When greyhounds get the hump.

Yesterday I had to drop Rassilon of to a stranger (to me), so I could go to hospital for an endoscopy. Because I had have an anaesthetic, I had to have someone with me for 24 hours afterwards. But as I live alone, and I didn’t have anyone near by. the hospital arranged for me to go to a care facility over night, but I had to make sure Rassilon was looked after.

So I asked in the church, and eventually someone was found to look after him over night. So yesterday morning I dropped him off, and apparently, once I drove away he started to get anxious. I was told he was a bit whiney during the evening, but when I got back this morning he was all excited again.

BUT…after the initial, uncontrollable excitement, he got the hump and I got the “You left me on my own’ treatment treatment. He went into the lounge room and went to sleep. When I called him he ignored me, and I had to go and get him.

But when it came time to leave his temporary accommodation, he was all excited and bouncing around. He got straight into the car and lay down, as much as to say, you’r not leaving me this time.

I stayed in a nursing home which has temporary accommodation for cases like me. They gave me dinner and breakfast and coffee was available all the time. The room I was in had it’a own shower and toilet and TV. I was driven there from the hospital in a hire limousine, and then driven home in another limousine, no taxi or community car.

So to thank the staff for looking after me, I volunteered to take Rassilon down and visit the permanent residents, which will be next week.

Anyway, we are home again, the first thing he did was a zoomie around the garden, then he came in and went to bed. He got up when I went into the kitchen to do some cooking, but he is back in bed and not moving.


I didn’t have a good night because I was worried about Rassilon and how he must be feeling. He may have thought I had given him away and he was probably worried.

On the brighter side, I have had to have 3 dogs put to sleep. It always worried me about what they felt right at the end. I would hate to think they died in pain or unhappy. But I had the anaesthetic for the endoscopy, and right after the injection I was asked to roll over onto my side, and I remember rolling over…and that’s all until I woke up.

So I am guessing that the dogs all feel the same thing. They just fall asleep and don’t know anything. It doesn’t hurt and you don’t think about anything, you don’t have time. The only difference is the dogs get a massive dose of anaesthetic which stops the heart.

But I have to admit, the worst part of the whole experience was taking Rassilon away.

Previously he stayed with my mother and came home to me soon after the test, but no mother means I can’t do that now.

But, on the good news front. I enquired about becoming a READ dog, and what training is required. Well there in no formal training needed, the dog does have to go through a temperament test. Rassilon already passed one of those to become a therapy dog, but next time he has to show he is good with kids.

Therapy Dog (4)

So, although I know he is good with kids, he normally meets them outside, where he has a way of escape if he gets uncomfortable. To try to get him used to kids inside, Rassilon is going to the church youth group. There aren’t many kids in it,and it is inside, so that will not be too hard on him.

If he does well there, then it will be clear sailing for his READ work.

Bad boy.

October 31st…Halloween


2 thoughts on “When greyhounds get the hump.

  1. greytkilroy

    I have a hard time leaving Kilroy, especially imagining how he feels. Sounds goofy (he’s just a dog, right?) but greyhounds are so emotional and I’m convinced they feel things more acutely than other breeds! He’s also so finicky and neurotic that I worry about others’ ability to calm him down. But we humans deserve to take a break from KST (Kilroy Standard Time) every now and again. We are lucky to have loving, reliable dogsitters who dote on Sir Kilroy while we’re away.


    1. David Post author

      As you say, it is hard leaving the dog. Normally I would have left him with my mother, who he knows well, but since she moved to Tasmania, there is nobody I know I would want to leave him with. This stay was arranged for me, and it was going to be just one day, and I went to get him as soon as I could. He was initially excited, but then got into the “You left me alone” mood and ignored me, and that lasted all Tuesday. It was only on Wednesday morning he was happy enough to let me rub his belly. Unfortunately I may have to leave him 2 more times, when I go into hospital to have my eyes fixed, but now he knows the woman he stayed with, it may be a bit easier on him.


      On Wed, Nov 1, 2017 at 11:27 AM, Rassilon, My Greyhound wrote:




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