Major Change

On Saturday Richard came to visit. He is the guy that owns the Harley Davidson (his daughter drew the picture of Rassilon for me), and he was out for a ride and came down this way.

He hasn’t been here for a LONG time as he moved out to the Riverland where there was work for him. When he arrived he saw the change in Rassilon in a BIG WAY.

The first time he came around, not long after I got Rassilon, I had to call Rassi in from the back yard, where he had ran when the door knocked. On Saturday, Rassilon ran up to him (literally, RAN), when he came in.

It is such a great feeling when you can see such a big change. Perhaps Rassilon remembered that Richard was the first (non family), person to meet him, because he normally goes to meet people, but casually, not with such enthusiasm.

It was great to catch up again and find out whats been happening, but I still don’t want a Harley. (If I had $26,000.00 to spend on a motorbike I would get a Ural with Sidecar).


Not suited to nervous greyhounds…but it is great fun riding an ‘outfit’

But for $26,000.00 I could buy a bigger car that Rassilon would be comfortable in, and it is important that he is comfortable, after all, he is the therapy dog, he’s the one people want to meet.

challenge overcome

Bigger would be better.



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