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At last, its all over.

Saturday was the garage sale to sell what we could for my mothers move. Would you believe that one second hand dealer offered her $650.00 for everything in the house, furniture, rugs, ornaments. That offer was declined.

before move

Lounge as it used to be


Lounge with the big furniture gone

I had Mitzi and Rassilon, so I left them at home so they would be safe, because the front door and garage doors were left open and they could have run away, and they were already stressed as it was.

So Saturday we finished tidying up and left the house at 7.09pm. We got back to my place where we had a hot drink, an hours sleep, then something to eat while we watched an Andre Reau  DVD, Mitzi would not leave my mothers lap. Then my mother had to repack her suitcases, and it was a good thing she did, because she was missing something very important.

So at 11.00pmback to Seaford. I thought we had lost the thing that was missing, I thought it had been put in a bag of clothes which had been given away to a charity shop. But on going back into the house and looking around, my mother found a box with some stuff in it including, her $200.00 electronic bible, her Samsung Galaxy tablet AND the missing purse with $5000.00 in it. If they had been given away, we would never have seen them again.

So Sunday I took my mother to the airport. She was completely stuffed. Emotionally, having just got rid of her house and lifetimes worth of possessions, and physically after 2 weeks of sorting and moving and cleaning. She said she slept on the plane, and when she got to Tasmania she went home, had a cup of tea and slept for 5 hours. Got up for a ‘pit stop’ and went back to sleep for another 4 hours.

After I left the airport, had to go back to Seaford to collect a few things we didn’t want to go to “an op-shop”. I think a lot didn’t get to the op-shop, but ended up in someone’s garage for their garage sale. When I got home at 1.00pm, I slept for about 4 hours. And Rassilon was with me the whole time.

When I phoned my mother today, she was relaxing outside in the garden enjoying the fresh air and sun and the big garden.

Meanwhile at home yesterday, Rassilon came back to bed at 9.00pm and got under the blanket while I watched the Belgian Grand Prix. I fell asleep at 11.00pm for the entire MOTOGP race and woke up at 12.00, let Rassi out for a few minutes then we both went back to bed, Rassi under the blanket, until 7.45am when my phone rang.

Today I went to check the mail, and Rassilon had a great time. Someone with a little girl stopped to pat him. He loves kids, and because this one was so young and small (maybe 4 years at most), Rassi was so gentle. Then he got patted by all the regulars that go to Reynella.

I was going to go to the shops to buy something, but by the time I got back to the car to put Rassilon in it, I was so tired, I just came home. I didn’t bother with eating or drinking, I just went to bed for about 2.5 hours, and Rassilon was right under the blanket with me.

I think he will miss Mitzi for a while, so I might have to try to get some more visiting work to keep his mind off things.


A goodbye kiss for his little sister

I actually feel sadder for Rassilon than for me. I know what is happening and that my mother has better care with my sister than she had with me, but poor Rassilon doesn’t know whats happening, only that Mitzi isn’t here any more. (On the bright side though, Mitzi has settled into her new home and taken control).


Please finish soon…

As I said before, my mother is moving to Tasmania and getting rid of EVERYTHING in the house. She kept 6 boxes of things to go to Tassie, things you won’t get there and stuff that is too good to put out in a garage sale, plus some ornaments she has had for a long time that are to go to my sister.

I ended up getting quite a bit of stuff, so my house is a complete bomb site at the moment, and when I get home from my mothers place, I am not fit to tidy up, so that will wait for a week.

Today I got to bring Mitzi home. Rassilon was so pleased, he has someone to play with. Of course, there is some inequality between a Greyhound with 2 foot long legs and a body designed for speed, and a Chihuahua / Fox Terrier cross with 4 inch long legs. At the moment Rassilon is happily eating his biscuits and I can hear Mitzis claws tapping around the kitchen.

This video should dispel the myth that Greyhounds chase and kill small animals.

Today…No zoomies, but quiet therapy mode

Today was visiting day.  So We had to drive down to the Repatriation General Hospital. At times Rassilon can be quite playful, bouncing around and bowing and running around INSIDE. When we go to the hospital he is just the same UNTIL we enter the ward, then he transforms into the slower moving, gentle, caring dog that the patients (most of them) enjoy meeting and patting. This is something special about Rassilon as a therapy dog, but other dogs are different and people love to have visits from them, so if you want to have a therapy dog, go for it. The dog will learn about it’s surrounds. (In a school situation a more active dog would be great). Rassilon is perfect for nursing homes and hospitals.


The admission building (notice the white car to give you perspective)


Looking towards the main gate (The white car is the same one in the first photo)

It will be great in October when they move the 2 wards to Noarlunga Hospital, because we live, literally, a 5 minute drive away from Noarlunga hospital, and that was where I was working when I got Rassilon, so I know quite a few people there, and it will be great to let them meet the improved and socialised Rassilon. They only met the nervous new version when I first got him.

My mother is moving to Tasmania, so I won’t have to go and visit her at Seaford any more, so I will put my name down for more therapy visits, until Rassilon is ready to do the reading dog training. He has to have done therapy visits for 12 months before we can move on to the next stage.

Today Rassilon was at his talkative best. He was happy to announce his arrival and then to say goodbye. We impressed one woman who was scared of dogs and edged away when Rassilon went to the woman next to her. But I took one of Rassilons treats and held it in my lips and Rassi came and so delicately took it. Once she saw that Rassilon was not going to rip her apart, she relaxed a bit, but still didn’t pat him. Next visit maybe?

The really good thing is that when Rassilon barks now, none of the nurses take any notice any more. They have all met him and know him and love to have him visit. In fact, today Rassi had as many pats from nurses as he did from patients.

Unfortunately there were a lot of patients with (known) infections that we were not allowed to visit (for the dogs protection), and ward 5 was fairly empty, which is good.

On the way to the car I took Rassilon onto the lawn where he relieved the pressures of the day (he had a pee). But in typical male greyhound fashion, he struggled to cock his back leg, only managing to get his toes about 3/4 of an inch off the ground.


One of his not so good efforts, but certainly not his worst.

How a greyhound feels after a day inside.

Tuesday. I was out all day at my mothers place. I had to take her to the launderette, then I had to get new tyres on my car (the white one). So to make life easy for me, I left Rassilon at home. When I got home he went mental. I let him out so he could pee, even before I closed the gates (which in South Australia is illegal).

As I closed the gates, he flooded the driveway. Then he had his MAD FIT and raced around the garden, only stopping for another pee (he really must have needed to go).

If you don’t have a big back yard, this is what can happen if you have a greyhound.


Food advice from GAPSA

From the GAPSA website.


Greyhound feeding guide

Meal times
It is important to ensure your greyhound eats dry food as part of their diet to maintain good dental health. Soaking their dry food or feeding only wet food will increase the likelihood of your greyhound forming bad dental health. It is recommended your greyhound be fed a super-premium dry food diet to keep them in top condition.

In addition, it is recommended to add wet meat to your greyhounds diet. This can be minced or diced chicken, beef, kangaroo or turkey. It is recommended to avoid commercial wet food (including dog rolls or cans, unless of a super-premium brand) as it often upsets their stomachs.

Your greyhound can also eat

  • Safe raw or cooked vegetables
  • Raw turkey necks or marrow bones – for good dental health. Please limit these to once or twice per week and ensure they are an appropriate size and definitely not cooked
  • Regular dog treats or chews
  • Tinned sardines 2-3 times per week for good skin and coat health

If your greyhound has difficulty eating dry kibble, you can mix approximately ½ a cup of warm or cool water with their kibble to entice them to eat.  Slowly reduce the amount of water added to encourage them to chew the dry food and aid in good dental health.

Foods to avoid:
Alcohol, coffee, avocado, apple seeds, rhubarb, cherries, stone fruits, macadamia nuts, grapes, sultanas, onion, raw potatoes, chocolate, salty foods, tomato plants, citrus, xylitol, mushrooms, uncooked yeast dough

(Xylitol is an artificial sweetener and may be in foods)

How much to feed:
Please follow the below feeding recommendations as a guide for your greyhound:

Morning  1 cup dry/150g wet meat        
Evening  1 ½ cups dry/250g wet meat

Morning  1 ½ cups dry/150g wet meat   
Evening  1 ½ cups dry/300g wet meat

Male 35kg+:  
Morning  1 ½ cups dry/200g wet meat  
Evening  1 ½ cups dry/350g wet meat

Important: Greyhounds can be susceptible to bloat – a condition in which their stomach swells, twists and is often fatal.  To reduce the risk, please avoid walking your greyhound 30 minutes before and after meals. For safety reasons, please do not feed you greyhound with other pet dogs – always keep them separate at meal times.

Clean fresh water should be available at all times. Never leave your dog without water. Many greyhounds also like to wet their feet so a bucket or paddle pool may come in handy.


Now, lets keep them happy and healthy.


I have a problem. The more I try to tidy the house the worse it gets. Poor Rassilon doesn’t know whats happening. He gets stressed when we go over to my mothers place. A cold day, he only walks from the drive to the house, but he starts panting.

Of course, a lot of little things from my mothers place are ending up in my place, so I am getting over run. I am going to order a rubbish skip and start at one end of the house and go through ruthlessly. I know there is good stuff in the boxes, but as I haven’t been in those boxes for a few years, I can get rid of the boxes.

On the bright side, I got a little stereo that I set up in the dining room, so I can turn it on as I walk past in the morning (rather than having to go through the rigmarole of turning on the big stereo in the lounge). I was playing a CD, and remembered why I had it. The singers name is Tim Duncan and he is now with the group Canton Junction. (Matthew Hagee is the tenor in the group), and he is excellent. So if you like Christian music…this is for you.

(When Tim Duncan hits those super low notes at the end, you know I will be laughing with pleasure)

I spent the afternoon changing over computers. The cheap one I had in the office was playing up and running slow. I used that to scan the mail for the housing coop records, but I was up to about 5 minutes per page. Today I had one document of 10 pages. So I swapped over to the computer my mother gave me (Almost new, she never used it). But as I was getting rid of files I had put on for her, I found this.


Now I just have to find somewhere for her printer (I already have 5), and her sewing machine, and there is a lot of tinned food coming my way soon. I am single and live in a 3 bedroom house with a double garage, and I am running out of space!!



Medical information

When I got Rassilon, I was given 2 big books of information. In one book it said that a fat hound is an unhealthy hound, and so I have been careful with Rassilon, but having had some information today, even his 2 Kg is going to go.


I had to take Mitzi to the vet to get her vaccinations to travel to Tasmania ($110.80). The vet was really good and did a general health check on her and trimmed her nails (which were more like talons).

When she had finished the nails she said that Mitzi was overweight. She was 5.4 Kg but should not be more than 4.8 Kg. Like all Chihuahuas she is prone to knee problems, and carrying the extra weight is not helping her joints.


This greyhounds joints must be under a terrible strain.

Also, and this is what I took note of for Rassilon AND MYSELF, the extra fat can cause a release of an inflammatory chemical into the blood, which can affect all the joints. So Rassi has to loose his 2.6 Kg and I have to loose my _____ Kg (Darn computer only prints some numbers).

So for all dog owners, that is a little bit of information to add to the knowledge bank. Vets are always saying the animal has to loose weight, but this one today explained WHY.



A skinny little man went into a bar and asked “Who owns the big dog with the leather collar”.

I big bikie stood up and asked, “Do you mean the Great Dane with the studded leather collar”?

“Yes, that’s the one” said the little guy.

Bikie, “I do…WHY”?

Little guy, “Well my dog just killed it”.

Bikie...”What sort of dog do you have then”?

Little guy, “A Chihuahua”.

Bikie, “How could your Chihuahua kill my Great Dame”?

Little guy, “I’m not sure, but I think it stuck in it’s throat”.