Photo bomb coming.

I bought a new camera today. It is a Nikon P900. It is an Instamatic camera (fixed lens and fully programmed), but it is not a pocket style, more a DSLR style. But I bought it because of 1 thing, the zoom.

Of course, Rassilon has now lost ALL PRIVACY. I could say that if he was at the back of the yard I could take his photo, but I would be more accurate if I said, if he was in the next street I could take his photo.

Here is what I mean, and why I bought this particular camera.. For a comparison, try taking a photo of the moon. Can you beat this?




This is what most “household” cameras can get. Pro equipment can do better.


The very high pixel rate means I can blow this up to A3 with NO trouble.


Almost finished


All done without the need to change lenses.

Of course, this means there could well be a flurry of Rassi pix, and once it cools down (3 days and nights with the coolest temperature of 29…during the night) so we can go out again, I can take some. I can take him down to the beach and use his (illegal 15m) long leash, and get pictures of him in (hopefully) the water.



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