If you can’t adopt, consider fostering.

While I write about a lot of stuff, much of which seems off topic, it generally has something to do with greyhounds, so people thinking of getting a greyhound will have a complete idea of what to expect. I don’t want to put in just the good bits or just the bad bits.

When I got Rassilon, it was a challenge. I don’t know what had happened in the kennels, but when I got him he was a nervous wreck and just about anything had him running out into the garden to get away. It is hard to see a dog like that, but it teaches you lessons in patience and self control. Well, it certainly taught me!

After nearly 3 years, that nervous wreck is now a qualified Therapy Dog, going to different establishments and visiting people to cheer them up. The other week we met over 60 people in a day, and that was just the ones that wanted to pat him. Not bad for a dog that used to run away from people. (The only reason I got Rassi qualified is that the Therapy Dog Service has a list of establishments that want the dogs to visit and they make all the arrangements and provide insurance cover).

I'm beautiful

I’m Rassilon…you’know you want to pat me.

So, if you are thinking about adopting a greyhound, but are not sure if it is the right dog for you, then you can foster a dog. It is like a 6 week trial. But beware, greyhounds have a way of growing on you. I fostered to adopt Rassilon. I had a 6 week trial period where I could send him back if things didn’t work out, but after 3 days GAP got an email telling them they were not getting Rassilon back. (To the day I went to pick Rassilon up, I had NEVER seen a greyhound ‘in the flesh’).

I once spoke to a young lady at the Reynella shopping centre who wanted a dog, but as a condition of her home rental agreement, was not allowed to keep one, but the landlord had agreed to let her foster a dog for 6 weeks. So she became a (regular) greyhound foster carer. She got to have a dog, and she now provided others with a dog that is ‘pet trained’. Everyone is a winner.

So if you want to have a dog to keep, if you want a dog to trial or you simply want to help others by training a dog (and they need very little training), consider fostering a greyhound.

I am sure other states and countries would have a similar program.


(From GAP YAP, the GAPSA newsletter)

Fostering saves the life of a greyhound, and once you have had a greyhound, you will want to save as many as you can.




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