Sharing the good times…

…and they tea.

New years day is sports day on TV. A cricket Big Bash double header at night, and NFL in the morning. The BBL Cricket is a shorter, faster version of the game, and certainly better to watch than test cricket, and having all the players, from both teams, dressed in all white

BBL Teams

The BLUE (3rd from left) is the Adelaide team, The Strikers.

And the good thing about the NFL was the TV station only put about 6 ads on. Unfortunately those 6 ads were repeated every 5 minutes or less.


But while I was watching the cricket, I cooked up a big chicken and vegetable pie for tea. Now, I know I was going to share it with Rassilon, and I know the light isn’t that great, but this is what I have to put up with.

You have to admit, it SOUNDED good!

Therapy Dog (1)

Rassilon wearing his ‘work clothes’


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