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Get in Early

I thought I would get this up early, because later today I am going out for a while, and the cricket is on from 6.30pm, after which I will deliberately miss seeing in the new year, and go to sleep. So I doubt that I will have time to do this later, and tomorrow will be too late.




I fostered, then adopted already. Unfortunately Rassilon doesn’t like greyhounds a great deal, so I can’t get any more (probably a good thing).I already donate time and money to doing the therapy work (volunteering isn’t cheap), but Rassilon and I are only too happy to educate.


Something for both of us.

I went shopping today, well actually it was looking, and as my eyes are getting so bad, even that was a waste of time. But I did find something that (yes, I have tried it already) is good for Rassilon and me.

cool towel

I got the orange, because Rassilon looks good in orange.

The cool towel os like a cool coat, only smaller, but with just a wave in the air, it gets really cold. That is excellent for visiting because I can carry one  with me and put it over Rassilon in between rooms, so he doesn’t get too hot. I can also put it around my neck to cool down, as some nursing homes can be quite warm.

The benefit for visiting is that a cool coat is big and heave completely covers Rassilon, so people couldn’t pat him properly, but this is small and can be put on and off in seconds.

The cool cloths were $20.00, but the guy said because as it was for a therapy dog I could have it for $15.00, and he threw in a stress toy, so really, I got it for $10.00.

When I got home I took Rassilon outside and threw the stress toy at him. He ran away, but after I showed him it wouldn’t hurt him, he started to play. I  would throw the toy to him, he would catch it and throw it away, then go for a big zoomie around the garden.

As a result of the humidity and the zoomies, I even got to use the cool cloth. And on me, at least, it was terrific. I am glad I got it. I can carry it, damp, in my visiting pouch in a ziplock bag, and if we get too hot, a quick wave and instant cool.

cool dog

As it is just a cloth, it can go anywhere. And Rassilon certainly likes the cooling effect.

Who’s spoiled?

A trip to collect the mail from Reynella involves the drive there, parking at the far end of the car park, walking around to the post office, getting the mail, then back to the cafe for a coffee.

However, the order is now for 2 coffee’s. My flat white with 1 sugar, and the latest spoiler, the Doggy-Chino. Unfortunately, Rassilon being a greyhound, doesn’t have horizontally opposed thumbs, which means I have to hold his cup.

I am sure the people that watch this must be thinking he has me well trained.


When I get to the cafe I order my coffee then ask Rassilon if he want’s one. When he barks, the girls in the cafe love it. And the thing that makes everyone’s day, is when we ate leaving and Rassilon says thank you.

adopt 2


It is well known among dog owners not to feed their dogs COOKED chicken bones.

But here is another warning.

Food warning

DO NOT eat rooked chicken and leave the bones on a plate, then fall asleep.

Apparently greyhounds have stealth abilities to get into the room in total silence, then STEAL the bones they were deliberately not given.

On the plus side Rassilon is fine…until I catch up with him!

Christmas day out

Christmas day was spent with some friends. One MAJOR plus to come out of the day was, Rassilon was met by 2 little girls, and he was perfectly fine. In fact he was very smoochy to them.


Enjoying the attention

He was so well behaved that, rather than going out, he stayed inside and for the most part, slept in the lounge, and the cat stayed in the laundry, (but that is how it should be).

When it came to presents time, Rassilon got a BIG chewy treat, and despite all the noise and movement around him while the girls handed out the gifts, he laid there and ate it. I remember the time when uber-nervous Rassilon would not have eaten that out of his home comfort zone.


Carry on with whatever your doing…I’m eating.

When it came to my turn, I got a great surprise. It was a big wooden plaque, (approx 10″ X 12″) with the Seal of Rassilon on it. And as a final touch, the font used for the writing is called Dr Who.


,For those that have seen “The Castle”, This is going straight into the pool room.

For me, I got a cup, And it appears my unlimited knowledge is becoming well known.

my cup

But it was the opportunity for Rassilon to mix with kids inside that was the best present. It showed me that inside or outside, Rassilon is going to pass his temperament test to become a reading dog with the greatest of ease, and that is something I have aimed for since he became a therapy dog.

So now I can say, Merry Christmas,


12 Days of Christmas #12

bah humbug

The well known Christmas carol is about the 12 days of Christmas. It is obvious that the carol was written A LONG time ago, because Woolworth BigW variety stores put out their Christmas decorations in OCTOBER, (or as they inoffensively put, Holiday Decorations and Holiday Trees)  I guess it is better not to upset all the complainers, but it is okay to upset the Christians. I mean, if it wasn’t for CHRIST, they couldn’t make big profits, Anyway that would make the song the 86 days of Christmas.

There was an item on TV showing how all the aboriginal kids in the outback were given presents and had a big party to celebrate Christmas, and strangely, none of the aboriginal elders were complaining about upholding aboriginal heritage, which is not Christian.  Why would you when you are getting stuff for free.

Is it any wonder people are getting tired of Christmas and are seeing it for what it has become, a marketing tool for businesses. The Central Marked expected to sell prawns for Christmas dinners. That might seem logical, but, amazingly, prawns get dearer at Christmas, and they expected to sell…200 tonns (that is metric weight not a typo) in 2 1/2 days.

Anyway, I am going out to lunch and I am taking Rassilon, then I plan on doing nothing for the rest of the day except watch some DVDs, because Christmas TV is mostly a repeat of every year. they Recently a TV station played all the Harry Potter movies, one a week. And when they finished the last one…they started again. So it will be ,lying in bed patting Rassilon and making a fuss of him. That, for me, will be a good Christmas, just me and Rassilon.

christmas ready

Well Rassilon is in the Christmas spirit, and he is coming visiting with me. That makes my day.

Now I know I am a real greyhound person. I am starting to think like a greyhound.


I’m not a Christmas person either

There is one thing to remember this Christmas…