Above and beyond…

We went to the hospital for a therapy visit today, and Rassilon went above and beyond what many dogs would do.

He was fine before the visit, but when we got to the wards he seemed tired. But despite that he still went to meet everyone who wanted to pat him, and said goodbye, which pleased a lot of people.

We went to the 2 wards and met almost 50 people. And poor Rassi struggled through it all, only laying down for a sleep once I sat down in the office to do the paperwork.

At this moment he is asleep on the floor. He had a day out yesterday, so I might have to cut back on his days out, so he can be full of energy for his hospital visits. This month we are rostered for 5 visits and one on the 1st of June, which means 1 on the Wednesday and 1 on the Thursday.

I also applied for a casual position of public speaker, doing educational presentations about Therapy Dog Service. It would be good to get that as I could take Rassilon with me and also inform people afterwards about Greyhound Adoption.

Well, I am going to have a cold drink followed by a coffee and I might have a nap, because like Rassilon...I am stuffed.

hard day

Wearing his Hand Made, 2″, silk martingale collar.


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