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He worked it out

It took about a week, but Rassilon worked out the bed.


Of course I will have to move it from in front of the television because you can’t see the program when you have a greyhound winding himself up or trampling his bed. And Rassilon turns at least 6 times.

(PS I have a home theatre complete with projector, giving me a 9 foot wide picture, the yellow line on the floor is where the projector screen comes down, so I have to keep that area clear so the screen doesn’t hit anything and get stuck).


Super-Proud Greyhound Dad

On Thursday Rassilon and I went for our second Therapy Dog visit to the nursing home, and we had our judge (Troy) with us again, and we will have someone again next week.

But, Troy was super impressed by Rassilon. He started off in relaxed mode, getting patted and mooching up to the patients then laying down in the patients room. So the judge got a photo of Rassilon laying down.

Then things really started to get good (making me prouder of Rassilon). We went into the common room where a lot of the residents were playing bingo. They stopped playing so Rassilon could go around and meet them.

One old guy was quite rough with his rubbing Rassi, he was rubbing so hard that there was hair flying all over the place. Troy mentioned that he was a bit rough, but I added that although he was patting hard, Rassi didn’t move away, which mean he was enjoying it.

We went around the room and everyone patted Rassi, and we noticed that he will go up to them but doesn’t push in UNTIL they touch him, then he leans into them.

But the exciting bit was, one old lady patted him. It was only one finger, but she hasn’t liked the dogs and never touched them, until yesterday.

An old man in a wheelchair was patting Rassi and talking to him, and Troy said that until then, he had never spoken while the dog and handler were there, but yesterday he was talking to Rassi and me and patting Rassi.

We then went to the dementia ward and saw a woman standing in the hall. Troy said she usually runs away and hides, but yesterday, she stood there and patted Rassi and spoke to him.

So I am super proud of Rassilon the wonder working dog.


After a long walk and visit, we were both worn out.


Oh, Troy was also super impressed and said that Rassilon will be getting TOP MARKS. One more judged visit and we will be on our own as qualified Therapy Dog Visitors.

How to waste your money.

I was watching TV and Rassilon lay down on the floor and fell asleep. I noticed how his legs were rubbing on the carpet causing the bald patches, so I decided to buy him a bed to lay on.

On Saturday I went shopping. I went to the Reject shop at Morphett Vale, because they have dogs beds. Unfortunately, when I got there they only had small beds, so I went to Cheap as Chips at Woodcroft. They had just what I wanted, but it was $35.00.

Normally $35,00 wouldn’t be a problem, but now I am not working, money is short, so I have to be careful what I spend.

I paid the $35.00 and brought the bed home and showed Rassi and even got him to lay down on it, so he would know what it was for.

This morning I got up early and made some coffee and toast and turned the TV on and Rassi lay down in the lounge with me…



Top Marks for a job well done.

It was out first TDS visit today. We had some company to show us where to go and what to do, and, as I was to find out, to score Rassilon on how he performed.

It was a warm day, so Rassi was panting by the time we even got to the venue. We got there early, which was lucky because we had to park well away from the place and walk there. Rassi made life so much better by having a wee on the way.

When we got in all the nurses wanted to meet and pat Rassi, who was a bit nervous, but stood his ground and let them pat him, we even met the gardeners dog, and Rassi was perfectly behaved when it was there. When we got to the patients in the home he was gentle and perfectly behaved, and he seemed to know when certain people especially liked the dogs or were feeling down, because he was just a bit more sooky around them.

When we left we were told, by the ‘judge’ that even his own dog hadn’t been as good as Rassilon had been and we were going to get TOP marks. It was quite easy for me as I have my hospital background, so I know how to behave and what to do.


The only time Rassilon pulled away quickly was when someone tried to hold his collar. It wasn’t an attempt to grab him, I think they were just admiring his bright orange collar, but Rassi didn’t want to take any chances and he pulled away,

However, I did notice that by the end of the visit, thanks to the heat and all the new things he was learning about, Rassilon was definitely like this…


Big day ahead

Thursday 9th March is going to be a BIG day for Rassilon. Having passed our training, we have been rostered to visit Daws Park Nursing Home.

While Rassi gets on all right at Reynella, it is an outside venue, a nursing home will be an inside venue, and that means nowhere to run if it all gets too much, so I will have to keep a close eye on him to see he doesn’t stress out.

We are going to have some supervision for a few weeks, and the following week I (no dog) have to go to Repat Hospital to check out the wards they visit, so we may get that as well.

Today we went to Reynella just for a walk, coffee and pat. Rassi was in his glory as quite a few people let their kids come and pat him. Plus, when he was not getting patted voluntarily, he just pushed himself onto people that were sitting having a coffee.

doggles sunnies

Going visiting means deciding what to wear, but cool shades are neat.

What to wear, that is the question. Rassilon has a lot of colourful collars, but technically I think he is supposed to wear his Green collar. But I might let him wear his personalized bandanna and a fancy collar and I will put his green harness on with the green leash  with ID tag. (I saw on TV that police tracker dogs wear harnesses).

Of course, after a couple of successful visits Rassi will get a TDS bandanna, so that will make the choice even greater.We already have his Easter bunny ears that people like to see, so I can’t see too many problems except for the first few visits until he gets used to visiting inside.

Rassilon doesn’t like the hot weather

This would be funny if it wasn’t so hot and humid. It is like a sick joke.

A4 Australia 1-04

According to the weather forecast it is going to rain ALMOST everywhere tomorrow, in fact there is possible flooding in New South Waled and Victoria and storms in Western Australia and Northern Territory. It is even going to rain in Tasmania, but in a little bit of South Australia, (yes, the bit where we live), it is going to be 38 degrees.

As a result I can’t take Rassi out for his walk around Reynella because the footpath gets too hot for his paws. I went out into the back today and had to get onto the grass quickly because I was burning my own feet.


Hot weather and cool sprinklers. A greyhounds perfect match.