PC name to be announced

Okay, this is about political correctness not dogs, unless someone realises that ‘dog’ is the name of the male of the species. But things are getting out of hand. Americans have letter carriers because they can’t be post MEN or mail MEN.

I saw an advert on TV for doors. But doors don’t have handles or hinges any more, you have to pay extra for…door furniture. I suspect that the fancy name means sellers can put the price up.

But today I came across possibly the most idiotic name I have found. I was looking on the internet for a CAR COVER. And I found them listed under…CAR CLOTHING.

That even beats the names for the job I had in the air force. We saw a movie showing the USAF stores, but the workers were called, Specialist in administrative management and Inventory Control. In the RAAF we were Suppliers (official name), but were more commonly known as Box packers.

Who knows what sort of dog we will have in the future, but at the moment we have Greyhounds



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