Life is easy, Life is good.

Today is visiting day again. But I noticed last week that Rassilon didn’t feel as soft as he can. The best description would be that his coat was a bit greasy. For the occasional patter he would have felt fine, but to me I could feel it as not as soft as it can be. (and he has had some sardines during the week to help his coat)

So this morning, rather than a wash down, Rassilon had a bath. But because it is chilly he is locked in the bedroom with the heater on until he dries better. Strangely, he seems to have incredibly water retentive hair, because it takes ages to dry him, and I have already used 3 towels.

wast day (2)

This isn’t a towel, It’s my SuperGrey cape.

But what was so good? Well, I got up and let him out for a while while I ran the bath. Then I let him back in, and called him to me and just said, “This way”. And he walked beside me right into the bathroom. I didn’t even have to put a collar on him. Then I picked up the front end and put that in the bath, then the rear end and started to wet him down.

I decided that I could go faster if I had running water to do the job, so I took the handheld shower nozzle off the hose and hosed him down, and he did…NOTHING.

Then is was lavender soap (to make him smell nice), and again, nothing. A final hose down to get the soap off, and lift him out of the bath and dry him off. And he seemed to enjoy it.

My second Dobie was absolutely the best dog to bath. I would fill the bath and tell him to get in and he would climb into the bath with no help. Sort of what Rassilon does with cars.

So now I have a lovely soft greyhound all ready for his therapy visit. Now it’s my turn, but is is so cold.




Greyhound owners will understand.


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