The ups and downs of visiting

So far this week Rassilon and I have been out  visiting twice, and we are out again tomorrow.

But on Monday we went to Bedford Industries, a facility for people with intellectual disabilities. Unfortunately they had music group booked in, and forgot to cancel the dog visit.


There was good and bad. The good was Rassilon standing next to some tom tom drums and someone was bashing away on them and Rassilon didn’t flinch. Then the piano started up and the singer was shouting through the microphone, and Rassilon didn’t flinch.

Then, because there was a lot of people in the room, someone turned the ceiling fans on, and Rassilon was out the door in a couple of seconds, and refused to go back into the room until the fans had come to a COMPLETE stop.

The fan incident really stressed him, and even though we went back into the room, Rassilon was still panting. Luckily a staff member agreed that the people were going to be more interested in the singing and dancing, and because Rassilon was stressing, we were allowed to leave early.


There is a LOT MORE of the place behind this building. There are a few warehouses where people work

Today, as a complete opposite, we went to the nursing home that looked after me last week. This was not an official TDS visit, just a repayment visit for looking after me (but we will go back again if asked).


I say it was the opposite, because Monday was stress and panting, today was so relaxed, Rassilon just lay down on the floor and fell asleep. I had to keep getting him up to go and visit the residents, who were all so thrilled to meet him.

One of the staff has just adopted a greyhound (8 weeks ago), and she was sitting on the floor patting Rassilon long after her shift had finished. Her dog is still in the nervous stage, so I think she was thrilled to (a) meet another greyhound and (b) see how relaxed they are once they get settled. She loved it when Rassilon reached over and put his paw on her foot, as much as saying :You can stay right there’

The residents that were interested in meeting Rassilon all came to the lounge, and had a great time patting him and I had a great time telling them about greyhounds. So today was really enjoyable for both of us.


Again, the building is a lot deeper than it is wide.and shaped like a big sideways E


Have you noticed how times are changing?

Even exit signs are on the way out.


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