Spoiled dog (sorry, Normal Greyhound)

Today (Saturday), I had to wait in for the housing co-op to do an inspection. I had to explain that due to medical conditions, work was getting behind. I had to have an injection in the heel of my foot yesterday, and right now, after going shopping, it is telling me…you shouldn’t have gone shopping. So no work this afternoon, unless I can do it sitting down.

But Aldi had a special on dogs beds today, so I thought I would race down early and see if they had one. Aldi has specials on Wednesday and Saturday, and some things are sold out within minutes of the doors opening at 8.30 am. I think shopkeepers go and buy up big at the low price and sell it in their own shop for a big profit. I have seen 99 cent cotton buds in other shops for $5.50, a tidy profit.

Anyway, I wanted a dog bed, and there were a few left. And luckily for me, right at the bottom of the pile was the one ‘extra large‘ they had left. So, Rassilon has had a look and a feel, but is currently sleeping right BESIDE it, (Who knows that situation)?

new bed (1)

First time in the bed, but note the look of terror.

Still, I will give him a week and he will soon come around. He has just got up and moved to his old mat, but he did give the new bed a look, before NOT using it. He has tried it, but change will take time. (I can always put his old mat into the new bed).

new bed (2)

It fits, but it will stay empty for a while before Rassilon changes.

So what is the definition of STUBBORN?

A greyhound and a new ‘thing’.


No, I refuse to use ityet


2 thoughts on “Spoiled dog (sorry, Normal Greyhound)

    1. David Post author

      It wasn’t that long ago I got Rassi a bed, and posted the photos of him lying on the floor next to the bed. Now I have the photo of him on the bed next to his new improved bed. It will take time, but he will get there, just like Kilroy, although I can try to speed things up bu putting his old mattress in the new bed.

      On Mon, Jul 31, 2017 at 10:43 AM, Rassilon, My Greyhound wrote:




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