The greyhound mind is just weird.

On Monday we went to Bedford Industries for our therapy visit. While there someone turned on the ceiling fan, which was at least 20 feet away, down the room and attached to the, probably, 10 foot high ceiling.


But despite the distance, Rassilon decided he would prefer to be outside, or at leas out of the room and he needed to get out QUICKLY. Such is the thought process of a greyhound, he would only go back into the room when the ceiling fans were completely stopped.

Today was hot. 33 degrees celsius. We went out to check the mail, and Rassilon had a big pat and cuddle from a man we meet regularly (his wife got his greyhound in their divorce, and it is obvious he misses it), then Rassilon had a sausage roll and a cup of water. A long nose is great for getting into cups. (This guy is obviously a Rassilon favourite, because greyhounds generally don’t like strangers giving them a hug).

We came home and I went to bed to watch TV, and Rassilon came in to join me, because it was cool in the bedroom. But why this oscillating fan was all right, and a ceiling fan 30 feet away wasn’t beats me. (The portable air conditioner is fine too)

fan club

The fan was actually running, and no more than 3 feet away. 

There can only be one answer…


Yesterday we went to another nursing home and Rassilon was just fantastic, even though that was our 3rd visit in a week, and it was very hot. But luckily they have air conditioning not fans.


What is a gentleman?


Someone who knows how to play the bagpipes…

…But doesn’t


2 thoughts on “The greyhound mind is just weird.

  1. greytkilroy

    Perhaps there were ceiling fans at the track/kennel. I know of greyhounds who are perpetually scared of things like water hoses, things on wheels, and men with beards even though they had no negative experience with them after retirement.


  2. David Post author

    Usually nothing bothers Rassilon, he had to pass his temperament test where they brought out walking frames and other strange things, and he was fine. We go through nursing homes and hospitals and run into all sorts of things and he is totally fine. But I knocked a ceiling fan with a curtain rod and it moved, and Rassilon took off. He has seen mobiles hanging from the ceiling and moving in the breeze, so it must be the circular movement of the fans. Who knows what a greyhound thinks?



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