What a week it is going to be.

I am looking forward to a busy week. There is a lot happening.

Saturday I had to go and do some ‘special’ shopping. I bought 4 boxes of chocolates for during the week, and today I got the details for Rassilons Flinders Uni visit. Wednesday is out therapy visit to the Repat hospital. This is where the chocolates come in. Because it is Rassilons 5th birthday on Thursday, I am taking the chocolates into the hospital for a celebration. I have 2 boxes for the nurses and 2 boxes for the patients (or those that can have them).

Thursday I will be going over to my mothers place, and I am sure there will be a special birthday dinner. Unfortunately Rassilons presents are either here or on order. He got his bow ties (3 of them) already, and I ordered some head bands, one with Micky Mouse ears, one with horns and one with a unicorn horn and ears. These are for use on visits, seeing the dog dressed up cheers people up.

On top of that, I went shopping with my mother on Sunday and bought Rassilon some chicken wings. That means, every time I open the fridge, a long nose appears.

Speaking of Long Noses, I took a photo last week (Why aren’t you surprised?). Rassilon was up on the settee at my mothers place, with me. Normally he doesn’t cuddle, so I thought the event photo worthy. But when I looked at it, it seemed like his nose had grown.

Long nose

So Rassilons birthday is on Thursday, he is going to be 5. We have certainly had a busy year since his last birthday, but at the same time, it has gone past so fast.

And of course, Saturday will be Kilroys 7th birthday (I think he will be 7).

Find out about Kilroy and his conversion from racing dog to pet.



So a lot going on in a busy week.


What is wrong with people these days? The other night I had the neighbors banging on my door at 2.30 in the morning.


It’s just lucky I was still up practicing my bagpipes.



One thought on “What a week it is going to be.

  1. greytkilroy

    Hooray for the July puppies! Not sure yet what Kilroy’s getting, other than some doggy ice cream and maybe a trip to the dog park (so he can ignore all the other dogs).



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