He was still doing well, but not as well as when he started. Lets hope he just needed a short holiday.

I tried Rassilon with his new boots. He was fine. He didn’t try to get them off, and there was no funny walking, well not that funny. The only problem is that they grip on the carpet, but when he is outside, no problems. And he is quite happy to keep them on.


Even while wearing boots Rassilon can still sleep

I heard about someone that went to university and studied philosophy.

Now in his job he can ask, “Why do you want fries with that”?

South Australian Pride

Rassilon is a purebred South Australian. Although Rassilon doesn’t know or care, South Australia made it to the Cricket Big Bash League finals and take on the Hobart Hurricanes. 


Adelaide Strikers (in Blue) Vs Hobart Hurricanes (in purple)

Personally, I practice not showing emotion. I can watch comedy shows and not laugh (but that’s not that hard these days). I can watch horror movies and not jump. Today I was able to watch the cricket final without feeling anything, even when it was getting close. BUT, I was smiling and clapping when The Adelaide Strikers WON.

Adelaide scored 202 runs, Jay Wetherald scored more than half of them on his own…115 Runs = Man of the Match.

Meanwhile, Rassilon came and got me to let him out and give him his frozen chickens feet…TWICE.Rassilon has a way of letting me know what he wants. He will pester me one way when he wants to go out for a wee, but he has a completely different way of pestering me when he wants his “Chooky Foot”. Today I had both. (I can watch the replay of the WHOLE MATCH tomorrow just before I switch to the Superbowl (Come of Brady).

The Lord President’s new clothes.

I like to wear something different when I go out. I don’t wear the same thing all the time. So why should Rassilon?.So we have added to the wardrobe. Unfortunately Rassilon now has 13 Martingale collars, and 13 is an unlucky number. The girl who makes the collars is trying some new fancy material, so if they look good, we will get past the 13.

But for today we have 3 new collars, all handmade, and his new shoes.


We need to get used to these before a public presentation. So far, just the front feet.




Rassilon wore this o n his Thursday visit and got lots of compliment

Once in a blue moon…

Once in a blue moon.

Where does that saying come from? Putting it into a sentence, one could say, “Some people only get the chance to buy a brand new car once in a blue moon”.



Tonight we have a Super Moon; Blue Moon turning to a Red Moon.

And to finish that sentence off properly, tomorrow I do indeed pick up my new car.

(P.S. Super Moon means it’s orbit brings it to it’s closest point to the earth)

While I currently drive a 3 door manual hatchback, my mother gave me her 4 door auto sedan, and maybe I am getting old or lazy, but I find the auto more enjoyable, and I also find the sedan nicer to drive than my hatchback, even though my car is 5 years younger. And Rassilon seems to prefer the sedan. He climbed in today when I was getting ready to go for our visit, and he didn’t want to get out. So I decided to get a new sedan.


No more changing my mind…This is my car. In real life it is bigger than the white one.

I was thinking of getting the Kia Soul, but it was a bit higher for Rassilon to jump up into, which is fine now, but as he gets older, it could be a problem for him. and looking around, they don’t seem very popular.

THURSDAY Continuation.

Due to a mixup at the dealer, I had the choice, take a 5 door hatch or wait for a sedan to come into stock. Well they just happened to have 1 of each in the show room, and when I looked at the differences / benefits, I decided on the hatch. It still has 4 doors, but it has a bit of extra room in the back, it has a rear window washer/wiper (something I do actually use), plus for their mistake, they threw in the 1st years service.

When I got it home I was sitting in it and looking at all the bells and whistles and trying to work out what does what, I opened the doors to let some air in (I had the windows tinted and can’t open them for 2 days). Anyway, I was busy playing with buttons and Rassilon came out and jumped in the car. He had a look around at the new car and his bigger seat, (another benefit of the 4 door over the 2 door). He gave me a kiss of approval and settled down for a sleep. He doesn’t give me kisses very often, so this obviously met with his approval.

Forced to stay inside

The weather here is going to change. It is going to get cold. How do I know? Simple, I ordered the installation of an air conditioner. We have had quite a few hot days in the 40s, so cooling was desperately needed.

When the temperature is in the 40s poor Rassilon only manages to stay outside for a few minutes before I get him inside again, or he will burn his paws and get heat stress.

But mother nature, being a complete ******* decided to show us what she thought of that idea. If we are going to fight back, she was going to get a few blows in before the air conditioner is fitted.

As a result Rassilon is NOT going out at all. If he makes a mess inside, there will be no punishment, because it is me that is not letting him out. And why is he not going out?


too hot

And it isn’t even lunch time yet.

now in bed

Rassilon doesn’t even like moderately warm.

(Late addition; One benefit of a temperature of 52, is that it makes 37 feel cool).