Roland Ratzenberger. 1960 – 1994

Sunday. It is hard to believe that a week has gone by already since my mother went to Tasmania. But as suspected, fresh air and no stress have worked wonders and she is feeling much better than she was. Yesterday she went shopping, but wore herself out.

In the meantime, Rassilon and I have been out too. We went over to the Launderette at Seaford to wash some big blankets. and I took Rassi down to the beach where he was desperate to get off the leash and run. But the local council has a sign saying dogs must be on a leash (although some people didn’t think it applied to them), and the rules for greyhounds means they have to be on a leash even in the council says they can be off leash, so Bad Luck Rassilon. (Actually, I think it’s time his 100 foot training leash came out of the bag).

We have also been over to Reynella a few times, including today when Rassilon got some pats from greyhound fans. It is starting to show that greyhounds are getting popular as pets, and people are starting to realise that they are not vicious.

Today is also the running of the Italian Grand Prix, hence, the cryptic title. It was a long time ago, 23 years, that the motor racing world was shocked to hear of the death of Ayrton Senna, killed during the 1994 Italian Grand Prix. But he was not the only driver killed that weekend.


33 year old Austrian, Roland Ratzenberger.

Also to die, during qualification, was lesser known Austrian driver Roland Ratzenberger. Unlike Senna, who’s accident looked quite survivable, Ratzenberger hit a wall at 200mph, so probably no one expected him to survive. But Senna was a SuperStar, so poor Roland Ratzenberger get’s no publicity. I am not a ‘driver’ fan I am an F1 fan, so all drivers are equal for me.

ratzenberger crash

Not many people will survive hitting a wall at 200mph, not even in an F1 car.

I often wonder how it must feel do drive a Formula One car, or to be a winning driver with a world wide fan base. But then I think, I have people waiting for me every Wednesday to take Rassilon into the hospital, and we are making their life more enjoyable even if it is just for a short time. (apparently driving an F1 car is COMPLETELY different to driving a road car. For example, you don’t slow for corners, you have to keep accelerating).

Ward 1 GEM, Repat hospital

Waiting outside ward 1 of the Repat hospital

I think I prefer my life now, with Rassilon and people who love greyhounds. Sure being a racing driver must be thrilling, but I can still walk into the hospital and make people happy. Despite all his money…Ayrton Senna can’t.

So it is a sad weekend for many people. (If you are not an F1 fan you won’t understand), but on the other hand, when I go to bed later, I will have a loving Rassilon to cuddle up to, who will accept me for just what I am. Not a champion, but his, I won’t say owner, I prefer, team mate. (as in visitation team).


“And suddenly I realised that I was no longer driving the car consciously. I was driving it by a kind of instinct, only I was in a different dimension”. Ayrton Senna.


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