Greyhound Myth SIX


One of the best things about big dogs is that there’s more of them to love. And after a life confined in a small kennel, many rescued greys will relish the opportunity to be at your side (or on your lap … or couch … or bed). They may be “90% legs” but that doesn’t mean they don’t snuggle up as well as the next dog!

The last few nights have been very cold here. but I have a way to keep warm: Rassilon.
 I have had the flu for about 10 days, so as if the 2 quilts on the bed weren’t enough, nothing is nicer than getting into bed and cuddling up to a warm body, and in my case, that body is Rassilon.
As long as you are touching him, he is happy. That may be rubbing his belly or leg, to just leaning against him.
The simple fact is that, even though there seems to be legs everywhere, I can still cuddle up to my greyhound.

Sorry, but MYTH BUSTED


Better than an electric blanket


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