Is nothing sacred?

Since I stopped working my weight has sneaked up to a level I will not mention, just to say, I am not overweight, I am under tall.


My present to society, ease of vision.

In an effort to control calorie intake I bought myself a popcorn maker. Freshly popped corn has only 30 calories per cup of corn. The popcorn maker I bought cooks 1/3 of a cup at a time and that is enough for a snack.

So today I cooked some up. If I threw it all away I didn’t care, but I wanted to try some different flavorings on it. I tried Maple Syrup…addictive! Moroccan Seasoning…you get the tingling lips after a couple of minutes, and BBQ steal seasoning…very nice, certainly edible.

But I found something out. Do you remember me writing that I have to stop saying to Rassilon “You wouldn’t eat this”?

Even my snacks aren’t sacred!


MMMMM, BBQ steak flavor. Nice.


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