Please finish soon…

As I said before, my mother is moving to Tasmania and getting rid of EVERYTHING in the house. She kept 6 boxes of things to go to Tassie, things you won’t get there and stuff that is too good to put out in a garage sale, plus some ornaments she has had for a long time that are to go to my sister.

I ended up getting quite a bit of stuff, so my house is a complete bomb site at the moment, and when I get home from my mothers place, I am not fit to tidy up, so that will wait for a week.

Today I got to bring Mitzi home. Rassilon was so pleased, he has someone to play with. Of course, there is some inequality between a Greyhound with 2 foot long legs and a body designed for speed, and a Chihuahua / Fox Terrier cross with 4 inch long legs. At the moment Rassilon is happily eating his biscuits and I can hear Mitzis claws tapping around the kitchen.

This video should dispel the myth that Greyhounds chase and kill small animals.


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