Guts like a scavengers dug!

This is an old Scottish saying describing someone who can / will eat anything.

And it is becoming more suited to Rassilon, as evidenced by the photo.


It’s only fitting that an Adelaide greyhound should enjoy Adelaide cuisine.

An Adelaide culinary icon is the “Pie Floater“. This is a meat pie (other flavours can be used), floating in a bowl of mushy pea soup and topped with a choice of BBQ or Tomato sauce. (An original pie floater is, a plain Meat Pie in the Pea Soup with BBQ sauce).

But what has this to do with greyhounds I hear you ask. Well, I bought myself a soup maker and have been trying different soups. But I got the idea that if I made up some thick pea soup, I could make my own pie floater. So I did.

Who would have guessed that greyhounds would like pie floaters? But then again, who would have thought greyhounds would like cauliflower and cheese soup?

It appears the lesson to be learned from this is NOT to say to Rassilon…”You wouldn’t like this”.

As my (Scottish) grandfather would say “He doesn’t eat until he’s full, he eats until he’s tired”.


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