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A successful GAP Adoption day.

April Adoption Day success

Our most recent Adoption Day on Saturday April 22nd was very successful with 20 greyhound adopted on the day to their new homes. The event was again well attended and its great to see so our lovely greys getting so much attention!

For more information on upcoming Adoption Days or for any more information please call GAP SA office on 8243 7124. (In South Australia)

It is always great to see people getting greyhounds, and knowing the pleasure they will have in the future. The picture that was meant to be a joke, turns out to be VERY close to the truth.


Cult members unite.


RGH Visiting day

We went to the Repat Hospital today. It wasn’t as busy as the last time we were there, but Rassilon still met 42 people.

While there we also had the opportunity to talk to someone who has recently adopted a greyhound, and it is still in it’s nervous stage. He was thrilled to see Rassilon, as Rassi was a vision of what he can look forward to when his greyhound settles in. I told him, it is a long process, but definitely worth the effort.

Rassi was very ‘kissy’ today. He seems to knows when people need a bit of extra attention, and he will give them a kiss. The people love it, it makes them feel special.

Rassilon was working well, and ‘talking’. He has a nice quiet bark, the nurses don’t mind it, and the patients enjoy him saying goodbye. The funny thing is, I will say to him “What do you say”? and I can tell if he is going to bark, because he ALWAYS wags his tail before he barks, so no tail wag, no speaking.

One nurse came to see if everything was all right when she heard the barking, but we have a particular nurse comes with us around the wards and makes the patients use hand cleaner. When the ward nurse came to see if Rassi was attacking someone the assisting nurse told her Rassi was just saying goodbye, and she was fine, and we never had anyone checking on him again.

We enjoy these visits, but they are not for everyone, or every dog. Greyhounds don’t need a lot of walking, so a 90 minute visit walking around the hospital is a big effort for Rassi, but he gets through it, although sometimes he will just lay down on the floor for a quick rest.

It is also tiring for me as I have to control Rassi for the visit and I have to talk with the patients as we go around. I don’t know how many times I had to tell people the “Rassilon didn’t race, but was raised in the kennels” story.

On the bright side, we will both sleep well after a visit. (I also have the getting dog ready and the drive there and back). I will start to get ready for the 1.00 pm visit at about 10.00 am, giving Rassi a wash and wipe over with an antibacterial cloth. The wash makes him feel soft and the wipe makes him smell nice. Then it’s drive down, stop and have something to eat, then go on the visit. By the time I get home, it is 5 and a half hours.

Of course, if we didn’t enjoy it, we wouldn’t do it. And I can see that Rassilon enjoys it.


Rassilon…”Leave me alone, I’m trying to sleep”


If you can’t adopt, consider fostering.

While I write about a lot of stuff, much of which seems off topic, it generally has something to do with greyhounds, so people thinking of getting a greyhound will have a complete idea of what to expect. I don’t want to put in just the good bits or just the bad bits.

When I got Rassilon, it was a challenge. I don’t know what had happened in the kennels, but when I got him he was a nervous wreck and just about anything had him running out into the garden to get away. It is hard to see a dog like that, but it teaches you lessons in patience and self control. Well, it certainly taught me!

After nearly 3 years, that nervous wreck is now a qualified Therapy Dog, going to different establishments and visiting people to cheer them up. The other week we met over 60 people in a day, and that was just the ones that wanted to pat him. Not bad for a dog that used to run away from people. (The only reason I got Rassi qualified is that the Therapy Dog Service has a list of establishments that want the dogs to visit and they make all the arrangements and provide insurance cover).

I'm beautiful

I’m Rassilon…you’know you want to pat me.

So, if you are thinking about adopting a greyhound, but are not sure if it is the right dog for you, then you can foster a dog. It is like a 6 week trial. But beware, greyhounds have a way of growing on you. I fostered to adopt Rassilon. I had a 6 week trial period where I could send him back if things didn’t work out, but after 3 days GAP got an email telling them they were not getting Rassilon back. (To the day I went to pick Rassilon up, I had NEVER seen a greyhound ‘in the flesh’).

I once spoke to a young lady at the Reynella shopping centre who wanted a dog, but as a condition of her home rental agreement, was not allowed to keep one, but the landlord had agreed to let her foster a dog for 6 weeks. So she became a (regular) greyhound foster carer. She got to have a dog, and she now provided others with a dog that is ‘pet trained’. Everyone is a winner.

So if you want to have a dog to keep, if you want a dog to trial or you simply want to help others by training a dog (and they need very little training), consider fostering a greyhound.

I am sure other states and countries would have a similar program.


(From GAP YAP, the GAPSA newsletter)

Fostering saves the life of a greyhound, and once you have had a greyhound, you will want to save as many as you can.



Feeling the cold

I didn’t sleep well last night. I woke up at about 2.00 am and got up for a while. When I went back to bed I realised that I was still cold, so I grabbed another quilt and slept soundly till about 7.30.

As I was putting the second quilt on the bed I saw Rassilon looking from the foot of the bed. In one of his light footed moments, before I could ask if he wanted to come up, he was standing next to me, and he didn’t make the bed move at all,

So guessing that as I was cold, Rassi was probably cold, I covered him up with a light blanket. At 8.00 am I was still able to take a photo.


Nice and warm.

At 8.30 am after I got up and took a couple of photos of Rassi and some outside, I had a visitor in the lounge room. Rassilon managed to drag himself out of the bed…sort of,


Still nice and warm

I was looking forward to today and spending most of it in bed because the weather forecast was cold (22 C) and rain. We need the rain because the gardens are so dry after such a long hot, windy period. So how did the weather bureau do with the forecast?


The weather bureaus version of cold and wet.




My sister made Rassilon a new bandanna, in orange, a colour that stands out really well on his brindle coat. And of course, it is personalized with bis name embroidered on it. He will be very noticeable on his hospital visit next week.

He is learning to bark on the command “what do you say“, so when we do our visits and we are leaving the room I can say, “are you going to say goodbye? What do you say” and he will bark. So far the people love it, and even the nurses in the hospital DIDN”T complain (Rassi has a nice quiet bark).

PC name to be announced

Okay, this is about political correctness not dogs, unless someone realises that ‘dog’ is the name of the male of the species. But things are getting out of hand. Americans have letter carriers because they can’t be post MEN or mail MEN.

I saw an advert on TV for doors. But doors don’t have handles or hinges any more, you have to pay extra for…door furniture. I suspect that the fancy name means sellers can put the price up.

But today I came across possibly the most idiotic name I have found. I was looking on the internet for a CAR COVER. And I found them listed under…CAR CLOTHING.

That even beats the names for the job I had in the air force. We saw a movie showing the USAF stores, but the workers were called, Specialist in administrative management and Inventory Control. In the RAAF we were Suppliers (official name), but were more commonly known as Box packers.

Who knows what sort of dog we will have in the future, but at the moment we have Greyhounds


We’re on our own

Yesterday Rassilon and I went to the Repatriation General Hospital for out Therapy Dog visit. We had an observer from TDS with us to see how we went.

From the time we got to the hospital (early) and I stopped to get a coffee and something to eat, to the time we left, Rassilon and I had met about 60 people. Remembering when I first got him and how he ran into the garden if anyone came to the house, I was SO PROUD of how he has changed.

In fact, it appears I am not the only one. We are rostered to go to Daw Park nursing home next week BUT there is NO ONE rostered to come and watch or assist, we are on our own. Which means we have passed our training, and Rassilon is now an officially qualified Therapy Dog.

The excitement and pride is getting to Rassilon. He stayed awake for almost an our this morning.


I’m just so…zzzzzzzzzzzz