Feeling the cold

I didn’t sleep well last night. I woke up at about 2.00 am and got up for a while. When I went back to bed I realised that I was still cold, so I grabbed another quilt and slept soundly till about 7.30.

As I was putting the second quilt on the bed I saw Rassilon looking from the foot of the bed. In one of his light footed moments, before I could ask if he wanted to come up, he was standing next to me, and he didn’t make the bed move at all,

So guessing that as I was cold, Rassi was probably cold, I covered him up with a light blanket. At 8.00 am I was still able to take a photo.


Nice and warm.

At 8.30 am after I got up and took a couple of photos of Rassi and some outside, I had a visitor in the lounge room. Rassilon managed to drag himself out of the bed…sort of,


Still nice and warm

I was looking forward to today and spending most of it in bed because the weather forecast was cold (22 C) and rain. We need the rain because the gardens are so dry after such a long hot, windy period. So how did the weather bureau do with the forecast?


The weather bureaus version of cold and wet.




My sister made Rassilon a new bandanna, in orange, a colour that stands out really well on his brindle coat. And of course, it is personalized with bis name embroidered on it. He will be very noticeable on his hospital visit next week.

He is learning to bark on the command “what do you say“, so when we do our visits and we are leaving the room I can say, “are you going to say goodbye? What do you say” and he will bark. So far the people love it, and even the nurses in the hospital DIDN”T complain (Rassi has a nice quiet bark).


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