New places, New faces

Well, since the Repat Hospital visits have stopped for a month, while they transfer to Noarlunga, Rassilon and I have been to Daw Park nursing home, where we used to visit, then this week we went to Resthaven nursing home at Mitcham. It is BIG.

When we were leaving Daw Park, a resident who had just come back from a trip out with family, came up to pat Rassilon. He loves dogs, so didn’t want to miss out of the visit.

As we were talking it came out that he was the winner of the 1950 Stawell Gift (pronounced Stall), a famous Australian 120 yard foot race. It is becoming more famous as international runners turn pro and travel all around the world competing. However, 67 years later, I think I could have beaten him (well Rassilon could). (Stawell is in Victoria)

This week we went to a new place for us. It was BIG. I might talk too much, but I overstayed the visit by about 45 minutes and still only did about half the place.

Most people loved seeing Rassilon, but you always get one that is a misery, and when they start going on about the dog, the saying comes true.

a02dde0363b095a393af94c9c575722e--i-dont-like-you-say-that - Copy

Yep, and it can be hard not showing how annoyed you are.

Anyway…we have another place to go on Monday, but I don’t know how we will get on. Apparently it is even bigger, with 200 residents. But we will have someone with us showing us where to go. I think we only need to do half the place, and someone else visits on Friday to do the other half.

On the good side, this should only be for a month, then Noarlunga Hospital will be starting visitation on November 6th, and I believe they may be having 2 visits a week, so that will give me my 2 visits, or they may want a different dog to visit once a week, for variety. But as TDS considers how far you have to travel to do a visit, I am the prime visitation candidate. Plus, some people will not travel too far to do a visit, and of course, some get into a rut and will only visit the same place, never going somewhere new.

I sent a special invitation to the Medical Records section at Noarlunga Hospital telling them that a dog will be visiting and they were specially invited to come and meet him, because without them I wouldn’t have had Rassilon. But of course the invitation was on 2 pages, with the reveal of the visiting dog on the second page (SURPRISE)

I was working there when I had to have Kia put down, and it was Sue that said she was thinking of getting a retired greyhound, so I looked into it, The fact that I could get a greyhound quickly (Rassi came in and needed to be fostered so they called me the day after I first contacted them), was certainly the biggest influence in my decision, but so to was the price. Greyhound (including, desexed $190.00, microchipped $180.00, vaccinated $99.50, vet check $64.00, dental check $64.00, with a collar $27.00, leash $35.00, coat $45.00, muzzle $15.00 and green collar assessment $150.00  in the price) …$250.00. Or my ONLY other choice, Doberman, just 8 weeks old ,,,$1200.00. and you still have to get all that other stuff that comes with a greyhound.

So now Rassilon is so much more comfortable dealing with people than when they first met him, they will be impressed at how much he has changed since he was still in his first 12 month, learning all things new, period.

I shall finish off now with one of my favourite greyhound pictures. I have had this up before, but I love this picture. It is so GREYHOUND.





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