Oh Happy Day…


Three years ago I officially adopted a greyhound. He was a nervous wreck who was scared of everything from noise, fast moving items, dogs and people. He was called Casper when I first saw him, this was quickly changed to Rassilon.

Today that nervous wreck is a qualified therapy dog, which means he has to… meet and greet people in different situations. He has to deal with loud and strange noises and weird shaped objects (medical equipment). All of this he does with courage and empathy with the people he meets. He has even learned to ‘speak’ on command (most of the time).

Because of the huge improvement in his temperament, and changing me (I had to learn to be gentle and quiet), I am always willing to talk to people about greyhounds and fostering or adopting. And I am what you would have to call a greyhound dad, because Rassilon is my ‘boy’.


So, Rassilon, I am glad you were chosen for me, and we have become ‘family’.


3 years has gone so quickly. The first year was ‘a challenge’ but now life is good.


And PROUD of it.


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