At last, its all over.

Saturday was the garage sale to sell what we could for my mothers move. Would you believe that one second hand dealer offered her $650.00 for everything in the house, furniture, rugs, ornaments. That offer was declined.

before move

Lounge as it used to be


Lounge with the big furniture gone

I had Mitzi and Rassilon, so I left them at home so they would be safe, because the front door and garage doors were left open and they could have run away, and they were already stressed as it was.

So Saturday we finished tidying up and left the house at 7.09pm. We got back to my place where we had a hot drink, an hours sleep, then something to eat while we watched an Andre Reau  DVD, Mitzi would not leave my mothers lap. Then my mother had to repack her suitcases, and it was a good thing she did, because she was missing something very important.

So at 11.00pmback to Seaford. I thought we had lost the thing that was missing, I thought it had been put in a bag of clothes which had been given away to a charity shop. But on going back into the house and looking around, my mother found a box with some stuff in it including, her $200.00 electronic bible, her Samsung Galaxy tablet AND the missing purse with $5000.00 in it. If they had been given away, we would never have seen them again.

So Sunday I took my mother to the airport. She was completely stuffed. Emotionally, having just got rid of her house and lifetimes worth of possessions, and physically after 2 weeks of sorting and moving and cleaning. She said she slept on the plane, and when she got to Tasmania she went home, had a cup of tea and slept for 5 hours. Got up for a ‘pit stop’ and went back to sleep for another 4 hours.

After I left the airport, had to go back to Seaford to collect a few things we didn’t want to go to “an op-shop”. I think a lot didn’t get to the op-shop, but ended up in someone’s garage for their garage sale. When I got home at 1.00pm, I slept for about 4 hours. And Rassilon was with me the whole time.

When I phoned my mother today, she was relaxing outside in the garden enjoying the fresh air and sun and the big garden.

Meanwhile at home yesterday, Rassilon came back to bed at 9.00pm and got under the blanket while I watched the Belgian Grand Prix. I fell asleep at 11.00pm for the entire MOTOGP race and woke up at 12.00, let Rassi out for a few minutes then we both went back to bed, Rassi under the blanket, until 7.45am when my phone rang.

Today I went to check the mail, and Rassilon had a great time. Someone with a little girl stopped to pat him. He loves kids, and because this one was so young and small (maybe 4 years at most), Rassi was so gentle. Then he got patted by all the regulars that go to Reynella.

I was going to go to the shops to buy something, but by the time I got back to the car to put Rassilon in it, I was so tired, I just came home. I didn’t bother with eating or drinking, I just went to bed for about 2.5 hours, and Rassilon was right under the blanket with me.

I think he will miss Mitzi for a while, so I might have to try to get some more visiting work to keep his mind off things.


A goodbye kiss for his little sister

I actually feel sadder for Rassilon than for me. I know what is happening and that my mother has better care with my sister than she had with me, but poor Rassilon doesn’t know whats happening, only that Mitzi isn’t here any more. (On the bright side though, Mitzi has settled into her new home and taken control).


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