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Once in a blue moon…

Once in a blue moon.

Where does that saying come from? Putting it into a sentence, one could say, “Some people only get the chance to buy a brand new car once in a blue moon”.



Tonight we have a Super Moon; Blue Moon turning to a Red Moon.

And to finish that sentence off properly, tomorrow I do indeed pick up my new car.

(P.S. Super Moon means it’s orbit brings it to it’s closest point to the earth)

While I currently drive a 3 door manual hatchback, my mother gave me her 4 door auto sedan, and maybe I am getting old or lazy, but I find the auto more enjoyable, and I also find the sedan nicer to drive than my hatchback, even though my car is 5 years younger. And Rassilon seems to prefer the sedan. He climbed in today when I was getting ready to go for our visit, and he didn’t want to get out. So I decided to get a new sedan.


No more changing my mind…This is my car. In real life it is bigger than the white one.

I was thinking of getting the Kia Soul, but it was a bit higher for Rassilon to jump up into, which is fine now, but as he gets older, it could be a problem for him. and looking around, they don’t seem very popular.

THURSDAY Continuation.

Due to a mixup at the dealer, I had the choice, take a 5 door hatch or wait for a sedan to come into stock. Well they just happened to have 1 of each in the show room, and when I looked at the differences / benefits, I decided on the hatch. It still has 4 doors, but it has a bit of extra room in the back, it has a rear window washer/wiper (something I do actually use), plus for their mistake, they threw in the 1st years service.

When I got it home I was sitting in it and looking at all the bells and whistles and trying to work out what does what, I opened the doors to let some air in (I had the windows tinted and can’t open them for 2 days). Anyway, I was busy playing with buttons and Rassilon came out and jumped in the car. He had a look around at the new car and his bigger seat, (another benefit of the 4 door over the 2 door). He gave me a kiss of approval and settled down for a sleep. He doesn’t give me kisses very often, so this obviously met with his approval.


Forced to stay inside

The weather here is going to change. It is going to get cold. How do I know? Simple, I ordered the installation of an air conditioner. We have had quite a few hot days in the 40s, so cooling was desperately needed.

When the temperature is in the 40s poor Rassilon only manages to stay outside for a few minutes before I get him inside again, or he will burn his paws and get heat stress.

But mother nature, being a complete ******* decided to show us what she thought of that idea. If we are going to fight back, she was going to get a few blows in before the air conditioner is fitted.

As a result Rassilon is NOT going out at all. If he makes a mess inside, there will be no punishment, because it is me that is not letting him out. And why is he not going out?


too hot

And it isn’t even lunch time yet.

now in bed

Rassilon doesn’t even like moderately warm.

(Late addition; One benefit of a temperature of 52, is that it makes 37 feel cool).

Celebration for South Aussie Rassilon


I was born in England, but Rassilon is a purebred South Australian, so today is Rassilon’s celebration. He will have a few treats and spend the day lounging around. He has some new clothes on order, but they haven’t arrived yet,

The weather bureau threatened us with 38 celsius, but at 10.00am, it is very nice, with a cool breeze.


Rassilon with Aboriginal art at Noarlunga Hospital.





Like I care!!

After another hot day, Rassilon is lying on the bed in front of the air conditioner and fan enjoying the cool.

But outside the thunder is rumbling. Unfortunately there is no rain to go with it, and I don’t know if there is lightning. But there is very loud rolling thunder.

How does Rassilon react to the thunder? Well I waited until the thunder was actually rumbling to get the photo.


Stop flashing that camera, it wakes me up.

Storms, fireworks, drums, loud cars or Harley Davidson motorbikes with straight pipes…Not a problem to Rassilon.


A woman asked her husband, “If I was to die, would you get married again”?

The husband said, “Well, I am used to having someone around the house to cook for me, so I guess I would get married again”.

Wife, “I see, I’m not even cold and your out getting married again. Would you live in this house”?

Husband, “Well we own the house, it would be stupid to move into a new place and have to start paying again, so, yes, I would live here”.

Wife, “That’s nice. Getting married again and living in our house. Would you sleep in our bed”?

Husband, “Well the bed is only a year old, and it was expensive, so it would be a waste of money to go and buy a new one, so, yes, we would sleep in our bed”.

Wife, “Terrific, remarried, living in our house and sleeping in our bed. I suppose you would let her use my golf clubs”.

Husband, “Don’t be silly, of course I wouldn’t. She’s left handed”.

Are we sitting comfortably?

After another hot day, as things start to cool down, the bedroom is the place to be due to the air conditioner and fan, and of course the TV with the cricket.

Rassilon decided the best place to be was on the bed getting the benefit of the cooling. So I asked the question, “Are we sitting comfortably“? YOU DECIDE!


Are we sitting comfortably?  Oh Yeah!


I’m guessing this is greyhound relaxed


(There was a kids TV show in England MANY years ago where they told stories, and it always started “Are we sitting comfortably? “Then we’ll begin“.)

Thursday’s visit…canceled

I got a phone call on Tuesday to let me know that this weeks visits were cancelled. If I wanted to go to the hospital I could, but TDS had contacted the nursing home and told them I would not be there on Thursday. 

Rassilon and I did go to the hospital, but we were so glad today’s visit was cancelled. The visit starts at 10.30 am. The photo was taken at 10.00 AM  IN THE SHADE. It has been so hot for so long, I have ordered Rassilon some dog boots to protect him from burning his paws. This hot spell is forecast to go from Monday past to next Monday when the temperature drops to 29C for the day before going back to mid 30’s for the rest of the week.

thats hot

PLEASE…send snow.


protection from the heat, and maybe the cold (if we ever get some).