Week off…sort of.

There was no visit to the Repat hospital for Rassilon this week.  My mother had to go to Flinders hospital for a check up. But I have been out every day this week. My mother had a fall one night and had trouble getting up, then the next few days the pain came through and she had trouble doing anything.

About that time my sister phoned and asked her to go to Tasmania, something my mother has not done in the past. But because of the fall and realising she now needs full time care, which I can’t give, she accepted. It also lets her see her great grand children, something she has only done once in 5 years. So this week has been packing up things she wants to take, and selling stuff she doesn’t.


One second hand shop owner said she would come and arrange a garage sale, then a couple of days later phoned and said that she wouldn’t get much in a garage sale, so she would buy everything in the house for $650.00. My mother would have that in 1 china cabinet. So that offer was declined. (She made the $650 just from the lounge room).

I have been using my mothers car (saving mine), but yesterday I had to bring home a big cupboard, so I took my car which has more room for something like that. But I had to leave Rassilon at home. Today I went out to put my mothers airline ticket in the car, and Rassilon was in, standing on the front seats trembling. He doesn’t like the front of the car, but he was NOT going to be left again.



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