Facing a new challenge.

I was lucky on the weekend. My mother has decided that she is no longer capable of driving, and she wouldn’t get much for her car if she sold it, So as I am driving her around all the time, in an effort to keep the mileage down on my car, she gave me her car.

new challenge

A new challenge 

It is a 4 door version of mine, but it is an automatic. Now the automatic bit doesn’t bother Rassilon, (although I tend to keep slamming on the breaks when it is time to change gears). but Rassilon was not too happy about the 4 doors. It has ruined his getting in the car ritual.

He wasn’t very happy at first, and even tried getting in the front door, but he jumped through to the back seat. I quickly shut the back door to keep him in, as I worked out how the radio worked and tuned it in.

Today I went out and opened the car up and got Rassi inside so I could take these photos. But I have had to change the next photo from him standing in the car to what I have, because he hasn’t got out of the car yet (about 45 minutes)


Challenge Overcome

Another challenge faced and overcome.



One thought on “Facing a new challenge.

  1. greytkilroy

    “It gets better” is a motto in our house…there are constant minor greyhound headways and setbacks. By now, we know that he’ll become braver and more comfortable with time…just have to be patient and encouraging.



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