Rassilon Vs Sliced Ham

I took my mother shopping today. We went to Woodcroft for a change, because there is a council office there and it is dog registration time. There is also an Aldi, Foodland, Cheap as Chips and Millers (women’s clothing for my mother).

However, I found out that if I can get some form of registration from Therapy Dogs showing Rassi to be an approved therapy dog, I will not have to pay for council registration.

Mind you, when you consider the cost involved in getting Rassi approved, then our weekly visits, it would be cheaper not to do the therapy work and just pay for registration.

Anyway, shopping is done, we stopped off at The Emu Hotel for a meal (which was delicious, then back home where the dogs get a treat for being left alone.

The bit I like…Rassilon checking out the packet when he has finished, just to make sure it is finished.

As suspected, Rassilon, and Mitzi, like sliced ham.


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