I found our ‘stash’

As I was doing some tidying up today I found something I bought just after I got Rassilon to calm him down when he got stressed out. I didn’t want to give him vet prescribed medication, and this was recommended by GAPSA other greyhound owners.

It is called RESCUE REMEDY, and it is all natural and can be used on greyhounds. If that doesn’t work, it can be taken by humans too, and I tried it a few times and it works.

calming (4)

Just 3 drops in their food.

You can get the liquid in the bottle with the dropper, and all you need is 3 drops in their food. I (under suggestion) used to add a few drops to Rassilons’ water, it was very diluted, but it kept a bit in his system all the time. I used to give it to Rassilon when I was going to work, so he didn’t suffer separation anxiety. You can also get it in spray form, which might be handy if you are out and the dog gets anxious about something, just a spray directly into the mouth, (under the tongue if possible), but this goes straight into the body.

calming (5)

Quick application spray, can be fun trying to  get it into a dogs mouth.

You can get a cheaper version, but I didn’t find that as effective.

calming (1)

Cheaper, but, as I found out, not as good

Unfortunately Rassilon got so hyped up once that I had to resort to the vets medication, but in just over 3 years, he has only had 1 tablet, but that worked FAST and seemed to adjust his system. He seems to be a bit calmer even months after the tablet.

But there is always something around that can help. Medication, (prescription or natural), a thunder shirt can help if you get it on early enough, I even have some dog relaxation CDs that I used to leave on while I went to work, and they actually helped. (They can also help humans).


Relaxation CDs did this to a panicking Rassilon. Temporary relief is still relief.

Rassilon may not have liked the strong vet medication, but I bet after a few minutes he enjoyed the relief from his panic attack. He was able to sleep after quite a few hours of jumping up and down, drooling, panting and trembling.

It is never nice to watch your dog suffering like this, and it stresses owners out too, so there is really a double benefit is calming the dog. But just remember, none of this stuff is exactly cheap, but we are happy to pay to see our hounds un-stressed.


Why so hard? Panting in a greyhound can mean…it’s hotit’s stressedit’s in painit’s puffed outYou decide.





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