All good things come to an end.

Well today was our last visit to the Repatriation General Hospital. It was a quiet visit today. I think they are trying to get as many patients out of the wards as they can, so they can have an easy transfer to Noarlunga Hospital.

GEM Ward 1 (1)

Ward 1 Repatriation General Hospital, for the last time.

We did the visits to the wards, but on the way out to the carpark there were some people having coffee at the cafe. It wasn’t hard to work out that it was family meeting a patient for a get together and a drink. One of the visitors wanted to pat Rassilon, so I let her. Another, that was confined to a wheelchair, was thinking of adopting a greyhound, so she got to meet Rassilon and I got to answer a lot of questions.

When I finished talking to them, there was another woman and her mother at the next table, so we had to go and let them pat Rassilon. Well, just because they weren’t on the ward, why shouldn’t they have a therapy visit?

But rather than have nothing to do for the next month, Rassilon and I actually have MORE to do. Tomorrow we go to the Daw Park nursing home, then we have 2 visits a week until Noarlunga opens for visitation.

Once Noarlunga is back, we will still do 2 visits a week, but it means I will only have to drive down towards Adelaide once a week, Noarlunga Hospital being 5 minutes away from home.

to NHS

A bit far for a greyhound to walk, but a very short drive.


NHS front entrance (under canopy)

(Notice the difference in size between the hospital and Colonnades, a shopping center).



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