Fashion Vs Self Respect.


With hardly any body fat and a very fine coat, greyhounds are particularly susceptible to the cold. Access to a warm, dry and safe area is vital at all times, and extreme measures (AKA greyhound pajamas) may be required on especially cool days.

Dog pajamas and dog clothing are a matter of choice of the greyhounds owners. As a therapy dog, people like to see Rassilon in holiday costume, and as such he has bunny ears for Easter, reindeer antlers for Christmas and an Australian flag hat for Australia day. BUT that is as far as I am willing to go. I imagine how humiliating it would be for me to wear silly costumes, and I refuse to let Rassilon be humiliated in that way. But that is how I feel, others like to see their dogs dressed up.

On cold days Rassilon stays inside with me and the heater. He is smart, he lets me know if he needs to go out, and when he does, it is quick. In fact, if it is raining, he goes out until his paw touched water (about 18 inches from the back door),then turns right around and comes back in. If we HAVE to go out, I have a wide selection of sensible coats for him to wear.

Some people don’t mind putting their dog in pajamas to keep them warm at night. I have found that recently, on especially cool nights, Rassilon will come INTO my bed. Some people might find it strange that I prefer to have the dog IN bed rather than in pajamas.

Can you see why?


This is even better than a sofa, this has blankets.



Somebody please KILL ME


Oh the indignity!


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