A day off…sort of.

eMonday morning and Rassilon and I was booked to go to the nursing home at Glengowrie, but on Sunday night I got a text message from TDS telling me that due to a hot weather forecast, the visit would probably be canceled. Officially, it was, on Monday morning, because the forecast was for 34 celsius (it was 35 in my back yard at 8.30am).

Rassilon was ready for the sun, although it took at least an hour for him to cool down in front of the air conditioner. So how does a greyhound get ready for the sun?..Like this…


My Cool. Actually he was only Mr Look Cool

On Wednesday we are booked to go to Noarlunga Hospital, fortunately the weather forecast is for cooler weather, but I would still go in the heat, because it is so close that Rassilon wouldn’t be in the car for long, and both the hospital and car are air conditioned.

And of course, Rassilon has his first visit attire ready for the hospital.

Christmas tie

Really high class dogs wear bow ties. Rassilon is the highest.colorbar

A young boy came home from school and asked his father

“Where do people come from”?

The father explained that “God created man and woman, so they came from God”.

The boy then asked his mother “Where do people come from”?

The mother explained her theory of evolution and how man came from monkeys.

The boy went back to his father and pointed out the difference in the answers, asking “Did you lie to me”?

“No” said the father, “I was only explaining about MY side of the family”.



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