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Visiting day again.

Boy, time goes fast these days. It doesn’t seem like a week since our last visit. But here we are again, heading down to the Repat hospital for a nice easy day.

Ward 5 was closed due to a gastro outbreak, so no one is allowed in, which meant Rassilon and I got to finish early.

Now we have the official bandanna Rassilon needs to wear it for identification. He certainly attracts attention from the staff in the hospital, so while I have to count the people on the ward that pat Rassi, there are usually a few outside the ward that get a pat as well.


Wearing his ID Bandanna and Dr Who collar.


On arrival, we head for our lunch and cup of coffee in the coffee shop.

Rassilon likes his sausage roll before starting work. It is like a warning for him. Wednesday and a sausage roll means work to do. Of course the food needs to cool down for greyhound temperature, so he has to wait. Greyhounds don’t like to wait, so I normally get a few choice words spoken in greyhound.


Waiting is the hardest part.


It’s Official


Rassilon is now officially a Therapy Visiting Dog. He has his bandanna and I have my ID card.

Wednesday morning. Time for a photo of Rassilon in his ‘TDS uniform’ before we have breakfast and start to get ready for out visit to the Repatriation Hospital.

Rassilon really enjoys his visits. Even last week, when he seemed very tired, he was happy to go to all the patients. He even squeezed between beds and chairs, something he isn’t really comfortable doing.

Rassilon is now getting used to things quickly. When we started to go to Reynella shops, there were 2 shops with plastic strip curtains. It took Rassilon about 8 trips to the shops, passing the curtains twice per visit, before he got used to them.

At the Repat hospital they have automatic doors to get into the wards. It took Rassi 2 visits to get used to them. Now he just walks up to them as they open.


A man walked into an opticians office and the optician said “You really need glasses”.

The man said “How can You know that without even examining me”

The optician said “I knew it the moment you walked through the window”.

More greyt news, from Victoria.

63 dogs find forever homes at Greyhound Adoption Day

Monday, 26 June, 2017

More than 500 people attended the recent Greyhound Adoption Day, held at The Meadows greyhound racing club.

It was a double adoption day, with a morning session and an afternoon session.

With 80 greyhounds on show, there were twice the usual number of dogs looking for their forever home.

Sixty-three greyhounds were adopted on the day, bringing the number of dogs adopted this financial year to almost 1300, well above the Greyhound Adoption Program’s anticipated target of 1000 adoptions for 2016-17.

Not all of the greyhounds at the event were adopted on the day, but GAP Adoption Manager Larissa Darragh said she was confident that the dogs that made the ride back to the GAP headquarters at Seymour would be adopted soon.

Libby Morris and Tom Thompsett were among those who walked out the door with a greyhound.

Libby and Tom, who live in the Melbourne suburb of Brunswick, are part of a growing number of inner-city apartment dwellers who are choosing to take a greyhound into their home.

Libby said they had been thinking about getting a dog for some time but, with their busy work schedules, they were looking for a dog that would be happy to spend the day in their apartment on his own, before going for a relaxing walk at the end of the day.

Fab the three-year-old greyhound fit the bill.

“I love dogs, we always had dogs at home and I think greyhounds are beautiful. I wanted a dog that is calm and affectionate, one that likes a cuddle,” Libby said.

It’s always adoption day at the GAP headquarters in Seymour, which is open from Monday to Friday 8.30am to 4pm. Saturday by appointment. To see the greyhounds that are available for adoption, visit:

South Australians can visit GAPSA

Greyhound Adoption Program – SA
Greyhound Racing South Australia
P.O. Box 2352, Regency Park SA 5942

P (08) 8246 6078
F (08) 8268 2870


Oh Happy Day…

Three years ago I officially adopted a greyhound. He was a nervous wreck who was scared of everything from noise, fast moving items, dogs and people. He was called Casper when I first saw him, this was quickly changed to Rassilon.

Today that nervous wreck is a qualified therapy dog, which means he has to… meet and greet people in different situations. He has to deal with loud and strange noises and weird shaped objects (medical equipment). All of this he does with courage and empathy with the people he meets. He has even learned to ‘speak’ on command (most of the time).

Because of the huge improvement in his temperament, and changing me (I had to learn to be gentle and quiet), I am always willing to talk to people about greyhounds and fostering or adopting. And I am what you would have to call a greyhound dad, because Rassilon is my ‘boy’.


So, Rassilon, I am glad you were chosen for me, and we have become ‘family’.


3 years has gone so quickly. The first year was ‘a challenge’ but now life is good.


And PROUD of it.

Rassilon Vs Sliced Ham

I took my mother shopping today. We went to Woodcroft for a change, because there is a council office there and it is dog registration time. There is also an Aldi, Foodland, Cheap as Chips and Millers (women’s clothing for my mother).

However, I found out that if I can get some form of registration from Therapy Dogs showing Rassi to be an approved therapy dog, I will not have to pay for council registration.

Mind you, when you consider the cost involved in getting Rassi approved, then our weekly visits, it would be cheaper not to do the therapy work and just pay for registration.

Anyway, shopping is done, we stopped off at The Emu Hotel for a meal (which was delicious, then back home where the dogs get a treat for being left alone.

The bit I like…Rassilon checking out the packet when he has finished, just to make sure it is finished.

As suspected, Rassilon, and Mitzi, like sliced ham.

Late Breaking (good) News

ACT government to ban greyhound racing in Canberra by end of June 2018


The ACT will become the first state or territory in Australia to ban greyhound racing despite no evidence of cruelty in the local industry.

Attorney-General Gordon Ramsay vowed to outlaw the sport by the end of June 2018, after an independent report by Mary Durkin found it was “impossible” to separate the ACT industry from the track record of Greyhound Racing NSW (GRNSW).

It should be noted that the former premier of NSW banned greyhound racing because it FOUND evidence of cruelty, but later revoked the ban. He also overturned another ban before his early retirement. Leaving some (me at least) to wonder if perhaps there was some rea$on he retired early.

Still, this is a start, which, hopefully, other states will follow. And why should greyhound racing be banned?


If you foster or adopt a greyhound and live with one as a member of your family, even for just a few weeks, you will realise, they are not just a sports commodity, they are caring, beautiful and loving animals.

Mr. Do Not Disturb

Friday morning, a trip over to my mother to help her around the house. A bit of vacuuming and help change the bed clothes.

It sounds easy enough. But let’s take into account the greyhound factor.

3 years ago when I got Rassilon, if I waved a tea towel, he ran outside to the garden, in terror. Putting a sheet over him in bed was a 10 second stay before running away to the garden in terror.

Today, as I was making my mothers bed, I had to flick the quilt over the bed so it spread out to cover the whole bed. Rassilon decided that he was going to lay on the bed (after all, that’s what they are for), before I flicked the quilt. The result…?


No! I refuse to move, I am now tough and I am trying to sleep!


When I was doing some work I bashed my head fairly hard, so I went to the hospital.

I said to the nurse that I had hit my head and was seeing stars.

She asked if I had seen a doctor

I said No, just stars.

(This actually worked in the hospital a few times, I caught a couple of nurses with it)