We’re on our own

Yesterday Rassilon and I went to the Repatriation General Hospital for out Therapy Dog visit. We had an observer from TDS with us to see how we went.

From the time we got to the hospital (early) and I stopped to get a coffee and something to eat, to the time we left, Rassilon and I had met about 60 people. Remembering when I first got him and how he ran into the garden if anyone came to the house, I was SO PROUD of how he has changed.

In fact, it appears I am not the only one. We are rostered to go to Daw Park nursing home next week BUT there is NO ONE rostered to come and watch or assist, we are on our own. Which means we have passed our training, and Rassilon is now an officially qualified Therapy Dog.

The excitement and pride is getting to Rassilon. He stayed awake for almost an our this morning.


I’m just so…zzzzzzzzzzzz


2 thoughts on “We’re on our own

    1. David Post author

      Isn’t it so good having a dog with a gentle temperament. I was talking to a nurse who has 2 greyhounds, but she said they are completely stupid. We were the lucky ones that got empathetic dogs.



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