Sad visit today.

It was Visitation day at Repat Hospital. We got there early and had a coffee and something to eat, and Rassilon had a pee just before we went into the hospital. We go to visit one guy I used to work with before we go to the wards

Things went as normal, although Rassilon announced his arrival on ward 1, and that got patients ready for his visit. We were going around as normal, then the nurse called me to a bed that had the curtains pulled around it.

Having worked in hospitals I know that curtains pulled means 1 of 2 things. 1; A nurse or doctor is treating the patient and wants privacy, or 2; the nurses don’t want the patient disturbed because they are “not well”.

Ward 1 at Repat hospital is for elderly patients. There was no doctor behind the curtain and no nurse, just the patient and her family, so I had a good idea what that meant. So Rassilon and I went in behind the curtain. Rassi went up to the head of the bed but the nurse had to take the patients hand to pat Rassilon. As we were leaving the bed the nurse said, “Well, at least her last thoughts will be good ones”.

When I worked in Flinders Medical Center I was in the cancer ward, so I got used to patients passing. When I was on the ward and a patient died, we had to take them down to the mortuary, and sadly, being the cancer ward, I got quite used to handling the bodies. In fact, I was only on the ward for about 1 minute before I had to do my first mortuary run.

The nurses would wrap the body in plastic and a sheet, and I had to move the body from the bed to the mortuary trolley,  wheel the trolley down to the mortuary, then move the body from the trolley onto a stretcher bed and into the fridge.

The rest of the visit went without event. Ward 5 was in confusion with patients all over the place. They have days like that on ward 5, which is the dementia ward. Not many people wanted to pat Rassilon today, which is different, normally they gather in the sun room and want to pat him.

Anyway, we finished our visit and came home. My foot started to hurt again, so I am guessing I might need new shoes that will support my foot better. Rassilon got home and went to bed, and that is where he stayed, and where I am about to go.

in bed

Move over, I am coming to bed too.


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