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I have a problem. The more I try to tidy the house the worse it gets. Poor Rassilon doesn’t know whats happening. He gets stressed when we go over to my mothers place. A cold day, he only walks from the drive to the house, but he starts panting.

Of course, a lot of little things from my mothers place are ending up in my place, so I am getting over run. I am going to order a rubbish skip and start at one end of the house and go through ruthlessly. I know there is good stuff in the boxes, but as I haven’t been in those boxes for a few years, I can get rid of the boxes.

On the bright side, I got a little stereo that I set up in the dining room, so I can turn it on as I walk past in the morning (rather than having to go through the rigmarole of turning on the big stereo in the lounge). I was playing a CD, and remembered why I had it. The singers name is Tim Duncan and he is now with the group Canton Junction. (Matthew Hagee is the tenor in the group), and he is excellent. So if you like Christian music…this is for you.

(When Tim Duncan hits those super low notes at the end, you know I will be laughing with pleasure)

I spent the afternoon changing over computers. The cheap one I had in the office was playing up and running slow. I used that to scan the mail for the housing coop records, but I was up to about 5 minutes per page. Today I had one document of 10 pages. So I swapped over to the computer my mother gave me (Almost new, she never used it). But as I was getting rid of files I had put on for her, I found this.


Now I just have to find somewhere for her printer (I already have 5), and her sewing machine, and there is a lot of tinned food coming my way soon. I am single and live in a 3 bedroom house with a double garage, and I am running out of space!!



Medical information

When I got Rassilon, I was given 2 big books of information. In one book it said that a fat hound is an unhealthy hound, and so I have been careful with Rassilon, but having had some information today, even his 2 Kg is going to go.


I had to take Mitzi to the vet to get her vaccinations to travel to Tasmania ($110.80). The vet was really good and did a general health check on her and trimmed her nails (which were more like talons).

When she had finished the nails she said that Mitzi was overweight. She was 5.4 Kg but should not be more than 4.8 Kg. Like all Chihuahuas she is prone to knee problems, and carrying the extra weight is not helping her joints.


This greyhounds joints must be under a terrible strain.

Also, and this is what I took note of for Rassilon AND MYSELF, the extra fat can cause a release of an inflammatory chemical into the blood, which can affect all the joints. So Rassi has to loose his 2.6 Kg and I have to loose my _____ Kg (Darn computer only prints some numbers).

So for all dog owners, that is a little bit of information to add to the knowledge bank. Vets are always saying the animal has to loose weight, but this one today explained WHY.



A skinny little man went into a bar and asked “Who owns the big dog with the leather collar”.

I big bikie stood up and asked, “Do you mean the Great Dane with the studded leather collar”?

“Yes, that’s the one” said the little guy.

Bikie, “I do…WHY”?

Little guy, “Well my dog just killed it”.

Bikie...”What sort of dog do you have then”?

Little guy, “A Chihuahua”.

Bikie, “How could your Chihuahua kill my Great Dame”?

Little guy, “I’m not sure, but I think it stuck in it’s throat”.

Week off…sort of.

There was no visit to the Repat hospital for Rassilon this week.  My mother had to go to Flinders hospital for a check up. But I have been out every day this week. My mother had a fall one night and had trouble getting up, then the next few days the pain came through and she had trouble doing anything.

About that time my sister phoned and asked her to go to Tasmania, something my mother has not done in the past. But because of the fall and realising she now needs full time care, which I can’t give, she accepted. It also lets her see her great grand children, something she has only done once in 5 years. So this week has been packing up things she wants to take, and selling stuff she doesn’t.


One second hand shop owner said she would come and arrange a garage sale, then a couple of days later phoned and said that she wouldn’t get much in a garage sale, so she would buy everything in the house for $650.00. My mother would have that in 1 china cabinet. So that offer was declined. (She made the $650 just from the lounge room).

I have been using my mothers car (saving mine), but yesterday I had to bring home a big cupboard, so I took my car which has more room for something like that. But I had to leave Rassilon at home. Today I went out to put my mothers airline ticket in the car, and Rassilon was in, standing on the front seats trembling. He doesn’t like the front of the car, but he was NOT going to be left again.


Not a dog!

On our therapy visit this week, the nurse went into a bay of 4 beds and asked if anyone wanted to pat Rassilon. 3 said yes, 1 said no.

So we went to the three that wanted to pat Rassilon  then I went over and sat on the bed of the 4th man, and started to talk about why I go and visit.

He liked the idea, but started telling me that he didn’t like dogs, I pointed out that Rassilon didn’t know he was a dog. Then he told me how he had never had a dog because he didn’t like dogs. His 2 daughters had dogs, but he didn’t pat them because he didn’t like dogs. So I sat there for a few minutes while he went on.

And all the time he was telling me how he didn’t like dogs…he was patting Rassilon.

THAT is why we do therapy visits.

Therapy Dog (4)

Apparently he is not a dog.



It is one of my favorite quotes from Mrs Browns Boys

Devil Dog

Watching the Scottish comedy show “Still Game”, they have occasion to refer to a ‘Devil Dug’ (dog in English). But mistakenly, they reference a Rottweiler.

We all know what the real ‘Devil Dug’ is, don’t we.

Bad boy.

A dog for all seasons.