Don’t question the customers!

I went shopping yesterday and was careful what I bought. I want to empty out the freezers before I start buying more stuff. I did buy some frozen peas though. I fancied a pie floater. But this time I went for something completely different.

When I made the soup I added cream. The result was a concoction that should be places on the DDA register. (DDA is medical terminology for Drugs of Dependence and Addiction). The soup was incredible with the cream added.

Then to completely change things I had a chicken pie and added Worcestershire sauce. Of course, the filling came out of the pie and mixed with the pea soup. Rassilon enjoyed it so much I thought he was going to lick a hole in the bottom of the plate.

But shop assistants get a bit stroppy if they think you are knocking their food. What the assistant didn’t know is that Rassilon is not allowed tinned food, so I buy him people food. He has 250 grams of raw mince for breakfast.

3 star

1 pack = 2 serves of Rassilons breakfast for $3.99.

I normally get Rassilon 2 star mince which has a little bit more fat, which is good for his coat, (and it is 30 cents cheaper). But yesterday they didn’t have any 2 star, so I bought 3 star. (Rassilon doesn’t complain about the quality).

When I got to the checkout, which was quite busy, and as was the one next to it, the assistant looked at the 7 packs of meat and said “You must like our mince“. Not knowing the greyhound bit, they took it the wrong way when I said. “Oh it’s not for me, it’s just for the dog“. I think the other customers also considered their purchase of mince.

Anyway, my calorie counting is going well. I haven’t weighed myself, I will do that at the start of each month, but I have manages to cut back on fatty snacks and meal sizes, and have done a bit more walking (the sore foot doesn’t help there though). I am trying to stay below 3000 calories.

Rassilon is enjoying my weight loss program as he is getting out more often. We went to Reynella today where he met some kids. Rassilon loves kids. He got lots of pats and even made a welcoming leap towards someone he meets regularly. That made that person feel special seeing the enthusiastic greeting.

Well, it’s off to make some popcorn and head to bed to watch the Tour de France (which sadly is the best thin on TV tonight).


I’m not into cycling, but I do like seeing the scenery

Rassilon is crunching away on his biscuits, so he will come to bed and settle down for the night.

told you

I told you!


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