My other passion after greyhounds, Formula One.

For those that follow Formula One racing, Lewis Hamilton had a young (18 year old) Formula 4 driver as a special guest in his Formula One team garage at the British Grand Prix. He was greeted by ALL the F1 drivers and crews, because he had looked like he was going to have a career in Formula one.

Billy Whiz

Billy Whiz, Formula 4 racing driver.

But things don’t always work out the way we plan. The young driver was Billy Monger, known as “Billy Whiz”.

He was thrilled to be accepted into the McLaren garage, because his chances of ever racing in any class, let alone F1, took a dive during the British round of the F4 championship.

But it was great to see all the F1 drivers supporting him, even signing a letter to him while he was in hospital, he was thrilled to have all the drivers, including numerous world champions caring about him.

Lets hope that he can still be involved in motor racing, and maybe even get to drive again.

injured Whiz

He wants to return to racing, but it will be difficult like this.

Get well, and come back soon Billy Whiz.


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